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Navigating the labyrinth of legalities can seem daunting when planning to start an LLC. Finding the right business attorney service is important and certainly, not a decision to be taken lightly. We know you are looking for expert advice, and we’re here to help!

Diving into the pool of business attorney services might leave you bewildered. But don’t worry! It’s our job to help ease your expedition. From drafting intricate legal documents to providing advice, these services play a pivotal role. From LegalZoom to RocketLawyer, famed for its customer-friendly approach, multiple online platforms are waiting to provide exceptional legal ease.

Webinarcare Editorial Team will peel back the layers on these platforms and more in the upcoming segments. We can connect you with the 5 Best Business Attorney that meets your needs. Let’s get your business legally secured together!

What is a Business Attorney?

A business attorney is a legal professional who specializes in the legal aspects of running a business, also known as corporate law. Their broad expertise may span disciplines such as commercial transactions, contracts, intellectual property, employment law, mergers and acquisitions, and even business litigation.


In essence, business attorneys assist business owners with establishing their businesses and maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal business laws once the business is operational. They ensure that every part of a business operation, from the formation of the business and drafting of contracts to business succession and dissolution, complies with applicable laws.

Fulfilling the dream to start an LLC becomes infinitely easier when guided by the best business attorney. Their expertise simplifies the intricate legal labyrinth and sets your business on the path to success.


Role of a Business Attorney

The role of a business attorney is to safeguard and support the interests of a business legally. This can be a broad and varied remit encompassing numerous areas of law. Let’s look at some key roles a business attorney undertakes.

  • Business Formation and Structure: A significant part of a business attorney’s work includes helping entrepreneurs form a business. They advise on the right type of business entity to form: a partnership, corporation, sole proprietorship, or limited liability company. They help draft the necessary documents and guide you through the registration process.
  • Contract Preparation: Business attorneys are experts in preparing various types of contracts. These can range from customer agreements, lease agreements, and employment contracts to contracts with suppliers. They ensure that every contract is legally enforceable and aligns with the company’s interests.
  • Compliance with Law: Business attorneys ensure that the business operations comply with all federal, state, and local laws. This can range from adhering to employment laws, safety and health regulations, environmental and public regulations, and business operation laws.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: They help companies register and protect their intellectual properties, which include patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: If a business is buying, selling, or merging with another company, a business attorney must structure, negotiate and ensure a successful transaction while adhering to the relevant laws.
  • Dispute Resolution: If a business faces a legal dispute, like lawsuits from customers or conflicts with suppliers, business attorneys work to resolve these issues, either through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration.
  • Risk Management: Business attorneys often counsel corporations on anticipating and managing risks. This might involve reviewing and improving employment policies or creating contracts that limit a company’s potential liability.
  • Legal Representation: In cases where the business is required to appear in court, the business attorney will represent the company, asserting its interests and defending its rights.

From day-to-day legal advice to significant business transactions and dispute resolutions, the role of a business attorney is vast and fundamental to any business. Essentially, they provide a protective shield that ensures businesses are legally compliant and adequately defended against potential risks and legal issues. That’s why we reviewed some of the best business attorneys and provided features as an add-on to their packages.

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List of Best Business Attorneys in 2024

In this increasingly complex and dynamic business environment, it’s more important than ever to have competent legal support to handle all the intricate legal matters that arise while starting an LLC. Understanding this, we’ve compiled the list of the top 5 business attorney services in 2024 to aid you in choosing a service that best meets your needs.

  1. LegalZoom: LegalZoom tops the list of best business attorney services in 2024 with its competitive pricing and wide range of services. With an extensive network of attorneys, they offer comprehensive legal advice to businesses of all sizes. Features provided include attorney consultations, document reviews, and personalized legal plans. Their services are well-reviewed for ease of use, helpful customer service, and high-quality legal advice.
  2. RocketLawyer: Coming up next, Rocketlawyer offers a more technology-forward approach to legal services. Known for their user-friendly website, they provide various legal services to businesses, including document creation, review, and secure e-signing. Their On Call service gives clients access to on-demand legal help from experienced professionals, and their comprehensive library of legal documents ensures businesses have access to the forms they need.
  3. LegalShield: As one of the leading providers of legal service plans, LegalShield offers affordable monthly memberships to individuals and businesses. Members are given access to qualified lawyers in their state for legal advice, document review, and representation. They pride themselves in their flat-fee pricing model, which makes legal help accessible and affordable for businesses.
  4. Incfile: Aside from helping entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses, Incfile offers various legal services. These include trademark registration, document filing, and compliance services. Many customers appreciate their reasonable pricing and efficient customer service.
  5. UpCounsel: UpCounsel connects businesses with a wide network of experienced attorneys specializing in different law areas. Their platform allows businesses to receive multiple proposals from lawyers, allowing them to choose the best fit for their needs. Customers appreciate their transparent pricing structure and efficient service.

5 Best Business Attorneys – Breakdown

In finding the best business attorney, you must know the qualities you are aiming for. We have listed the top 5 best business attorneys to check out!

1. LegalZoom

new legalzoom logo

LegalZoom is an online legal services platform offering various legal solutions, including business attorney services. Designed to cater to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) needs, LegalZoom’s business attorney services provide expert legal guidance and support for various business operations.

legalzoom price
Key Features
  • Legal Consultations: LegalZoom’s business attorney services offer one-on-one consultations with experienced attorneys specializing in business law. These consultations provide expert advice on legal matters, such as business formation, contracts, intellectual property, and compliance.
  • Document Review and Drafting: Business owners can rely on LegalZoom’s attorneys to review important legal documents, such as contracts, leases, and partnership agreements, ensuring they are accurate, comprehensive, and protective of their interests. Additionally, attorneys can draft custom documents tailored to the business’s needs.
  • Business Formation Assistance: LegalZoom’s business attorneys help entrepreneurs form business entities, such as LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. They guide choosing the appropriate entity type, ensuring compliance with state regulations, and completing the necessary paperwork.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: The attorneys at LegalZoom assist in safeguarding the intellectual property rights of businesses. They offer guidance on trademark and copyright registration and help enforce those rights against potential infringers.
  • Contract and Agreement Support: LegalZoom’s business attorneys can review, revise, or draft contracts and agreements essential to a business’s operations, such as vendor contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, and client agreements. This ensures that the business is protected and avoids any potential legal pitfalls.

LegalZoom’s business attorney services are available at various price points depending on the business’s needs. Here are the prices of their business attorney service.

  • Basic Power of Attorney $35
  • Comprehensive Power of Attorney $45; Legal advice renew monthly at $25
  • Estate Plan Bunde – Starts at $249; Legal advice renews monthly at $199
prices, inclusion
Pros 👍Cons 👎
Convenient and AccessibleLimited in-person interaction
AffordableNot suitable for complex legal matters
ExpertisePricing variations

LegalZoom’s business attorney services offer convenient, affordable, expert legal support for small and medium-sized businesses. With various key features such as legal consultations, document drafting, business formation assistance, and intellectual property protection, LegalZoom aims to provide accessible legal solutions to meet the diverse needs of business owners. You can visit the LegalZoom Review that we made for you!

2. RocketLawyer


RocketLawyer is a digital legal service platform that offers a wide array of legal solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their business attorney services are curated to meet the varying needs of businesses and provide professional legal guidance and assistance across several domains.

Key Features
  • Legal Documents and Contracts: Rocket Lawyer offers a comprehensive library of legal documents that businesses can customize. These documents encompass various needs, such as incorporation, contracts, agreements, employment documentation, property leases, etc.
  • On-Call Attorney Services: With Rocket Lawyer’s on-call attorney service, businesses can consult with a network of attorneys on various business-related matters. These may include business structures, permit and license questions, intellectual property concerns, and contract interpretation.
  • Incorporation Services: Rocket Lawyer offers step-by-step guidance for incorporating businesses and online filing services, making the process seamless and efficient.
  • Registered Agent Service: Rocket Lawyer provides services of a registered agent who can assist in the compliance requirements of your business, like receiving and forwarding legal documentation.

RocketLawyer’s business attorney services are designed to be affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. They provide a subscription-based service that allows businesses to access legal advice and services as follows.

  • Free Trial – RocketLawyer offers a 7-day free trial for new users, allowing them to explore and experience the platform’s features and services.
  • Premium Plan$39.99 per month or $239.99 per year
member benefits premium plan
Pros 👍Cons 👎
AccessibilityAdditional Costs
Comprehensive ServicesAutomatic Renewal
Free TrialLimited Legal Support

Rocket Lawyer’s business attorney services can be a robust solution for businesses seeking simple, efficient, and accessible legal assistance. However, costs can add up for specific services, and the scope of legal support might not be enough for more intricate legal matters. You can check the RocketLawyer Review that we made for you!

3. LegalShield


LegalShield is a renowned online legal services provider that offers comprehensive business attorney services tailored specifically for small businesses. By subscribing to their services, small businesses can access various legal resources at affordable prices.

Key Features
  • Legal Consultations: LegalShield offers unlimited phone consultations on many business-related legal concerns.
  • Document Review: LegalShield’s business attorney services include reviewing contracts and documents up to 15 pages.
  • Debt Collection: The company assists with collection letters on business debts.
  • Trial Defense: LegalShield’s business attorney services include a specific number of hours of trial defense services.
  • Designated Consultations: The company provides up to three phone consultations annually with an attorney on taxes, patents, copyrights, intellectual property, the IRS, employee theft, securities, and immigration.
  • 24/7 Legal Emergency Assistance: Business owners have 24/7 access to legal advice and consultation services in case of a legal emergency.

LegalShield employs a subscription-based pricing model for its small business attorney services. These subscriptions range from $39/month to $149/month. The price depends on the number of employees a business has. Each plan has a slightly different offering, such as the number of pre-trial and trial hours included.

Pros 👍Cons 👎
AffordabilityLimited Trial Defense
Wide Range of ServicesNot Suitable for Larger Businesses
Round-the-Clock ServicesLimitations on Consultations

LegalShield’s business attorney services provide a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for small businesses seeking reliable legal support. However, their services may not fully cater to larger businesses or those with specialized or complex legal needs.

4. IncFile


IncFile is an online legal service platform catering to businesses focusing on business start-ups and LLC formations. Although not as extensive as full-service legal platforms, IncFile provides attorney services that can benefit businesses, especially start-ups and small businesses.

incfile homepage
Key Features
  • Business Formation Services: IncFile provides expert guidance while setting up various business structures such as LLCs, S-Corps, and Non-profits. This includes filing the relevant documentation.
  • Compliance Services: IncFile provides Registered Agent services, ensuring businesses meet legal requirements and deadlines.
  • Business Tax Consultation: They include a one-hour tax consultation advising new businesses about potential tax benefits, obligations, and the best strategies for structuring their company’s taxes.
  • Lifetime Company Alerts: IncFile sets reminders for important filing deadlines, such as annual reports and business taxes.

IncFile offers a comprehensive trademark service that can help protect a business’s brand by filing for a trademark on the name, logo, or slogan. IncFile charges $199 + state fees for their trademark service.

Pros 👍Cons 👎
AffordableLimited Scope
Free Registered Agent ServiceNot Attorney Based
Customer SupportCharges For Many Services

IncFile’s services cater particularly well to start-ups and businesses looking to form an LLC. It offers affordable, straightforward business formation services and compliance services with an emphasis on customer support. If you plan to start one, we made IncFile Review for you to check out!

5. UpCounsel


UpCounsel is an online platform that connects businesses with experienced attorneys for various legal issues and services. Unlike maintaining an in-house team of attorneys, the platform essentially serves as a marketplace where businesses can find, hire, and collaborate with independent legal professionals based on their specific needs.

Key Features
  • Varied Legal Services: UpCounsel offers an extensive range of business legal services, including business formation, contract drafting and review, intellectual property protection, labor and employment issues, and tax law, among others.
  • Experienced Attorneys: The platform boasts a network of seasoned attorneys, each averaging 14 years of experience working for reputable law firms or in-house for major companies.
  • Secure Collaboration: UpCounsel provides a secure online environment for collaborating with your chosen attorney, with secure document storage and sharing.
  • Custom Quotes: UpCounsel allows attorneys to provide businesses with custom quotes based on the specific legal services needed rather than fixed pricing.

UpCounsel itself does not set pricing. Instead, attorneys offer quotes for their services based on the specifics of each job. However, the platform suggests a range of $600 to $800 popular fixed fee packages for trademark services.

Pros 👍Cons 👎
FlexibilityVarying Qualities
Range of ExpertiseIndeterminate Pricing
Cost-EffectiveNo Direct Legal Services

UpCounsel’s business attorney services can be useful for businesses needing occasional legal assistance or specialist legal advice. Still, it may not be the best choice for businesses needing consistent legal services or prefer predictable, upfront pricing.

Benefits of Having a Business Attorney

Having a business attorney can offer several significant benefits. Here are a few:

  • In-Depth Legal Understanding: An attorney will have a thorough knowledge of the law and can provide crucial insight and guidance on important legal matters about your business.
  • Preventive Measures: An attorney can help mitigate legal issues before they arise by identifying potential risks and advising accordingly.
  • Legal Representation: In the event of a dispute or lawsuit, a business attorney can represent you, working to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Contract Review and Preparation: A business attorney can draft, review, and negotiate contracts and other important business agreements, ensuring your interests are adequately protected.
  • Compliance With Regulations: Businesses must comply with a host of laws and regulations at local, state, and federal levels. A business attorney can navigate these complex rules and ensure your business is compliant.
  • Assist in Business Formation: A business attorney can guide you through crucial stages in your business’s life cycle, such as formation and dissolution.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: If your business has unique products, services, or branding, a business attorney can help protect your intellectual property rights.
  • Tax Guidance: Some business attorneys can deliver tax advice and represent you before tax authorities.
  • Employment Issues: A business attorney can help with employment issues, providing guidance on hiring, wage, and termination laws and drafting employment agreements.
  • Assistance in Acquisitions and Sales: If you’re buying, selling, or merging businesses, an experienced business attorney will prove invaluable.

As the saying goes, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Having a business attorney can prevent potential legal issues from developing into serious and potentially costly problems.


What is a business attorney?

A business attorney is a legal professional who specializes in the legal aspects of running a business. They can advise on various issues, including contracts, intellectual property, taxes, labor laws, and state and federal laws compliance.

When should a business hire an attorney?

Ideally, a business should hire an attorney at the start-up phase to ensure a proper legal foundation. However, an attorney can be hired for various needs like contract drafting, dispute resolution, compliance issues, or during company growth, merger, or acquisition.

What can a business attorney do?

A business attorney can draft and review contracts, provide legal advice, represent the business in court, help in business formation and dissolution, assist in intellectual property issues, and handle labor and employment issues.

How much do business attorneys typically charge?

The cost of a business attorney can vary widely based on location, the complexity of the work, and the attorney’s experience. Some charge by the hour (usually $150-$350), while others offer flat-rate services or retainers.

Does a small business need an attorney?

Even small businesses can benefit from an attorney to help with business formation, compliance, contract drafting, and potential legal disputes.

How can I find a good business attorney?

You can find a good business attorney through several avenues such as referrals from other business owners, online legal platforms, local bar associations, or legal directories.

Can a business attorney help me start a business?

Yes, a business attorney can guide you through starting a business, including choosing the right business structure, drafting necessary documents, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a business attorney?

All business attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are business attorneys. A business attorney is a lawyer who specializes in legal issues related to businesses.

Can a business attorney handle intellectual property issues?

Yes, many business attorneys can help with intellectual property issues; however, you might need a specialized IP lawyer for complex matters like patents.

Do online platforms provide good business attorney services?

Online legal platforms can provide a cost-effective and accessible way to access business attorney services, but always check reviews and ratings to ensure quality service.

How does a business attorney help in dispute resolution?

A business attorney can guide the business toward the most beneficial and cost-effective could court action.

What legal matters need a business attorney’s assistance?

Business formation, intellectual property, employment issues, contract drafting and review, litigation and dispute resolution, and regulatory compliance are key areas where a business attorney’s assistance is beneficial.

Why is an attorney important during business formation?

An attorney can ensure that the business is formed correctly, with the most suitable structure, and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Can a business attorney help with tax issues?

While some business attorneys can provide general advice on tax matters, it may be best to consult a tax attorney or accountant for complex tax issues.

What is the role of a business attorney in contract drafting?

A business attorney can draft contracts that protect the business’s interests, ensure compliance with laws, and minimize potential disputes.

Do I need a business attorney for a merger or acquisition?

Yes, a business attorney can help with the legal aspects of a merger or acquisition, including contract drafting, due diligence, and regulatory compliance.

How is a business attorney different from a corporate attorney?

While the terms are often interchangeable, a business attorney assists smaller businesses with various issues. In contrast, a corporate attorney typically works for larger corporations and specializes in mergers and acquisitions, securities, and corporate governance.

Can a business attorney represent my business in court?

Yes, a business attorney can represent your business in court and handle litigation and dispute resolution.

What kind of businesses need an attorney?

All types of businesses, regardless of their size or industry, can benefit from the services of a business attorney.

How can a business attorney help in protecting my business’s intellectual property?

A business attorney can help register trademarks, copyrights, or patents and provide advice on how to protect and enforce these intellectual property rights.

How to Choose the Best Business Attorney for Your Business

First and foremost, it is essential to consider the attorney’s area of expertise. Just as you wouldn’t hire a divorce attorney to handle a corporate merger, you shouldn’t choose a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in business law to represent your company. Look for attorneys who have experience working specifically in the areas of business and corporate law, as they will be best equipped to handle the legal issues that may arise in the course of running your business.

Next, consider the attorney’s reputation and track record. Ask for referrals from other business owners or professionals in your industry, and research online reviews to gain a better understanding of the attorney’s work ethic and success rate. A reputable attorney with a proven track record of success is more likely to be able to successfully handle your legal needs and protect your business interests.

It is also crucial to consider the attorney’s availability and communication style. When choosing a business attorney, it is essential to work with someone who is accessible and responsive to your needs. Make sure the attorney you choose is willing to make time for you and your business and can effectively communicate legal concepts in terms that you can understand. Regular communication is key to a successful attorney-client relationship, so it is important to choose someone who you feel comfortable discussing your legal issues with.

Additionally, consider the attorney’s fee structure and billing practices. While it is important to find an attorney who fits within your budget, it is equally essential to understand the attorney’s fee structure and billing practices upfront. Make sure to discuss fees and payment arrangements with any potential attorney before hiring them to ensure that you are comfortable with their rates and know what to expect in terms of future expenses.

Finally, trust your instincts when choosing a business attorney. Building a successful relationship with your lawyer is essential, so it is important to choose someone who you feel comfortable working with and who you trust to have your best interests at heart. Take the time to meet with potential attorneys in person to get a better sense of their personalities and determine whether they are a good fit for your business.

In conclusion, selecting the right business attorney is a critical decision that can have a significant impact on the success of your company. By considering the attorney’s area of expertise, reputation, availability, fees, and personal fit, you can ensure that you choose the best legal representation for your business needs. Investing the time and effort upfront to find the right attorney will pay off in the long run, as you will have a trusted legal advisor on your side to help navigate the complex legal issues that may arise in the course of running your business.


Choosing the best business attorney is critical for any entrepreneur or business owner. The best attorney will have an in-depth understanding of the law and business operations, industry-specific challenges, and the entrepreneurial landscape. They will be able to guide you through the complexities of starting an LLC, navigating legal documents, ensuring compliance, and protecting your intellectual property. Remember, the ‘best’ is subjective, and what’s best for one business may not be best for another. Therefore, ensure that you choose a business attorney whose expertise aligns with your unique business needs, provides transparent pricing, and prioritizes accessibility and customer service. This will set your business on the path to long-term legal security and success!

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