Best South Dakota Registered Agent Services For Your Business

The Best South Dakota Registered Agent Services

Best Registered Agent Services in South Dakota: When starting an LLC in South Dakota, one of the essential requirements is designating Registered Agent. Registered Agent is a person or entity responsible for receiving important legal and government notices for your business. This includes tax notifications, lawsuit filings, and compliance-related correspondence.Β 

In this comprehensive guide, Webinarcare Editorial Team will explore the importance of South Dakota Registered Agent Services, how to choose the best service for your business, and the top registered agent services to consider. Please read all the points carefully before starting your business in South Dakota.

What are Registered Agent Services?

Registered Agent Service is a professional third-party service that acts as a business or corporation’s official point of contact. It is responsible for receiving and forwarding important legal and government documents, such as service of process, tax notices, and compliance reminders, on behalf of the business. In many jurisdictions, this service is required by law to ensure businesses have a designated representative available during regular business hours to receive crucial communications.

In South Dakota, Registered Agent Services are often used by businesses that do not have a physical presence in a particular state or country or prefer to maintain privacy in their official records. If you have already started or are planning to form your South Dakota LLC, you must appoint Registered Agent. We reviewed some of the Best Registered Agent Services and provided features as an add-on with their packages.

LLC Service

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$299 Per Year

  • Free LLC Formation

  • RA service in all states

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$125 Per Year

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  • LLC formation package

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The main responsibilities of a Registered Agent include:

  • Receiving legal documents, such as subpoenas, summons, and other official correspondence from the state or federal government. Filing for South Dakota Articles of Organization and Articles of Incorporation in the South Dakota Secretary of State is one of their main responsibilities.
  • Ensuring these documents are promptly delivered to the appropriate individuals within the company.
  • Maintaining a physical address within the registered business’s state, the registered office.
  • They were available during regular business hours to accept service of process and other official communications.

Top 5 Registered Agent Services in South Dakota

The top 5 best Registered Agent Service list is mentioned below. Now, you will read everything about these companies, their pros & cons, pricing, and whether you should use them. Here is the breakdown of the best South Dakota Service companies. 

1. LegalZoom

new legalzoom logo

LegalZoom is a well-known legal services provider that also offers registered agent services. Their registered agent service costs $299 annually, with discounts available for multi-year plans.

legalzoom registered agent

Pros πŸ‘

  • A reputable and well-established company
  • Comprehensive legal services beyond registered agent services
  • Discounts for multiple years of service

Cons πŸ‘Ž

  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors

To understand why LegalZoom is our top 1, check out Webinarcare Editorial Team’s LegalZoom Review.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

northwest registered agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a reputable registered agent service known for its commitment to privacy and personalized customer support. They offer registered agent services in all 50 states, with a flat annual fee of $125 per state.


Pros πŸ‘

  • Personalized customer service
  • Focus on privacy and security
  • Straightforward pricing

Cons πŸ‘Ž

  • No bundled discounts for multiple states

Northwest Registered Agent is a top choice for those seeking reliable and professional registered agent services. Read more about the company here in Northwest Registered Agent Review

3. ZenBusiness


ZenBusiness is a popular business formation service that also offers registered agent services. Their registered agent service is included in their LLC formation packages, which start at $0 plus state fees. The standalone registered agent service costs $99 per year.

zenbusiness registered agent

Pros πŸ‘

  • Affordable pricing
  • Comprehensive business formation services
  • Positive customer reviews

Cons πŸ‘Ž

  • Less competitive for standalone registered agent service

Webinarcare Editorial Team selects ZenBusiness service through thorough research and market study. You must cross-check all the factors or read ZenBusiness Review before choosing the right one for your South Dakota business.

4. BetterLegal

better legal

BetterLegal‘s registered agent service costs $10 per month, billed annually for $90 per year. Additionally, BetterLegal offers a 14-day free trial for their registered agent service.

better legal registered agent

Pros πŸ‘

  • Affordable cost
  • Secure online document management system
  • Compliance reminders to prevent missed deadlines
  • Convenient change of address service

Cons πŸ‘Ž

  • No physical mail

BetterLegal is a solid choice if you’re looking for an efficient, user-friendly registered agent service tailored for small businesses. However, you can check out other Best Registered Agent Services.

5. Inc Authority

inc authority

IncAuthority is an online incorporation services provider that offers registered agent services as part of their LLC formation packages. As a registered agent, IncAuthority acts as a point of contact between the business and the state, receiving important legal and tax documents on behalf of the business. Inc Authority offers a free business formation service, with customers only paying state fees. However, their registered agent services come at an additional $99 per year, separate from the formation package.

IncAuthority’s registered agent service includes:

  • Receipt and forwarding of official documents and legal correspondence from the state
  • Compliance reminders to make sure you don’t miss important filings
  • Dedicated support and assistance for your business
inc authority registered agent

Pros πŸ‘

  • Compliance with state filing regulations
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Convenience
  • Business continuity

Cons πŸ‘Ž

  • Costly
  • Limited control and availability
  • Risk of lost or delayed communication

How to Choose the Best Registered Agent Service

When selecting a Registered Agent service for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Experience and Reputation: Look for a Registered Agent service with a proven track record and positive customer reviews. Experience and reputation are crucial indicators of the quality of service you can expect.
  • State Coverage: Ensure that your chosen Registered Agent service can provide coverage in the state where your business is registered and any additional states where you may plan to expand.
  • Pricing and Features: Compare the pricing and features of various Registered Agent services to determine the best value for your needs. Be cautious of services with hidden fees or overly complicated pricing structures.
  • Customer Support: Choose a Registered Agent service that offers responsive and knowledgeable customer support. The ability to easily contact your registered agent and receive prompt assistance is essential during time-sensitive legal matters.

Why You Need a Professional Registered Agent Service

Although a business owner or a company employee can act as a Registered Agent, there are numerous benefits to hiring a professional Registered Agent service.

Privacy: Registered Agent’s address is a matter of public record. By hiring a professional Registered Agent service, you can maintain privacy and protect your personal or business address from being listed publicly.

Compliance: A professional Registered Agent service is well-versed in state requirements and can help ensure your business complies with its registered agent obligations.

In South Dakota, before filing South Dakota Corporation or an LLC, you are required to hire a Registered Agent. Registered Agent will ensure to file the necessary paperwork and file the taxes for your South Dakota LLC.

Also, in South Dakota, the Registered Agent should file for an LLC which costs around $165 (by mail and $150 online) and is payable to TN Secretary of State. The Registered Agent should also be aware that the reporting fee should be paid every 1 year (first day of the anniversary month).

Availability: Professional Registered Agent services guarantee availability during regular business hours, ensuring that your business never misses important legal or governmental notices.

Peace of mind: By outsourcing the Registered Agent role to a professional service, you can focus on managing and growing your business, knowing that experts handle this critical aspect of compliance.

Requirements in Becoming a Registered Agent

The requirements to become a Registered Agent may vary slightly depending on the jurisdiction, but generally, the following criteria must be met:

  • Physical Address: Registered Agent must have a physical street address (not a P.O. Box or virtual address) in South Dakota  where the business is registered. 
  • Availability: The Registered Agent must be available at the registered office during regular business hours (typically 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday) to receive and sign for important documents, such as service of process, tax notices, and compliance reminders.
  • Age and Legal Status: In South Dakota, a Registered Agent must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the state where the business is registered.
  • Good Standing: Registered Agent should be in good standing in South Dakota and not have any outstanding legal or regulatory issues that could prevent them from effectively serving as aRegistered Agent.
  • Consent: The Registered Agent must consent to act in this capacity for the business. This is typically done by signing a consent form or including their signature on the business entity’s formation documents.

When is hiring a Registered Agent service a good idea?

You might want to think about using a Registered Agent service if you regularly travel, operate your business remotely, don’t work from a single place during business hours, or don’t want to have your home address appear on public records. Registered Agent service is a fantastic choice if you want the assurance that your government, tax, and legal mail will be received by a third party and forwarded to you promptly.

Do I need a Registered Agent?

Yes, you typically need a Registered Agent if you are forming South Dakota S-corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other types of business entities in South Dakota. Registered Agent is required by law to receive important legal and government documents, such as service of process, tax notices, and compliance reminders on behalf of your business.

The Registered Agent must have a physical address in South Dakota where your business is registered and be available during regular business hours to receive these documents. This ensures that the government and other parties have a reliable way to contact your business for legal matters.

You generally do not need a Registered Agent if you are a sole proprietor or operating under South Dakota DBA without forming a separate legal entity. However, checking South Dakota’s specific requirements and regulations is important to ensure compliance.

Can Registered Agent have a virtual address?

Registered Agent generally cannot have a virtual address because they are required to have a physical address in South Dakota, also known as the registered office. It must be a street address, not a P.O. Box or mail-forwarding service.

This requirement is to ensure a reliable and accessible location where the Registered Agent can receive crucial legal and government documents, such as service of process, tax notices, and compliance reminders, on behalf of your business during regular business hours.

Consider using a virtual address for your South Dakota business operations. You may still need to hire Registered Agent service with a physical address in the registration state to fulfill the legal requirements. This service will act as your official point of contact for legal and governmental correspondence and forward any relevant documents to your virtual address or preferred contact method.


Why do I need a registered agent in South Dakota?
Every LLC, corporation, and other business entities registered in South Dakota must maintain a registered agent to receive legal documents and important notifications.
How do I choose the best registered agent in South Dakota?
Look for a reputable company that has a physical address in South Dakota, offers reliable services with affordable pricing and excellent Customer support.
What are the advantages of hiring a registered agent in South Dakota?
A registered agent helps your business by accepting service of process and sending legal documents promptly, maintaining compliance and providing privacy.
Can I be my own registered agent in South Dakota?
Yes, you can serve as your business’s registered agent in South Dakota. But hiring a registered Agent is often recommended since it provides more flexibility and keeps the personal address away from prying eyes.
What are the responsibilities of a registered agent in South Dakota?
A South Dakota registered agent is responsible for receiving legal documents, forwarding notices, and staying compliant on behalf of the business.
Can a business have more than one registered agent in South Dakota?
No, every LLC, corporation or business in South Dakota must appoint only one registered agent for service of process with a South Dakota street address.
Do I need a South Dakota address to be a registered agent in South Dakota?
Yes, every South Dakota registered agent must have a physical South Dakota street address.
What if my registered agent resigns or is terminated in South Dakota?
In such a case, it is important to promptly appoint a new registered agent for continuous compliance as per South Dakota state laws.
Can a South Dakota registered agent refuse service of process?
No, A South Dakota registered agent must accept any legal documents served on behalf of your business, even if it’s unwanted.
How long does a South Dakota registered agent’s term last?
A registered agent’s term length depends on the contract signed, usually one year. Many companies offer an opt-out clause without an early termination charge.
How do I change my South Dakota registered agent?
You need to submit the relevant state paperwork to change the agent name before the old agentΒ΄s resignation.
Can a foreign Corporation register for Doing Business in South Dakota?
Yes, a foreign corporation can conduct business in South Dakota by following an elaborate process. They need to appoint a registered agent, register with the South Dakota Secretary of State, and obtain other necessary permits.
Can I use my attorney as a registered agent in South Dakota?
Yes, you can. However, in cases of minor liability or constitutional changes, it’s suggested to use a registered agent service as Legal representation obligations could complicate the role.
Can a South Dakota registered agent end my franchise?
A registered agent cannot end a franchise contract without mutual consent. However, if they identify violations or litigation against the franchisor, they can certainly share the legal notices.
Can I use my home address as the Pennsylvania registered agent for my LLC in South Dakota?
A Registered AgentΒ΄s main duty is to provide a physical South Dakota street address within normal Business hours. You might consider searching for some alternatives.
Can you be held personally liable if you miss a legal notice as a registered agent in South Dakota?
A South Dakota registered agent cannot be held accountable for their client’s non-acknowledgment of legal records.
Cen I get a South Dakota registered agent along with business formation services?
Yes, many company formation services offer an option to sign up for concurrent registered agent services.
Can a registered agent help a business with its formation paperwork?
A registered agent does not have authority or administrative help, and cannot prepare or file formation paperwork needed for an LLC or a Corporation.
How soon does a registered agent in South Dakota receive Service of Process?
The registered agent should Inform thru phone or email for any daily mail or queries they receive up to same day sucession or per the prevailing laws in South Dakota.
What should I Look for to prevent scams when Choosing a registered agent in South Dakota?
Look for a Legit company. Inquire about access to their physical office address, display contact information and request a BBB/BDC Rating to increase how well you know the company.
How Often will I receive notifications from my Registered Agent in South Dakota?
SD Law states that corporations receive one public notice each year from the secretary of state between January first and saying last , while driving Status change and Service of Process normally come year-round.
Do registered agent services need to verify my Identity to accept service?
South Dakota Registered agent services cannot accept service until they can verify that they are accepting papers via authorised representatives on behalf of their clients, to maintain true recording.
Do I have to be an SD Registered agent myself to start a South Dakota business?
No. Except for the fact of availability with physical street address in a designated boundery, anyone can legally establish a Limited Liability Company or Corporation in South Dakota.
How do I turn Service of Process over to my South Dakota registered agent?
Answer:You can notify the service individuals and attach your latest registered agent information that could incorporate the title of your case, state ID number and/or supporting documentation for impending legal matters.
Will I lose privacy if I hire South Dakota registered agents for my LLC?
When you think forward with Corporation or LLC, own member membership lists become to public record.View renting an agent as a surestep protection of your privacy and security enforcement of legal matters.
Can a South Dakota registered agent provide shareholders for my corporation in addition to service of process?
Not unless they are licensed to lawfullyprovide corporate listing services under the dakota state law. Inquire the company’s primary certification or clarification if you’re not sure.
Can a Corporation be its own registered agent in South Dakota?
A corporation is required to have an agent for service of process in South Dakota.
What are the responsibilities of South Dakota agents of service?
Service Agents are the indicated post holders appointed by Corporations and LLCs to receive service of process on behalf of the company, along up-to-date managing the upkeep and tournaround time for corporate papers.

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Selecting the right Registered Agent service is crucial for ensuring your South Dakota business remains compliant with South Dakota requirements and promptly receives important legal and government notices. By carefully considering your needs, comparing options, and evaluating customer support and additional services, you can choose the best Registered Agent service for your South Dakota business.

By entrusting this critical aspect of compliance to a professional Registered Agent service, you can focus on growing your business with the confidence that your legal and regulatory requirements are in good hands.

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