How to UnInstall Police Records Management System (RMS) Software

There are several options for police records management systems. Mark43 is a popular example. This software lets police officers manage their information more effectively. It looks the same on a desktop PC and a mobile device. It uses predictive language technology to help officers avoid entering the same information multiple times. Instead of typing the same word in different windows, it will suggest where it is located. If a police officer makes a mistake, the system will suggest another place for the information.

If you have a case management system, you can automate the process. This program can provide reports on department case counts, case activity summary, and other information. Some cases may require the entry of documents that are scanned or pictures. These can all be attached to a case record. Furthermore, the software can help control the access to information. You can even limit who can view which information. In case you don’t need access to certain information, you can delete it from the software.

Using a police records management system is a good way to organize the data of different agencies. But, it can also make the process of writing police reports much easier. Mark43 Records Management System is a cloud-based application that law enforcement agencies can access via a web browser. It’s stored on Amazon GovCloud servers, which offer higher security. A number of federal law enforcement agencies have switched to Mark43 to automate the process. Mark43 is a good choice for police departments as it eliminates the hassle of maintaining hardware and software. With more than 120 customers in the United States, Mark43 is one of the top contenders for police records management software. The New South Wales police force in Australia uses it as well.

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