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Best Online Fax Statistics

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Online Fax Market Statistics

  • The market forvirtual fax servicesis thought to be growing at an estimated 15.2% CAGR. [0]

Online Fax Latest Statistics

  • Traditional fax machinesconsume 200 billion pages of paper in the United States alone Switching just 5% of these fax machines tosending a fax. [0]
  • When taking energy and water into account, reducing paper by 5% would save 360 million gallons of water each year – which is about what the entire city of Philadelphia consumes in a day. [0]
  • According to a press release byInfonetics Research, the number of VoIP companies is expected to double between 2011 and 2016 in order to address increasing demand. [0]
  • Other industry analysts suggest that the VoIP industry will grow approximately 15.3% each year over the next four years. [0]
  • 2.4 billion people around the world use the internet; of those 2.4 billion, approximately 22% are VoIP users. [0]
  • There were an estimated 228 million people using VoIP communications on cell phones in 2013. [0]
  • International Transmissions Up to 50% of Communication Is. [1]
  • In Japan, for example, some sectors see over 50% of information transferred via fax. [1]
  • Fax Machines Are Responsible for High Rates of Data Breaches Research has shown that 88% of data breaches are caused by human error, which is alarming for businesses that use old fashioned legacy fax machines. [1]

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  2. efax –

How Useful is Online Fax

The concept of online faxing may seem outdated to some, especially with the rise of email and instant messaging. However, online faxing offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable tool in today’s modern workplace.

One of the key advantages of online faxing is its convenience and accessibility. With online faxing, there is no need for a dedicated fax machine or a separate phone line. Instead, faxes can be sent and received from any device with an internet connection, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This flexibility allows users to send and receive faxes on the go, making it easier to stay connected and responsive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Furthermore, online faxing offers greater efficiency and cost savings compared to traditional faxing methods. There is no need to print out documents or wait for them to be transmitted and received through a traditional fax machine. Instead, faxes can be sent and received electronically, reducing paper waste and saving time. This not only streamlines the faxing process but also reduces costs associated with ink, toner, and paper.

Another benefit of online faxing is enhanced security and privacy. When sending faxes through email or online portals, documents are encrypted to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. This added layer of security is crucial, especially for businesses that deal with sensitive or confidential information on a regular basis. It helps to safeguard sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands and protects against potential security breaches.

Additionally, online faxing offers greater organization and archiving capabilities. Faxes can be easily stored and archived electronically, making it easier to search, retrieve, and reference past communications. This can help improve efficiency, as well as provide a valuable record-keeping tool for businesses to track and document important information.

Overall, online faxing is a versatile and valuable tool that offers a range of benefits for modern businesses. Its convenience, efficiency, cost savings, security, and organizational capabilities make it a valuable asset in today’s digital workplace. By embracing online faxing, businesses can streamline their communications, reduce costs, enhance security, and improve productivity.

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