How to Use Police Records Management System (RMS) Software

If you’re not sure how to use police records management system software, then you should read this article! We’ve taken a look at the benefits of police records management software, including how to avoid committing common errors, and how to customize the software to meet your agency’s specific needs. If you’re looking to make your work more efficient, consider implementing a web-based system. Not only will this help you save time and money, but it will also help you spend more time with community members and solving crimes.

You can easily set up your police records management system using the online application Mark43. This cloud-based software is accessible through any web browser and runs on Amazon GovCloud servers, which offer more security than typical computer servers. Federal law enforcement agencies use these servers, which eliminates the need to maintain expensive hardware and software. Currently, the software is used by over 120 law enforcement agencies across the United States. Among these customers is the New South Wales police force in Australia.

Unlike other types of police record management software, police records management systems can be used to manage a variety of investigative tasks. They help law enforcement agencies manage complex casework and improve incident reporting. They can also manage case loads, case clearances, and leads. And because these systems are built with case management in mind, they are often more effective than their traditional counterparts. However, there are some key differences between police records management system software and case management software. For example, the former is more comprehensive and has better case management features than the latter.

RIMS includes a Case Report with offenses, persons, vehicles, and properties, including mug shots. Warrants, from both local and outside agencies, are stored in RIMS. Warrant information is automatically flagged in the Person File. And citations automatically populate the Person File and Vehicle File. RIMS also tracks various types of civil processes and other special interests. So, if you’re looking for a new system, RIMS is the way to go.

Law enforcement RMSs give law enforcement agencies a central repository of critical data. By providing a central location to store this vital information, agencies can increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Many RMS systems have modules and components that are specific to law enforcement, including arrests, bookings, case management, and citations. Additionally, some systems even allow for the integration of criminal justice databases. A fully integrated system will help agencies reduce the need to use multiple interfaces.

Mark43 records management system is an example of a police records management system that facilitates the writing of police reports. It has the features and specifications required by the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NICRS) and other federal and state reporting requirements. It shares arrest information with the Lehigh County Central Booking Court. However, it cannot interface with the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, which maintains a central database of criminal court records.

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