5 Best Registered Agent Services For Your Business

Starting a Limited Liability Company or maintaining an existing one can be daunting, especially when meeting all legal requirements. One of these requirements is the appointment of a registered agent, a representative who receives and sends legal documents, notices, and correspondences on behalf of your company. Considering the significant number of registered agent services available, making the right decision can be overwhelming.

This article will explore the Best Registered Agent Services, including LegalZoom, Northwest Registered Agent, ZenBusiness, BetterLegal, and Inc Authority.

Webinarcare Editorial Team will discuss each service’s pros and cons, features, and pricing to make the decision process easier.

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What is a Registered Agent

A registered agent, a resident, or a statutory agent is a designated individual or company serving as a business entity’s official point of contact. They receive and manage essential legal documents and correspondence on behalf of the business. In most states, having a registered agent is a legal requirement for businesses, such as corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs), ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Registered Agent Requirements

Registered agent services are critical in ensuring compliance and legal protection for businesses. To select the best-registered agent service, consider the following requirements:

  • Availability: The registered agent service should offer 24/7 availability to receive legal documents and important notices on behalf of the business.
  • Experience: The registered agent service should have ample experience in handling legal notices and documents and providing compliance services.
  • Reliability: The registered agent service should have a solid track record, ensuring that all documents and notices are received, processed, and forwarded to the business promptly.
  • Compliance Expertise: The registered agent service should have expertise in running a business’s legal and regulatory requirements and provide guidance and advice on compliance matters.
  • Physical Presence: The registered agent service should have a physical address in the state where the business is registered and maintain an on-site office during regular business hours.
  • Notification and Forwarding: The registered agent service should promptly notify the business of any legal documents received and forward them to the business promptly and securely.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: The registered agent service should have measures to protect the business’s privacy and maintain confidentiality.
  • Communication: The registered agent service should be easy to reach and responsive, providing regular updates and communication with the business as needed.
  • Cost: The cost of registered agent services varies, so businesses should ensure they select a provider that offers reliable services at a competitive price.

Businesses should carefully evaluate the best-registered agent services requirements and select a provider that meets their reliability, expertise, privacy, and cost needs. An excellent registered agent service will act as an extension of the business and help ensure compliance and legal protection, providing peace of mind for business owners and a strong foundation for success.

List of Best Registered Agent Services

If you own a business, having a registered agent service is essential to ensure you’re complying with state laws and regulations. With so many registered agent services available, choosing the right one that suits your business needs can be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your options, we have compiled a list of the best-registered agent services.

  1. LegalZoom: LegalZoom is a popular online legal service provider that offers a wide range of legal services, including online business incorporation, trademark registration, and registered agent services. Their registered agent service offers 24/7 access to legal support, monitoring of important deadlines and compliance requirements, and secure document storage.
  2. Northwest Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent is a well-established registered agent service that provides privacy and security to businesses. They offer personalized service, fast filing times, and complete compliance tools. They also offer a unique custom mailbox service that helps businesses keep their mailing addresses private.
  3. ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness is a registered agent service that offers straightforward pricing, responsive customer support, and a full suite of compliance services. They also provide a free business name search tool and a feature-rich dashboard that helps businesses to stay on top of their filings and compliance needs.
  4. BetterLegal: BetterLegal is a registered agent service that makes the business formation and compliance process fast and easy. They offer fast filing times, compliance tracking tools, and a secure document storage system. Their user-friendly interface and efficient service make them popular for small businesses.
  5. Inc Authority: Inc Authority is a registered agent that offers businesses free business formation services. They provide a comprehensive suite of services, including registered agent services, and help businesses to incorporate, obtain tax IDs, and set up banking accounts. Their free business formation service makes them an attractive option for budget-minded entrepreneurs.

LLC Service

Rating & Pricing

Top Features

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#1 Recommendation

$0 + State fee

  • Free LLC Formation

  • Legal Support

  • Highly Reputed Company

$299 + State fee

  • Single LLC formation package

  • Flat price for all services

  • Legal consultation

Best Registered Agent Services Breakdown

Welcome to the Best Registered Agent Services Breakdown! This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with all the essential information you need to choose the perfect registered agent for your business. Our expert analysis dives deep into various registered agent services, comparing their features, plans and pricing, advantages, and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision. So, get ready to explore top industry solutions and streamline your business journey with our in-depth breakdown.


new legalzoom logo

LegalZoom is a well-known online legal service provider offering various business solutions, including registered agent services. LegalZoom is designed to assist businesses by helping them form and maintain their legal structure while ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations.

  • Compliance monitoring to provide critical reminders and updates about deadlines
  • Access to Business Attorney and customer support
  • Receiving and forwarding legal documents and notifications
  • Secure and easy access to your documents online
  • Annual Report filing assistance
Plans and Prices:

LegalZoom’s registered agent service is available for $299 per year. However, it’s important to note that this fee does not include the initial business formation package, which ranges from $0 to $279, depending on the selected features.

Advantages 👍

  • Reputable company with a long history in the industry
  • Reliable customer support
  • A wide range of additional legal services are available
  • Filing assistance for necessary compliance forms

Disadvantages 👎

  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors
  • Registered agent service is not included in some business formation packages.
  • Some customers report long response times for customer support.
Overall Rating:

LegalZoom is a trusted and reliable choice for registered agent services, offering comprehensive business solutions. Although it’s slightly higher pricing than competitors, LegalZoom’s wide range of legal services and strong reputation make it a solid choice for businesses seeking a reliable and professional registered agent service. On a scale of 1 to 5, we rate LegalZoom 4.2/5 for its registered agent services. Read LegalZoom Review for more details.

Northwest Registered Agent

northwest registered agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a reputable service provider emphasizing privacy and customer support. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Northwest aims to provide personalized, professional service to businesses needing registered agent services.

  • Reliable handling and forwarding of legal documents and notifications
  • Same-day local scanning of notices
  • Robust online account portal
  • A range of business guides and resources to help with compliance
  • A complete suite of compliance tools
  • Custom mailbox service for keeping the mailing address private
Plans and Prices:

Northwest Registered Agent offers a straightforward pricing model for registered agent services at $125 per year, which includes all essential features. They also offer business formation services, starting at $39 plus state filing fees.

Advantages 👍

  • Strong focus on user privacy and security
  • Excellent customer support
  • Same-day local scanning for fast document processing
  • Personalized service
  • Competitive Pricing

Disadvantages 👎

  • No free business formation service like some competitors
  • Limited additional services compared to other providers
  • No mobile app is available for managing your account
Overall Rating:

With its commitment to privacy, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing, Northwest Registered Agent is a top choice for those seeking reliable and professional registered agent services. Balancing simplicity and efficiency, Northwest provides comprehensive services to help businesses keep their legal status in good standing. On a scale of 1 to 5, Northwest Registered Agent is 4.5/5 for its registered agent services. Read more about the company here in Northwest Registered Agent Review.



ZenBusiness is a user-friendly registered agent and business formation service that provides comprehensive solutions at affordable rates. With a mission to simplify and streamline the process of starting a business, ZenBusiness offers an array of services complemented by responsive customer support.

  • Registered agent services are included in all formation plans.
  • Online dashboard for tracking compliance and documentation
  • Annual report filing services
  • Worry-Free Guarantee and Compliance service to track ongoing requirements and deadlines
  • Access to a vast library of legal resources and guides
Plans and Prices:

ZenBusiness offers three business formation packages that include registered agent services: Starter ($0 + state fees), Pro ($199 + state fees), and Premium ($299 + state fees). The pricing for standalone registered agent services is $99 per year when purchased separately from a business formation plan.

Advantages 👍

  • Affordable pricing compared to competitors
  • Registered agent services are included in all business formation plans
  • Responsive customer support
  • Comprehensive compliance tracking tools and annual report services

Disadvantages 👎

  • Some additional services, like the Employer Identification Number (EIN), come at an extra cost.
  • Lack of legal consultations compared to other providers.
Overall Rating:

ZenBusiness stands out for its affordable pricing and comprehensive features, making it a great option for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Including registered agent services in all formation packages and excellent customer support adds significant value to the platform. On a scale of 1 to 5, we would rate ZenBusiness 4.7/5 for its registered agent services. Read Zenbusiness Review to know more about the packages, services, and turnaround times.


better legal

BetterLegal is a business formation and registered agent service provider focusing on delivering fast and efficient solutions. With an easy-to-use platform and a clear pricing structure, BetterLegal aims to streamline starting and maintaining a business while offering registered agent services.

  • Quick turnaround times for business formation and registration
  • Compliance tracking tools
  • Secure document storage and access
  • Ongoing support for legal and regulatory matters
  • Clear and simple user interface
Plans and Prices:

BetterLegal charges $299 for its business formation package, which covers essential filing services. The registered agent service is an additional $90 per year, separate from the formation package.

Advantages 👍

  • Fast and efficient business formation
  • The straightforward and transparent pricing structure
  • User-friendly interface suitable for non-experts
  • Comprehensive support and resources for maintaining compliance

Disadvantages 👎

  • Limited additional services compared to other providers
  • No direct legal consultation services
  • Registered agent service is offered as an add-on and not included in the business formation package.
Overall Rating:

BetterLegal is a solid choice if you’re looking for an efficient, user-friendly registered agent service tailored for small businesses. While it lacks some of the advanced features of other providers, BetterLegal’s focus on speed and simplicity is bound to appeal to entrepreneurs who want quick results. On a scale of 1 to 5, we rate BetterLegal 4/5 for its registered agent services.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority is a registered agent and business formation service provider offering free packages. With over 30 years of experience, Inc Authority helps businesses navigate the complexities of incorporation, obtaining tax IDs, and setting up various essential services while providing affordable registered agent services.

  • Assistance with business formation, tax ID numbers (EIN), and banking accounts
  • Free business formation service (excluding state filing fees)
  • Compliance monitoring and tracking tools
  • Secure document storage and access
  • Business credit and funding evaluation
Plans and Prices:

Inc Authority offers a free business formation service, with customers only paying state fees. However, their registered agent services come at an additional $99 per year, separate from the formation package. Inc Authority also offers paid business formation plans (Starter ($399 + state fees), Business Executive ($499 + state fees), and Tycoon ($799 + state fees), with free registered agent service for a year.

Advantages 👍

  • Offering free business formation services
  • A comprehensive suite of services for new businesses
  • Affordable registered agent service pricing
  • Responsive customer support

Disadvantages 👎

  • Add-on services can be more costly than competitors.
  • Less emphasis on user privacy compared to other providers
  • Registered agent services are not included in the free business formation package
Overall Rating:

Inc Authority provides an attractive option for budget-minded entrepreneurs thanks to its free business formation service. While the registered agent services come at an additional cost, the overall packages and pricing remain competitive. Considering the range of services they offer, we rate Inc Authority 4.3/5 for its registered agent services on a scale of 1 to 5.

Take the first step towards success and start an LLC with confidence. These reliable registered agent services provide the foundation for your business, offering peace of mind and expert support in managing crucial legal matters.


Significance of a Registered Agent Services

Professional registered agent services are essential for businesses to ensure compliance with state laws and regulations. Here are some of the key reasons why hiring these services is important:

Legal Requirement

In most states, it is legal for businesses operating as a corporation or LLC to appoint a registered agent. The agent serves as the official point of contact for legal correspondences, ensuring that businesses receive essential government communications promptly.

Enhanced Privacy

Professional registered agent services protect a company’s privacy by receiving legal documents and communications on the business’s behalf. This helps business owners maintain their personal privacy and avoid being served with legal documents in front of clients, employees, or family members.

Compliance Management

Registered agent services not only manage legal correspondence but also help businesses maintain compliance with state requirements. These include annual report filings, necessary state permits or licenses, and tax documents. Keeping track of important deadlines and filings can significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance and fines from state agencies.

Document Organization

Professional registered agents provide secure document storage and easy online access to your business’ important legal documents. This can be particularly useful for companies needing a proper document management system or a consolidated platform to streamline their records.

Continuity and Consistency

A professional registered agent ensures that your business maintains a consistent point of contact for legal correspondence, even if your business undergoes management changes, relocation, or expansion into other states. This reduces the risk of missed communications that may negatively affect the business.

Expertise and Guidance

Registered agent services typically have a team of experts who understand the intricacies of business compliance, regulations, and legal processes. They provide guidance and assistance that business owners may not have internally.

Multistate Operations

Businesses that operate in multiple states must have registered agents in each state. Professional registered agent service providers can manage services across states, simplifying the process for businesses and ensuring compliance in all jurisdictions.

Professional registered agent services are crucial for businesses that want to maintain good standing with state regulations, avoid penalties, and manage their legal correspondences efficiently. Hiring a professional service provider ensures streamlined communication, enhanced privacy, and compliance management, saving business owners time and avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Registered Agent

When starting a business, one of the crucial steps is appointing a registered agent. While appointing a professional registered agent may offer various advantages, some business owners may act as their own registered agents for budget or convenience reasons. Here are the pros and cons of being your registered agent and help determine if it’s the right choice for your business.

Pros of Being Your Own Registered Agent

  • Cost Savings: One of the most significant benefits of being your own registered agent is the savings on professional service fees. Appointing a professional agent can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per year, depending on the chosen service. By acting as your own agent, you can save on these expenses.
  • Direct Control and Communication: As your own registered agent, you can be confident that you’re up to date with all legal and tax documents. There’s no risk of miscommunication or delays in receiving crucial information, as you’ll personally handle all correspondence.
  • Familiarity with Your Business: Acting as your own agent means you’ll have direct insight into your company’s legal and tax documentation. This familiarity allows you to better understand your business’s state requirements and deadlines, benefiting your company’s compliance and organization.

Cons of Being Your Own Registered Agent

  • Legal Requirement Limitations: To act as your registered agent, you must have a physical address in the state where your business is registered and be available during regular business hours to receive documents. This can be a challenge for businesses operating in multiple states or business owners who travel often.
  • Privacy Concerns: As your own registered agent, your personal or business address will be listed on public records, potentially making it easier for marketers, solicitors, or legal adversaries to find your contact information. Hiring a professional agent ensures a higher level of privacy.
  • Increased Responsibility and Liability: Being your registered agent means you are solely responsible for managing and storing all legal and tax documents and meeting compliance deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines or lost documents can result in fines, penalties, or even the dissolution of your business.
  • Lack of Expertise and Support: Professional registered agent services have compliance experts who can help navigate complex legal requirements and compliance issues. As your own registered agent, you might have access to a different level of expertise, potentially increasing your chances of non-compliance.

Here are the breakdowns of the pros and cons of being your own registered agent. You must ensure that every detail in this article emphasizes whether you hire a professional registered agent or you be one.

Pros 👍Cons 👎
Cost SavingsLegal Requirement Limitations
Direct Control and CommunicationPrivacy Concerns
FamiliarityIncreased Responsibility and Liability
Lack of Expertise and Support
What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a person or business entity appointed by a company to receive legal documents and other important correspondence on behalf of the company.

Why is a registered agent necessary?

A registered agent is necessary to ensure a company is being notified of legal documents promptly and securely, ensuring compliance with government regulations and avoiding potential legal issues.

Can I serve as my own registered agent?

Yes, you can serve as your own registered agent. Still, it is not always recommended, as the registered agent must be available during regular business hours, which can be challenging for small business owners.

What services do registered agent companies provide?

Registered agent companies typically offer services such as receiving and forwarding legal documents, compliance assistance, and other services related to maintaining a company’s good standing with the state.

How much does a registered agent service cost?

The cost of registered agent services can range from around $50 to $300 per year, depending on the provider and type of service you choose.

What should I consider when choosing a registered agent service?

You should consider factors like cost, availability, experience, and customer service when choosing a registered agent service.

Can I change my registered agent?

Yes, you can change your registered agent by filing the required forms with your state’s secretary of state’s office.

Is having a registered agent in every state where I do business necessary?

It is only necessary to have a registered agent in the state where you have registered your business entity.

Can my attorney serve as my registered agent?

Yes, your attorney can serve as your registered agent, but they may charge additional fees along with their legal services.

Will my registered agent receive junk mail?

No, registered agents only receive legal documents and official government correspondence.

What happens if my registered agent doesn’t receive important documents on time?

If your registered agent does not receive important documents on time, you might miss a deadline, and there could be penalties and complications.

What is a statutory agent?

A statutory agent is another term for a registered agent used in some states.

Do registered agent services offer privacy protection?

Many registered agent services offer privacy protection, including using their registered office address instead of your personal business or home address.

Is a registered agent the same thing as a service of process agent?

Yes, a registered agent is a service of process agent, which means they receive legal documents on behalf of the company and ensure proper delivery to the intended party.

What is a virtual mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox that can receive and manage physical mail, including legal documents and correspondence related to your business.

Can I use a virtual mailbox as my registered agent?

No, most states require a physical address for your registered agent.

How quickly can registered agents forward my mail to me?

Most registered agent services will forward your mail within the same business day they receive it.

Can a registered agent help me with compliance requirements?

Many registered agent services offer compliance assistance and ensure that important filing deadlines are met to keep your business in good standing.

Can a single registered agent represent multiple businesses?

Yes, a registered agent can represent multiple businesses. However, additional fees may vary depending on the number of entities represented.

What is the Best Us State to Get an LLC Registered Agent

One important consideration when selecting a state for your LLC is the level of privacy and anonymity offered to the members of the company. Some states require the names of all members to be publicly disclosed, while others allow for more privacy by only requiring the name of the registered agent to be listed on publicly available documents. If maintaining anonymity is important to you, it may be worth considering a state that offers greater privacy protections for LLC members.

Another factor to consider is the cost of establishing and maintaining an LLC in a particular state. Some states have higher filing fees and annual report requirements, which can add up over time. On the other hand, some states have lower costs and fewer ongoing requirements, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the ease of doing business in a particular state should also be taken into account. Some states have complex regulatory environments and lengthy processing times for LLC formation, while others have streamlined processes that make it easier and quicker to get up and running. If efficiency is important to you, it may be worth looking into states that have a reputation for being business-friendly and supportive of small businesses.

In addition to these practical considerations, it’s also important to think about the long-term implications of choosing a particular state for your LLC. Some states offer more favorable tax laws and incentives for businesses, which can result in substantial savings over time. Others have strong legal protections in place for LLCs, which can provide added peace of mind for the company’s owners.

Ultimately, the best state to get an LLC registered agent will depend on your specific needs and priorities as a business owner. Whether you value privacy, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, or long-term benefits, there are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the right state for your LLC. By carefully weighing your options and doing thorough research, you can ensure that you make the best choice for your business and set yourself up for success in the long run.


Choosing the best-registered agent service depends on your needs and budget. ZenBusiness and Inc Authority are affordable and reliable, while LegalZoom offers a more established reputation and a broader spectrum of additional services. BetterLegal focuses on small businesses and faster services, while Northwest Registered Agent prides itself on experience and exceptional customer service. By carefully considering your business’s needs and comparing the features and costs of these top providers, you can choose the best-registered agent service.

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