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Best Handwritten Notes Statistics

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Handwritten Notes Market Statistics

  • Compared to email marketing’s average open rate of 22.7%, handwritten letters enjoy a 99% open rate. [0]

Handwritten Notes Latest Statistics

  • The average “open” rate for those is barely above 20%. [0]
  • Remember that 20% “open” email or direct mail stat?. [0]
  • Well, compare that to the handwritten note, opened at a 99% rate. [0]
  • According to the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission, the average American received only 10 pieces of personal mail for the year in 2017. [0]
  • According to the U.S. Postal Service’s annual survey , the average home only received a personal letter once every seven weeks in 2010, down from once every two weeks in 1987. [1]
  • According to the results of the survey, 81 percent of respondents consider a handwritten note to feel more meaningful than email or text, with millennials, surprisingly, leading the pack. [2]
  • Nearly nine in ten. [2]
  • A third of Americans haven’t received a handwritten note in over a year, with 15 percent saying it’s actually been longer than five years since they got one. [2]
  • Three in four Americans said they haven’t written any sort of note to someone by hand in at least a month and 15 percent haven’t written a note in over five years. [2]
  • Sixty onepercent reported that receiving a handwritten note from a company would make them view that company more favorably, with 63 percent saying it would even make them more likely to read it. [2]
  • And millennials proved to be the most sentimental generation, with 50 percent saying they “always” keep and save personal handwritten notes, which was over double the amount compared to people aged 55 or older. [2]
  • 16 percent say it actually hurts their hand. [2]
  • Quality of handwriting is also a key factor, as 23 percent of those who don’t prefer writing by hand reported that they don’t send notes by hand because they don’t like their handwriting. [2]
  • According to a CBS News survey , 37% of adults polled in the U.S. said it’s been over five years since they’ve written and sent a personal letter through the mail, and just under a third. [3]
  • Another 15% of the 1,717 adults surveyed have never written and sent a personal letter ever. [3]
  • When asked about receiving personal letters, half of the respondents said they haven’t received one in the past five years, and 14% haven’t ever received one. [3]
  • According to Campaign Monitor, however, while email open rates did increase during Covid, they remain quite low. [4]
  • What’s more, click through rates are less than 3%. [4]
  • Print is a low performer, too, and suffers from a response rate of about 4%, according to Direct Marketing news. [4]
  • Consider this according to the regulatory commission that oversees the USPS, the average American receives only 10 pieces of handwritten mail each year. [4]
  • In fact, some estimates place open rates for these personalized missives at an almost shocking 98 percent. [4]
  • Ever since writing was most likely first invented, in Mesopotamia in about 4000BC, it has been through plenty of technological upheavals. [5]
  • We actually conducted a study with our entire client base and found out that 70 percent of our clients and users have actually been thanked at least once by someone who’s received a Bond note from them. [6]
  • There’s a reason why, in an age where consumers are becoming as blind to newsletters and email offers as they are to banner ads, that the handwritten note has nearly a 100 percent open rate. [6]
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  • According to technology research firm The Radicati Group, office workers receive an average of 121 emails per day, 49.7 percent of which they consider to be spam. [8]
  • Customer Ops team leader Renee Morris reports that “out of the roughly 800 customers who received handwritten cards from us last year, 50% fewer folks left our product than those who did not receive cards.”. [8]
  • A 50 percent better retention rate means steadier revenue. [8]
  • The group who received the thank you notes were 38 percent more likely to donate again. [8]
  • Students forget about 47% of a lecture in 20 minutes. [9]
  • In 1 day, they will forget 62% of its contents. [9]
  • In 2 days, 69% vanishes from their memory. [9]
  • In 78 days, 78% of the content information is forgotten. [9]
  • In one study with law school students, nearly 90% of laptop users engaged in online activities unrelated to coursework for at least five minutes, and roughly 60% were distracted for half the class. [10]

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How Useful is Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes have been a fundamental part of human history for centuries. From the documented scrolls of ancient civilizations to the handwritten letters of our ancestors, the act of physically putting pen to paper has always held a special place in our society. There is a certain personal touch and intimacy that comes with handwritten notes that simply cannot be replicated by typing on a screen.

One of the primary benefits of handwritten notes is the potential for increased retention and comprehension. Research has shown that the act of physically writing out information by hand helps to engage different areas of the brain, leading to improved memory and understanding of the material being written. When we type notes on a keyboard, it is easy to mindlessly transcribe information without internalizing or processing it. In contrast, the act of physically writing out notes forces us to slow down, think critically about the material, and make connections between concepts.

Handwritten notes also offer a distraction-free way to capture information. In a world filled with constant notifications and digital distractions, the simplicity of pen and paper can provide a welcome respite. By eliminating the temptation of multitasking that comes with digital devices, handwritten notes allow us to focus our attention fully on the task at hand and engage more deeply with the content being recorded.

Moreover, handwritten notes can be a powerful tool for creativity and self-expression. The physical act of writing allows for a more tactile and personal experience than typing on a keyboard. Whether it is doodling in the margins, using colored markers for emphasis, or adding personal reflections and insights, handwritten notes offer a unique opportunity for individuals to make their mark on the page and infuse their personality into their notes.

Despite the many benefits of handwritten notes, it is important to recognize that technology also has its place in our modern world. Digital note-taking applications offer a convenient way to organize, search, and share information across devices. Additionally, the accessibility and speed of typing notes can be advantageous in certain situations, such as during fast-paced lectures or meetings.

In conclusion, while technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and document information, there is still a valuable role for handwritten notes in our lives. The act of physically writing out information not only promotes better memory and comprehension but also allows for increased creativity and self-expression. Therefore, incorporating handwritten notes into our daily routines can be a simple yet impactful way to enhance our learning and productivity in an increasingly digital world.

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