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Best CPQ Statistics

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CPQ Market Statistics

  • In 2019, the CPQ application market grew by 15.5% to an estimated $1.42 billion. [0]
  • The CPQ market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% through 2020. [0]
  • CPQ remains highly competitive and fragmented, with no vendor taking more than 17% market share. [0]
  • Fourteen million Uber trips are completed each day, and its share of the US ridehailing market is estimated at between 65%. [1]
  • Gartner predicts the CPQ market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% through 2020 in theMarket Guide for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites. [2]
  • Cloud basedCPQ revenue is now approaching the majority of the market and will accelerate through 2020, redefining the landscape of this market according to Gartner’sMarket Guide for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites. [2]
  • It’s a fastgrowing market, with 8.9% growth during COVID19 impacted 2020, as measured by employee hiring through LinkedIn.”. [3]
  • – Read more In 2019, the CPQ application market grew by 15.5% to an estimated $1.42 billion. [3]
  • The CPQ market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% through 2020. [3]

CPQ Software Statistics

  • CPQ software has proven to eliminate 40% of human errors. [0]
  • Companies with CPQ software see a 17% higher lead conversion rate. [0]
  • From deal size to quota goals, many reports have found that Companies with CPQ software have a 105% larger than average deal size. [4]
  • Companies experience a 17% higher lead conversion rate with CPQ software. [4]
  • 67% of all sales reps miss their quota, but 26% more sales reps achieve their quota with CPQ software. [4]

CPQ Latest Statistics

  • 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting and error correction. [0]
  • 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect. [0]
  • Exhaustive processes consume 66% of sales reps’ day. [0]
  • It takes non CPQ users 73% more time to produce a typical quote or proposal. [0]
  • Sellers who are the first to produce an accurate, complete quote win the deal at least 60% of the time or more. [0]
  • 50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first. [0]
  • Suppliers that make buying easy are 62% likelier than other suppliers to win a high. [0]
  • 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. [0]
  • 98% of consumers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect content. [0]
  • 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. [0]
  • 1 in 5 buyers are willing to pay a 20% premium for personalized products. [0]
  • CPQ shortens the sales cycle by up to 28%. [0]
  • Companies that use CPQ can experience 105% larger average deal size. [0]
  • Companies that use CPQ solution can experience 49% higher proposal volume. [0]
  • CPQ enables sales to send prospects and customers 49% more contracts, proposals, quotes and RFP responses. [0]
  • CPQ users enjoy 45% great proficiency at rapidly responding to RFPs. [0]
  • CPQ users boast 21% higher effectiveness at generating complex quotes in a timely manner. [0]
  • 26% more sales reps achieve their quota when using a CPQ solution. [0]
  • People that use CPQ can be 60% better at speaking intelligently about competitors and differentiators. [0]
  • Over 70% of sales rep time is spent on administrative tasks. [4]
  • CPQ reduces the number of quote revisions by 13%. [4]
  • Customer Success Story Carrier Reduces quotation errors by 50 percent with Cincom CPQ™. [5]
  • In 2017, CPQ revenue estimates were as much as $1.1 billion with a projected future increase of 25% annually through 2020, according to the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites. [6]
  • 71% of customers surveyed purchased CPQ to replace their existing system. [6]
  • 25% of implementations were completed in less than three months. [6]
  • 71% of all CPQ projects were integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud. [6]
  • And 92% of all customers surveyed were satisfied with their CPQ solution. [6]
  • Uber’s IPO was likely the most significant business event of 2019, and in all aspects it was full of stunning facts. [1]
  • A recent survey of 425 sales professionals in North America and Europe found that 70% of sales operations executives, sales leaders, and business analysts are worried about over. [1]
  • 83% of sales professionals are using some form of ConfigurePrice Quote systems today, according toAccenture Interactive’srecent study,Empowering Your Sales Force. [2]
  • 83% of sales representatives interviewed as part of the Accenture study are currently using CPQ applications today, and 81% are using technology based tools to identify and take action on sales leads. [2]
  • 80% are using automated CPQ tools to provide prospects with quotes that include their product and service configurations. [2]
  • Analytics are essential or very important to enabling more effective business strategies and operational outcomes according to 9 out of 10 enterprise leaders globally. [2]
  • Also, 84% of high performers are projecting that the importance of analytics will increase either somewhat or substantially in the next two years. [2]
  • 81% of enterprises are relying on analytics to improve their understanding of customers and their purchasing process.(Source81% of Enterprises Are Relying On Analytics To Gain Greater Customer Insights). [2]
  • It’s been my experience that manufacturers who are the first produce an accurate, complete quote win the deal at least 60% of the time or more. [7]
  • Many things continue to change; businesses like Cisco, Dell Technologies, IBM and HPE all have shifted to 100% subscription/consumption business models. [3]
  • This ground breaking development translated to subscription/consumption based pricing being adopted by 41% SaaS companies; previously this number was quite low. [3]
  • In 2017, CPQ revenue estimates were as much as $1.1 billion with a projected future increase of 25% annually through 2020, according to the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites. [3]
  • Market was expected to reach the CAGR of 19.23% over the forecast period. [3]
  • In fact, most sales reps spend only 34% of their time actually selling the rest is tied up putting together pricing for potential customers. [8]
  • In fact, according to a Salesforce report , sales teams have reported 10x quicker quote generation 95% reduction in time for approval 30% quicker onboarding for new sales members. [8]
  • Flooreffects were almost nonexistent, with only 0.8% and 4.1% of children having zero scores on the CPQ11–14ISF8 and the CPQ11–14RSF. [9]
  • Mean Range of scores % with score of 0 % with max score. [9]
  • The CPQ11–14ISF16 and the CPQ11–14RSF 16 found, respectively, 47.2% and 44.7% children who experienced 1 or more impacts ‘Often’ or ‘Everyday/. [9]
  • The CPQ11–14ISF8 was more sensitive in detecting these children than the CPQ11–14RSF 8 (37.4% vs. 30.7%). [9]
  • Therefore, the CPQ11–14ISF16, the CPQ11–14ISF8 and the CPQ11–14RSF8 demonstrated increased precision (8%18%). [9]
  • The 16item measures did not show flooreffects, while they were minimal for the 8 item questionnaires 0.8% and 4.1%. [9]
  • Although the reliability coefficients for the short forms were lower than those estimated for the CPQ11–14 , they all exceed standards for group. [9]
  • Sales reps can try all they want to focus 100 percent of their time on their customers, but there are plenty of tedious business processes that go along with selling that have no customer involvement at all. [10]
  • In fact, over 70% of a sales rep’s time is spent on administrative tasks. [10]
  • That leaves only 30% of their time for prospecting and connecting with customers. [10]
  • Reduce Approval Time – 95 %. [11]
  • 2X faster Ramps for New Reps – 30 % More. [11]
  • As a customer success story, we can cite the example of Mitsubishi achieving a 50 % increase in ROI. [11]
  • Statistics suggests that Salesforce CPQ platform enables 36% faster quote generation and results in 27% fewer invoicing errors. [12]
  • CPQhas acceptable reliability and validity, and is likely to be a useful measure for orthodontic trials. [13]

I know you want to use CPQ Software, thus we made this list of best CPQ Software. We also wrote about how to learn CPQ Software and how to install CPQ Software. Recently we wrote how to uninstall CPQ Software for newbie users. Don’t forgot to check latest CPQ statistics of 2024.


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How Useful is Cpq

But how useful is CPQ really? Is it just another fad, or is it truly a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their sales processes? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of CPQ software.

First and foremost, CPQ software can help companies save time and money. By automating manual processes and calculations, CPQ software eliminates the need for sales reps to spend hours putting together quotes and proposals. This not only frees up their time to focus on more important tasks, but also reduces the risk of errors and inaccuracies in pricing.

Furthermore, CPQ software can help sales reps generate more accurate and personalized quotes for customers. By using data and insights from past deals, CPQ software can recommend the best products, pricing, and discounts to offer based on a customer’s specific needs and preferences. This level of personalization can help sales reps build stronger, more meaningful relationships with customers, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Additionally, CPQ software can help businesses stay competitive in today’s market. With the ability to quickly and accurately generate quotes, businesses can respond to customer inquiries faster and more efficiently than ever before. This can give companies a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace, helping them win more deals and grow their customer base.

Another key benefit of CPQ software is its ability to optimize pricing strategies. By analyzing sales data and market trends, CPQ software can help businesses identify pricing opportunities and set competitive prices for their products and services. This can help companies maximize their revenue and profitability, while also ensuring that they are offering customers a fair and competitive price.

In conclusion, CPQ software has proven to be a valuable tool for companies looking to improve their sales processes and stay competitive in today’s market. By saving time and money, personalizing quotes for customers, optimizing pricing strategies, and helping businesses stay competitive, CPQ software can help companies streamline their operations and drive more sales. If your business is looking to improve its sales processes and drive growth, CPQ software may be worth considering.

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