Decennial Report in Pennsylvania | A Comprehensive Guide

File Decennial Report in Pennsylvania

Filing the Decennial Report is important in maintaining your Limited Liability Company‘s good standing within Pennsylvania. The process can vary depending on which your LLC is registered, but this article will provide an overview of what you need to know about the Decennial Report in Pennsylvania. These simple steps will help you fulfill your legal obligations and keep your business compliant with Pennsylvania regulations.

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What is Decennial Report?

Pennsylvania Decennial Report is a required document that Limited Liability Companies in Pennsylvania must submit each year to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State. Pennsylvania Reports are responsible for the registration and compliance of your business.

The purpose of the Decennial Report is to update Pennsylvania with your LLC’s current information, such as the legal name, Registered Agent, mailing address, principal office address, and the names and addresses of members or managers. This ensures that Pennsylvania has accurate records of your LLC and helps maintain its good standing and compliance with Pennsylvania regulations.

Creating Decennial Report is quite similar to the decision to start an LLC in Pennsylvania. It’s not just about fulfilling an obligation; it’s about evaluating the journey. Decennial Report allows to reflect on performance, analyzes growth, understand challenges, and plan for future.


Contents of the Pennsylvania Decennial Report

In filing for Pennsylvania Decennial, you should know its contents. It includes the following information:

  • LLC’s Legal Name: The official name of your Limited Liability Company as registered with the state.
  • Registered Agent Information: The name and address of the Pennsylvania Registered Agent responsible for receiving official correspondence and legal documents on behalf of the Pennsylvania LLC.
  • Mailing Address: The mailing address for the LLC where Pennsylvania state can send correspondence.
  • Principal Office Address: The physical location of the LLC’s primary place of business.
  • Member/Manager Information: The names and addresses of the LLC’s members (owners) or managers, depending on the management structure of the LLC.
  • Business Activity: A brief description of the primary business activities conducted by the LLC.
  • Date of Formation: The LLC was originally registered with Pennsylvania.
  • Filing Period: The time frame covered by the Decennial Report, typically one calendar year.
  • Signature: The signature of an authorized representative of the LLC, such as a member or manager, attesting to the accuracy of the information provided in the report.

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How to File Decennial Report in Pennsylvania

If you have a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Pennsylvania, filing Decennial Report to maintain your company’s good standing and ensure compliance with state regulations is essential. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to file the Decennial Report in Pennsylvania.

Step 1: Research The Filing Requirements

The first step in filing your Decennial Report is understanding Pennsylvania’s specific requirements and deadlines. Visit the Pennsylvania Secretary of State‘s official website, or consult a legal professional to familiarize yourself with the necessary forms, deadlines, and associated fees. The Decennial Report is filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s office.

Step 2: Gather The Necessary Information

Before completing your Decennial Report, you must gather essential information about your LLC. This information typically includes:

  • The LLC’s legal name
  • The Registered Agent’s name and address
  • The LLC’s mailing address and principal office address
  • The names and addresses of the LLC’s members or managers

Ensure you have accurate and up-to-date information, as providing incorrect information on your Decennial Report can lead to penalties or even the dissolution of your Pennsylvania LLC.

Step 3: Complete The Decennial Report Form

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it’s time to complete the Decennial Report form. Follow the instructions, and ensure you complete all required fields accurately. Pennsylvania may offer an online filing option, or you may need to manually print and complete the form. Make sure to sign and date the form as required.

Step 4: Submit and Pay The Decennial Report

After completing the Decennial Report form, you’ll need to submit it to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, along with the required Decennial fee of $70. The submission process may vary since Pennsylvania allows online submissions, while other states require mailing or hand-delivering the report. In Pennsylvania, by submitting and paying offline, you can mail it at Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations, P.O. Box 8722, Harrisburg, PA 17105.

Ensure to include any necessary payment information and a copy of the completed form for your records.

Step 5: Verify Receipt of The Decennial Report

Once you’ve submitted your Decennial Report, verifying that the Pennsylvania Secretary of State has received and processed it is essential. You can check your Pennsylvania state’s website or contact the appropriate office directly. Address any issues or discrepancies as necessary to ensure your Pennsylvania LLC remains in good standing.

Step 6: Repeat The Process

Filing the Decennial Report is an ongoing responsibility. Set a reminder to complete and submit the report, update necessary information, and pay the required fees. Staying on top of your Decennial Report obligations will help prevent legal issues and ensure your business complies with Pennsylvania regulations.

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Pennsylvania Decennial Report (Domestic & Foreign)

State Office:Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations, P.O. Box 8722, Harrisburg, PA 17105
Due Date:The Decennial Report in Pennsylvania is due and should be renewed every 10 years.
Filing Fee:The filing fee for the Decennial Report is $70.
Penalty:The penalty for not filing the Decennial Report costs $0 (not required).
Filing Method:Filing of Decennial Report can be filed online and by mail.
Important Information:A domestic or foreign Pennsylvania limited liability company filing is deemed complete when the required fees and the Decennial Report are sent to the state office.

Why Do LLCs Have to File Decennial Reports?

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) must file Decennial Reports for several reasons, which generally revolve around maintaining good standing with the state and ensuring compliance with Pennsylvania regulations. Here are some of the main reasons why LLCs have to file Decennial Reports:

  • Updating State Records: Filing Decennial Report allows Pennsylvania to maintain up-to-date records of the LLC’s essential information, such as the legal name, Registered Agent, mailing address, principal office address, and member or manager information. Accurate records enable the state to communicate effectively with the LLC and serve legal notices if necessary.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Submitting the Decennial Report is a legal requirement in Pennsylvania, and failure to file the report can result in penalties, fines, or even the dissolution of the Pennsylvania LLC. Compliance with state regulations is crucial to ensure the continued operation of the LLC and maintain its limited liability protection.
  • Maintaining Good Standing: Filing the Decennial Report is one of the primary requirements to maintain an LLC’s good standing within Pennsylvania. An LLC in good standing can engage in business activities, enter into contracts, and access financing without facing legal obstacles. By submitting the Decennial Report, LLCs demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling their legal obligations.
  • Public Disclosure: Decennial Reports provide public information about the LLC. Providing transparent and updated information about the company’s structure and activities contributes to building trust with potential investors, customers, and partners.
  • Monitoring Business Health: Preparing and filing Decennial Report can be a valuable opportunity for LLC owners to assess their company’s performance, growth, and potential areas for improvement. It encourages reflection on the business’s progress and helps identify any necessary adjustments to ensure long-term success.

Filing the Decennial Report is crucial to operating an LLC. It helps maintain compliance with state regulations, keeps the company in good standing, and provides essential information to the public. It also serves as an opportunity for business owners to evaluate their company’s performance and make strategic decisions for the future.

Sanctions For Not Filing Decennial Report

You may face several consequences if you fail to file the Decennial Report for your Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company (LLC). Here are some common sanctions and outcomes that may result from not filing the Decennial Report:

  • Penalties and Fines: Pennsylvania impose monetary penalties and late fees on LLCs that fail to file their Decennial Reports on time. It costs $0 (not required).
  • Loss of Good Standing: When an LLC does not file its Decennial Report, it may lose its good standing status within Pennsylvania. A company not in good standing may face difficulties conducting business activities, entering into contracts, and obtaining financing.
  • Administrative Dissolution: If an LLC neglects its Decennial Report filing requirements, Pennsylvania may eventually dissolve the company administratively. Administrative dissolution means the LLC no longer legally exists and loses its limited liability protection, leaving its owners personally liable for the company’s debts and obligations.
  • Reinstatement Hurdles: If your Pennsylvania LLC is administratively dissolved, you may need to go through a reinstatement process to revive your company. This process often involves filing the necessary paperwork, paying due penalties and fees, and fulfilling any other requirements set forth by the state, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Damage to Business Reputation: Failure to file Decennial Report can harm your Pennsylvania LLC’s reputation among potential investors, customers, and partners. A company not complying with state regulations may be seen as less trustworthy or reliable.

Registered Agent’s Role in Filing Decennial Report

Registered Agent is not directly responsible for filing the LLC Decennial Report; however, having a Registered Agent is a legal requirement for LLCs in Pennsylvania. The role of the Registered Agent is to receive official correspondence and legal documents on behalf of the LLC. While the LLC owners or managers are responsible for filing the Decennial Report, the Registered Agent’s information is typically included.

In Pennsylvania, the Decennial Report form will ask for the name and address of the Registered Agent. This information is crucial to ensure that the state has accurate records for the LLC and can communicate effectively with the company. If there are any changes to the Registered Agent’s information since the last report, updating it on the Decennial Report form is essential.


What is a Decennial report in Pennsylvania for an llc filing?
It’s a report that every LLC in Pennsylvania needs to file every 10 years which is required by the PA state law.
When is the Decennial report due for an LLC in Pennsylvania?
The report is due every 10 years one year after LLC certification and the first decennial report due date is the April 1, 2022.
What is the re-registration of an LLC in Pennsylvania?
Once a Decennial report is filed, it renews an LLC automatically, and re-registration is not required.
What is the fee to file the Decennial report in PA?
$70 is the fee that every LLC has to pay for filing the Decennial report.
Where can I file my Decennial report in Pennsylvania?
You can conveniently file it online through the official site
Is there any penalty if I fail to file the Decennial report by the due date in PA?
Yes, if you fail to file by the due date, a civil penalty is added to your report fee of $250.
Do foreign LLCs based outside of Pennsylvania have to file a Decennial report too?
Yes, all active LLCs operating in Pennsylvania, the domestic and foreign both, have to file the Decennial report.
What is the last date to file the Decennial report in PA?
The Decennial report can be filed only between January 1 and December 31(one year before the due date April 1)
Can the Decennial report be modified once it is filed in Pennsylvania?
No, once the Decennial report is filed, it cannot modify any registered information.
Do I need to create an online account to file my LLC Decennial report in Pennsylvania?
Yes, you need to create online services account on the official site –, to file the report.
What is the procedure to modify my name or address while filing Decennial report in Pennsylvania?
Making changes to any LLc’s Name or Address can be done through updated agreements filing in PA.
What information may I require while creating an LLC in PA?
Reliable business counting and candidates participation from architects or individuals having familiarity with Pennsylvania governing rules
If I own multiple LLCs in Pennsylvania, can all Decennial reports be due annually?
Not Required, each LLC owned by a proprietor will oblige each Decennial report respectively.
How much likely is it to get approved for Liquor law violations accounts if LLC isn’t being legible?
LLC penalties be obligatory usually between $5,000-$1 million awaiting upon violating requirements and obligations as acerned by governing regulations.
Are there required attachments along with Decennial report tor LLCs in Pennsylvania?
Attachments may be required for PA LLCs, reportable with the expense per attachment.
Am I bound to renew LLC certificate annually in Pennsylvania?
No, The LLC certificate established at the starting stages needs to be updated.
In case an LLC owner misplaces password information needed login for account access in PA, can it is regained?
Either security questions or of required mailing ID procedures must always be available to overcome misplaced passwords to access.
Large-scale lawsuits threaten my LLC in PA, is there any particular Provision for liability insufficient funds?
The expensed unsettled from your LLC organization is due by persona; priorities which requires you sign an affidavit affirming needed resources; Distributions included may be misappropriated.
Is the registered final effective form SDT important If my LLC corrects errors in biennial submission in PA?
Is Oath in Affirmation Essential for electronic Filing of Decennial Declaration of PA LLCs?
Yes. Onto permission of all business holding parties the managed number adhered to established credentials admitted in before submission.
Do Easy Work Applications Certifying Requirement to Pay Decal Company Dues?
No. Nearby Quakers strictly forbid quid-pro-quos in transaction procurement requirements and Owning applicator warrants and acceptances causes aid with far more meaning.
The LLC publications, are due alongside the Secretary’s Website Post Order in PA?
No. In difference If your jurisdiction is Lawrence County or Philadelphia City head, then there are alternative or superseding provisions and obligations alike.
If unsure where is counting licenses licensed accredotated by Board Certification Dues investigation find?
Counting the certification dues accomplished by professionals, The rightful institution genuinely held committees accredited evaluation panel standard criteria inclusifte detailed lists on official Pennsylvania Liquor Legal Registers.
Full-time management members designated to align with attestation of Partnership entity validity?
Generally not required, however if feeling out of particular standing, a limited guarantee in membership e-guarantee.
How important is it to have membership transference events ordained after Incorporations?
Extreamly important. Significant Event signature is distinctive for Quarterly Associated Associations reviewing legal income tasks finally reached by successful improvements.
Decentralized and digitally partnering businesses with Division affiliated to business finance administration in Remote City sometimes require Disciplinary Exercises Pauses for Participants owning funds to be calculated before filing Decentralized Work Fees Calculations?
No. Governing Rules must have clarified procedures through coordination distinct tax classification legislature for both like minded Accounting advisors and Executors.
Is it Qualified as to Have an Operational Agreement and Redemption Rights inclusion Guideline along registered Certificate with the Department of State Division of PA LLCs registeration?
Not normally required under proper state regulations for limited liabilities committee formation althought it documented earlier builds detailing management details fully accompanied with all integral functions required.
What is a Pennsylvania Decennial report?
A Pennsylvania Decennial report is a report that an LLC must file every ten years with the Department of State.
Do all LLCs in Pennsylvania have to file a Decennial report?
Yes, all LLCs in Pennsylvania are required to file a Decennial report.
When is the deadline for filing the Pennsylvania Decennial report?
The deadline for filing the Pennsylvania Decennial report is every tenth year from the LLC’s original date of registration, beginning in 2022.
How do I file a Pennsylvania Decennial report?
You can file the Pennsylvania Decennial report online through the Department of State’s website or by mailing in a completed form recognized by the Department of State.
What information do I need to include in the Pennsylvania Decennial report?
You’ll need to include your LLC name, address, authorized representative information, and a statement indicating whether the LLC has conducted business during the past ten years.
What is the fee for filing a Pennsylvania Decennial report?
The fee for filing a Pennsylvania Decennial report is $70.
What if my LLC hasn’t done any business in the past ten years?
You must still file a Decennial report and indicate that your LLC has not conducted business during the past ten years.
Can I file the Pennsylvania Decennial report early?
No, you must file the Pennsylvania Decennial report within the month designated by the Department of State.
What happens if I don’t file a Pennsylvania Decennial report?
Failure to file a Pennsylvania Decennial report may result in the LLC’s name being revoked, preventing the LLC from conducting business in Pennsylvania.
Can I change my LLC’s name while filing my Pennsylvania Decennial report?
No, you cannot change your LLC’s name while filing your Pennsylvania Decennial report. You’ll need to file a separate Name Registration Application.
How do I change my registered agent while filing my Pennsylvania Decennial report?
You cannot change your registered agent while filing your Pennsylvania Decennial report. You’ll need to file a separate entity amendment form with the Department of State.
Can I mail in my Pennsylvania Decennial report instead of filing online?
Yes, you can mail in a paper form to the Department of State, as long as it is recognized as an acceptable filing form.
How do I obtain the paper form for my Pennsylvania Decennial report?
You can find the accepted form for your Pennsylvania Decennial report on the Department of State’s website.
What if I forget to include information on my Pennsylvania Decennial report?
The Department of State will return the report and ask for any missing information.
What if I have more than one LLC in Pennsylvania?
You’ll need to file a separate Pennsylvania Decennial report for each LLC you own in Pennsylvania.
How will I know if the Department of State received my Pennsylvania Decennial report?
You can check the Department of State’s website to confirm your Pennsylvania Decennial report has been processed.
Can I file a Pennsylvania Decennial report for my LLC without a registered agent?
No, every Pennsylvania LLC must have a registered agent, and this information must be included in the LLC’s Decennial reports.
Do I need to include financial information in Pennsylvania Decennial report?
No, you only have to provide the basic information concerning the company’s address, name or location.
What happens if my registered agent’s information changes before the next report filing date?
You’ll need to file a separate entity amendment form with the Department of State to update your registered agent’s information.
Can the Pennsylvania Decennial report be filed electronically or does it have to be done by mail?
You can file the Pennsylvania Decennial report electronically or through mail.
What if I miss the deadline for filing my Pennsylvania Decennial report?
You will not be able to use the company’s name in filings with the state of Pennsylvania if you have missed the deadline to submit a Decennial Report. A yearly fee is charged to petition and reclaim the business name if a Decennial Report is not reassigned before January 1 of the fifth year in which it was due.
What will happen to my LLC in Pennsylvania if I don’t file the Decennial report?
If you fail to file the Decennial report, the title of your LLC will be marked inactive in the Department of State’s database.
Can you avoid paying $70 if a new LLC is created between the reporting period?
No, a new LLC has to submit the report like any other LLC.
Can the report for an LLC-P in Pennsylvania be filed using the Dept of State website only?
Is the Decennial report supposed to be signed by an authorized person in Pennsylvania?
Yes, the report must be signed by an authorized person.
In Pennsylvania, what evidence does my LLC need to provide in order to file Decennial reports electronically?
You just need to provide your company’s name and the effective date.
If I request to revive the rights to a revoked Pennsylvania LLC by filing for reinstatement through completing the missed Decennial report, how much will it cost?
The reinstatement filing fee for revoked Pennsylvania LLCs varies, depending on the number of decennial reports missed and peripheral variable factors.

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How to Correct Error in Your Annual Report of Pennsylvania LLC

However, errors can sometimes occur in the preparation and filing of yearly reports for your LLC. From simple typographical mistakes to more significant inaccuracies, it is crucial to take swift action to correct any errors that are identified in your annual report.

If you discover mistakes in your Pennsylvania LLC’s annual report, there are steps you can take to correct them promptly and effectively. Keep in mind that the process may differ based on the nature and extent of the errors, so it’s important to carefully assess the situation before taking action.

One common mistake that can occur in annual reports is typographical errors. These may include incorrect addresses, misspellings of names, or other small errors that can easily be corrected. If you identify any typographical errors in your report, you should contact the Pennsylvania Department of State as soon as possible to inform them of the mistake and request a correction.

Alternatively, more significant errors such as incorrect financial information or misrepresented business activities may require more in-depth corrections. In these cases, it is crucial to submit an amended annual report to the Pennsylvania Department of State to rectify the inaccuracies. This can be done by preparing a revised report that accurately reflects the correct information and submitting it to the appropriate authorities along with any necessary documentation to support the changes.

When correcting errors in your annual report, it is important to demonstrate transparency and accountability in your business operations. Providing clear and detailed explanations for any discrepancies and taking proactive steps to rectify the mistakes will help to maintain your credibility and compliance with state regulations.

It is also essential to review and double-check your annual report before submitting it each year. By conducting a thorough review of all information included in the report, you can identify any potential errors or inaccuracies and address them before filing. This proactive approach can help to prevent errors from occurring in the first place and save you time and effort in the long run.

In conclusion, correcting errors in your Pennsylvania LLC’s annual report is a critical task that should not be overlooked. By promptly addressing any mistakes that are identified and taking proactive steps to rectify them, you can maintain compliance with state regulations, demonstrate transparency in your business operations, and uphold your reputation as a responsible and trustworthy business owner.


Filing the Decennial Report is essential to maintaining your business’s legal status and good standing within Pennsylvania. By following these steps and staying informed about Pennsylvania’s specific requirements, you can ensure that your LLC remains compliant and continues to operate smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, consult a legal professional to guide you and ensure your business’s success.

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