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Best Visual Configuration Statistics

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Visual Configuration Software Statistics

  • From deal size to quota goals, many reports have found that Companies with CPQ software have a 105% larger than average deal size. [0]
  • Companies experience a 17% higher lead conversion rate with CPQ software. [0]
  • 67% of all sales reps miss their quota, but 26% more sales reps achieve their quota with CPQ software. [0]

Visual Configuration Latest Statistics

  • frequency will always be 100% because the total number of cases will always be 100%. [1]
  • This number represents the frequency computation; in this case, children with 1 vaccination represent 73.810 % and children with 2 vaccinations represent 26.190% out of the 210 total cases. [1]
  • The results indicate that 73.8% of the 210 children surveyed are vaccinated, with a 95% confidence interval range from 64.4% to 83.2%. [1]
  • The results indicate that 55.3% of the 2,152 children surveyed are vaccinated, with a 95% confidence interval range from 50.1% to 60.4%. [1]
  • The results indicate that among the 82 individuals who smoked cigarettes, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day for men was 18.7, and 16.1 for women, with a 95% confidence interval range of 15.6 to 21.8 for men and 13.7 to 18.4 for women. [1]
  • The results show that 60.7% of children whose mothers received prenatal care were vaccinated, compared to 42.6% of those children whose mothers did not receive prenatal care. [1]
  • The 2 x 2 data shows that the odds ratio in the data was 2.088, the risk ratio was 1.427 and this risk difference is 18.2%. [1]
  • The prevalence ratio indicates that 1.427 times as many children of women who received prenatal care were vaccinated (60.734% divided by 42.560% = 1.427). [1]
  • This keeps the Michelson contrast approximately the same but increases RMS contrast by 8–22%, depending on the content of the original image. [2]
  • 95% confidence intervals for log Experiment 1. [2]
  • Over 70% of sales rep time is spent on administrative tasks. [0]
  • CPQ reduces the number of quote revisions by 13%. [0]

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