The Best Businesses to Start in West Virginia | A Guide to Success

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West Virginia Best Business

Best Businesses in West Virginia: Whether you’re determined to become your own boss or looking for a change of pace in the professional world, starting an LLC in West Virginia can be an emancipating venture. Many prospective entrepreneurs conclude that now is the opportune moment to make a calculated leap into self-employment and shape their income and professional destiny. However, the question persists: What are some of the best businesses you can start in West Virginia?

In this article, Webinarcare Editorial Team will explore the Best Businesses to Start in West Virginia, which will help you know the options to start your dream business into reality. You must be guided by all the factors gathered in this article.

Why Start a Business?

Starting a business can be daunting yet rewarding, and choosing the right location is crucial to success. You should also know the business structure you will form when starting a business in West Virginia. It depends if you will form a sole proprietorship, LLC, or a corporation in West Virginia. We all know West Virginia offers unique benefits and opportunities, making it an ideal place for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. 

West Virginia is a great place to start a business. It has a thriving economy, a large market, and a supportive business environment. West Virginia has diverse industries and resources, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. It is home to some of the nation’s largest and most successful companies, allowing entrepreneurs to tap into an existing customer base.

Additionally, the state has a history of strong economic growth, which has made it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand. Finally, West Virginia offers a variety of incentives to businesses looking to start or expand within its borders, including tax credits, grants, and other programs. These factors make it an ideal place to launch a new business.

It is suggested that you speak with a legal professional before you begin choosing the best business in West Virginia. To safeguard your personal assets from business debts, you can always start an LLC in West Virginia.


The Best Businesses to Start in West Virginia

As previously indicated, the business climate in West Virginia is generally favorable. It is always advisable for a novice to launch a firm with fewer close rivals. For instance, locally produced goods, restaurants, or something comparable that is popular yet reasonably priced in West Virginia. These are the top business in West Virginia that might be a good place to start:

1. Energy Business

Energy Business is one of the most significant contributors to the economy of West Virginia. West Virginia is home to some of the best Energy Business in the country, providing high-quality service. The industry has been growing rapidly, driven by the current population and the demand for better services. Forming an LLC in West Virginia is a great idea because it will provide benefits like limited liability protection and pass-through taxation for your Energy Business.

2. Tourism Business

Tourism Business has been a driving force behind the growth of West Virginia for decades. West Virginia is home to several large Tourism Business that produce a wide range of products and services. West Virginia has a skilled workforce and robust infrastructure, making it an ideal location for forming a Tourism Business. West Virginia’s business-friendly policies and incentives, specifically in Charleston, have also helped attract new business.

3. Information Technology

The Information Technology sector in West Virginia has been growing at an impressive rate, with several high-profile companies setting up operations in West Virginia. The Mountain State is home to a thriving start-up ecosystem, with entrepreneurs and investors flocking in West Virginia to take advantage of its talent pool, infrastructure, and business-friendly environment.

The Information Technology industry in West Virginia has been a significant job creator, with thousands of high-paying jobs being added every year. The sector also attracts skilled professionals from across the country.

4. Wood Products Manufacturing Business

The Wood Products Manufacturing Business industry is another promising area for starting a business in West Virginia. With the rise of demand for Wood Products Manufacturing Business, it can be profitable. To ensure the success of your Wood Products Manufacturing Business business in West Virginia, research the local regulations and requirements for operating Wood Products Manufacturing Business business. Additionally, focus on developing a strong business presence and engaging with your local community to build a loyal customer base.

5. Car Repair Shop

Car Repair Shop has long been a staple of the West Virginia economy, with the state being one of the largest businesses of various Car Repair Shop in the country. Though it is in the 5th position, it has high potential in West Virginia. To succeed in this industry, focus on building a strong reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Additionally, consider specializing in a specific niche or obtaining relevant certifications to set your Car Repair Shop apart from the competition.

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What To Do After Deciding a Business To Start in West Virginia

After deciding on a business to start in West Virginia, there are several key steps you should take to ensure a successful launch and long-term success:

Step 1: Decide on the Business Structure

Deciding on a business structure is crucial in forming a business in West Virginia. Consider setting up an LLC, Corporation, sole proprietorship, or LLP as your business entity in West Virginia.

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC): An LLC combines the benefits of both partnerships and corporations, offering flexibility in management and limiting liability for its members. The profits and losses can pass through directly to the members without taxing the business—similar to a partnership. Members of LLC are also protected from personal liability for the company’s obligations or debts. This means the members’ personal assets are not at risk should the business fail or face legal issues.
  2. Corporation: Forming a Corporation in West Virginia provides the most robust personal liability protection. It can profit, be taxed, and be held legally liable. Corporations can sell company shares and are less likely to be audited by the government than sole proprietorships or partnerships. However, they are costly to set up, require extensive record-keeping, and their profits are taxed twice when earned and distributed to shareholders as dividends.
  3. Sole Proprietorship: This is the simplest business form and not a legal entity. It refers to a business owned and run by one individual, who bears all the profits and losses. The owner has unlimited personal liability for all debts and obligations of the business, meaning they’re personally responsible for them. While it’s less formal, less expensive, and easier to operate, it can be risky for the owner should the business fail or face legal issues.
  4. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): An LLP is a partnership wherein some or all the partners have limited liabilities. It provides liability protection for each partner unavailable in a traditional partnership. An LLP allows partners to take an active role in the business without assuming liability for other partners’ actions. However, it’s worth noting that the rules for LLPs vary by state, with some states only recognizing this format for businesses in certain professions, typically those required to obtain a license to operate. You can form an LLP in West Virginia if necessary.

Step 2: Name your Business

Selecting a name for your West Virginia business is essential to forming. Your business name should be unique, memorable, and reflective of your products or services. There is a complete guide on West Virginia Business Name Search for a proper West Virginia business name. 

Step 3: Hire a Registered Agent

After deciding on the name for your West Virginia business, you should hire a Registered Agent for easier business formation. Registered Agent is a person or entity responsible for receiving legal documents and official notices on behalf of your LLC. In West Virginia, your Registered Agent must:

  • Be a resident of West Virginia or a business entity authorized to do business in the state
  • Have a physical address in West Virginia (P.O. boxes are not acceptable)

You can check out the Best Registered Agent Services in West Virginia if you are plan to hire one.

Recommended: With LegalZoom’s Registered Agent Services, you can effortlessly navigate the complexities of business law. They ensure your business’s compliance with legal obligations while providing a comforting shield against unwelcome surprises. Starting at $249/year, they’ll ensure your business gets legal notices and critical mail—and extras to protect you too.


Step 4: Register your West Virginia Business

You must register your West Virginia business after allocating the Registered Agent. Afterward, you must submit and file the Articles of Incorporation if you are creating a corporation. On the other hand, you must submit the Articles of Organization to the West Virginia Secretary of State if you are creating an LLC. You can submit it either online or offline, depending on your options. 

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Step 5: Applying for Licenses and Permits

Depending on the nature of your West Virginia business, you may need to obtain certain licenses and permits to operate legally. The business license fee in West Virginia ranges from $50 – $300.

Research the specific requirements for your industry in West Virginia by consulting the state’s business licensing portal, contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, or seeking advice from a Business Attorney in West Virginia.

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Step 6: Prepare for Taxes

If your West Virginia business will collect sales tax, have employees, or be subject to certain state taxes, you may need to register with the West Virginia Secretary of State. Before that, you must obtain West Virginia Employer Identification Number from the IRS

Check the department’s website or consult a tax professional for specific registration requirements.

Step 7: Obtain Business Insurance

Obtaining the necessary business insurance, such as general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance (if you have employees), is necessary for your West Virginia business. 

If you form an LLC, you can check the Best Small Business Insurance in West Virginia.

Step 8: Open a Business Bank Account

Opening a separate bank account for your West Virginia business is essential for maintaining a clear separation between your personal and business finances. You can check out the Best Banks in West Virginia, which offer the best fees, services, and convenience for your business needs.

Cost of Forming a Business in West Virginia

The cost of forming a business in West Virginia can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of business entity (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation), the state’s filing fees, and any legal or professional fees associated with the process. 

For example, in West Virginia, forming an LLC may cost a few hundred dollars, while incorporating a business may cost several thousand dollars. Additionally, ongoing fees for maintaining the business entity may exist, such as annual report fees and business franchise taxes.

It is recommended to consult with a lawyer familiar with the laws and regulations in the state to get a more accurate estimate of the costs associated with forming a business. Checking the West Virginia LLC Cost in forming a business is better.


What is the best business to start in West Virginia?
The answer depends on various factors such as market demand, personal skills, competition, financial resources, and location.
Is West Virginia a good place for starting a business?
Yes, West Virginia has favorable tax policies, low operating costs, and abundant natural resources, all of which make the state an excellent place to start a business.
What types of businesses are doing well in West Virginia?
The businesses that are doing well in West Virginia are healthcare, manufacturing, tourism, and energy.
What are the legal requirements for starting a business in West Virginia?
Legal requirements for starting a business in West Virginia vary by business entity type and industry. It is advisable to consult an attorney for guidance.
How do I register my business in West Virginia?
You can register your business in West Virginia by filing the appropriate forms with the Secretary of State’s office.
Why should I invest in West Virginia?
West Virginia offers several incentives for investors, including lower tax rates, low operating costs, and abundant natural resources.
Is West Virginia supportive of small businesses?
Yes, West Virginia has many programs and resources aimed at helping small businesses succeed.
How can I get a business license in West Virginia?
You can get a business license in West Virginia by contacting the local municipality where you plan to operate your business.
Does West Virginia offer any tax incentives for businesses?
Yes, West Virginia’s tax incentive programs include tax credits, exemptions, and reductions for businesses that invest in the state.
What type of workforce can I expect to find in West Virginia?
West Virginia has a highly skilled workforce, particularly in the healthcare, manufacturing, and energy sectors.
How long does it take to register a business in West Virginia?
The length of time it takes to register a business in West Virginia varies on the type of business and the completeness of your application.
What type of insurance does my business need in West Virginia?
Depending on the size of your business and what industry you operate in, your business may need various types of insurance, such as liability, property, or workers’ compensation insurance.
Can I get grants to start a business in West Virginia?
Yes, West Virginia has various grant programs for entrepreneurs, including the WV Job Investment Trust Fund and the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council.
What is the hospitality industry like in West Virginia?
The hospitality industry is a significant contributor to West Virginia’s economy, especially in the tourism sector.
What is the availability of public transportation in West Virginia?
Public transportation varies by location in West Virginia. Bus service is typically only available in larger cities.
Are there any military veterans’ resources for starting a business in West Virginia?
Yes, the Veterans and Warriors to Agriculture program helps veterans start their agricultural operations, and the VETS Program offers veteran business owners customized counseling and training.
Is there a low effective tax rate for businesses in West Virginia?
Yes, compared to other states, the effective tax rate for businesses is relatively lower in West Virginia.
What type of legal structure should I choose for my business?
The appropriate legal structure for a business depends on several factors such as individual tax situations, cost of paperwork formation, legal liabilities, and desired level of credential protection from legal actions.
What certifications do I need for my business to operate legally in West Virginia?
Certification requirements for businesses depend on the industry. It is advisable to consult an attorney while registering the business in the state.
Is there any trade help support available for West Virginia companies?
Yes, the West Virginia Development Office offers assistance for West Virginia companies that want to expand global products/services reach via international trade shows/expos.
What business insurance is required in West Virginia for employers?
Workers compensation policy is required by West Virginia law for businesses with employees. Other types of insurance required may depend on the business location.
What can offer mentoring support for new businesses in West Virginia?
West Virginia University’s Launch Lab provides mentorship and guidance for West Virginia entrepreneurs.
Is there a network for entrepreneurs in West Virginia?
Yes, there are several organizations for entrepreneurs, including the West Virginia Small Business Association and the Charleston Area Alliance.
Can I run a nomadic business like freelancing or art selling (physical and virtual) in West Virginia?
Yes, virtual and freelancing businesses are commonly started in the state because of the low cost of living and reduced overhead expenses.
What type of support do rural businesses receive in West Virginia?
Rural businesses in West Virginia receive several types of support, including grant opportunities, loan financing options, government assistance programs, and improved regulations for small-scale industries.
What innovation and entrepreneurship-related opportunities are there in West Virginia?
West Virginia University offers innovation programs like the REACH Program, Innovator’s Center and other new opportunities fostering entrepreneurship.
Does West Virginia need cybersecurity in businesses to tackle cyber threats?
Due to an increased necessity arising owing to latest threats, West Virginia business is recognizing cybersecurity technology to avoid data breaches.
What industry cluster is crucial in West Virginia in general?
West Virginia’s economy primarily depends on the energy and a dominant chemical industry.
What industries are popular in West Virginia?
Some of the most popular industries in West Virginia are healthcare, tourism, energy, manufacturing, and agriculture.
How much does it cost to start a business in West Virginia?
The cost of starting a business in West Virginia depends on the type and size of the business, but it can range from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars.
How easy is it to start a business in West Virginia?
Starting a business in West Virginia is relatively easy with clear steps such as creating a business plan, registering with the Secretary of State, obtaining necessary licenses, and taxes.
What types of businesses are successful in West Virginia?
Successful businesses in West Virginia come in a variety of forms, including retail shops, restaurants, manufacturing companies, healthcare facilities, tech startups, and more.
Can I run my business from home in West Virginia?
Yes, many businesses in West Virginia can be run from home, except for some that require special permits or licenses.
Are there any tax incentives for starting a business in West Virginia?
Yes, West Virginia offers a variety of tax incentives to help businesses start and grow in the state, including tax credits, exemptions, and abatements.
Do I need a business license to operate in West Virginia?
Some businesses require a license in West Virginia, while others may be exempt. You can check with the Secretary of State’s office for guidance on licensing.
Are there any business mentorship programs in West Virginia?
Yes, West Virginia offers resources and mentorship programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners in partnership with training organizations like SCORE and WV SBDC.
What is the business climate like in West Virginia?
The business climate in West Virginia is supportive of entrepreneurship with its relatively low cost of living, most affordable state to live in, reasonable business costs and regulations.
Are there any startup incubator programs in West Virginia?
Yes, there are startup incubator programs and support services across the state, including the WV Forward Accelerator, Thrive West Virginia, and LaunchLab.
What is the minimum wage in West Virginia?
As of January 1, 2021, the minimum wage in West Virginia is $8.75 per hour.
Is it easy to find skilled workers in West Virginia?
West Virginia has an available and affordable workforce that has skills in fields such as technical and industry-specific with some support programs for further skill training and connect to jobs.
What business resources are available in West Virginia?
West Virginia provides a range of resources for new and existing businesses, including networking and mentorship programs, tax credits and incentives, and business training programs for entrepreneurs.
How important is location to a business in West Virginia?
The location of a business can affect its success, so it’s essential to consider the availability of potential customers and to choose an optimal site for your respective industry in West Virginia good for any startup business.
Are there any grants available for small business owners in West Virginia?
Yes, West Virginia offers several grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs that can help fund a range of activities such as marketing, research projects, and more.
Can I sell products online from West Virginia?
Yes, you can sell products online from West Virginia, and it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach customers beyond the state.
What is the process of obtaining a business license in West Virginia?
Obtaining a business license in West Virginia may require some steps such as researching to check if license is necessary, completing the business registration process, submitting the application to get a required license or permits, paying license fees, and applying to get necessary permits like health and safety.
What are the popular small business neighborhoods in West Virginia?
Some of the popular areas for small businesses in West Virginia are Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Morgantown, and other Greenbrier chamber areas.
What is the forecast of economic growth for West Virginia in the near future for a start-up business?
According to reports by US News & World Report and West Virginia Radio Corporation, economic experts forecast sustainable economic growth in West Virginia, fueled by the expansive growth of industries such as healthcare, energy, and federal agencies.
Is it mandatory to obtain a Certificate of Authority before doing business in West Virginia?
Yes. Any business incorporated outside of West Virginia and wish to start doing any type of business should obtain a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State before operating.
How can I fund my startup in West Virginia?
Some financing options for startups in West Virginia include angel investors, business loans, venture capitalists, crowdfunding, and grants like Micro-Grant program.
Can social media help my business in West Virginia?
Yes, social media marketing provides an effective marketing platform that can help your business grow in West Virginia by increasing your brand awareness, wider reach by which business can target new users beyond state.
Where can I go for business advice in West Virginia?
Business advice is accessible in West Virginia, including mentorship and technical assistance programs provided by Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, and WEVenture WV.
What is the West Virginia tax structure like for businesses?
West Virginia’s corporate and business income tax rate is a flat 6.5 percent, making it more affordable for businesses to launch and operate compared to other states with the heavy tax rate.
As a business owner newly relocated to West Virginia, how can I set up a network?
You can connect with individuals, Startup communities, business-to-building groups, attend trade events, join chambers of commerce in the state to develop a supportive network to align with the business goals and ideas.
Where can I get guidance/navigate government regulations when establishing my business in the West Virginia State?
Many helpful agencies statewide are providing guidance and answering questions regarding regulations where relevant such as the Small Business Development Office (SBDC), and also consult your respective industry-agency.
What are the General Liability Insurance requirements for businesses operating in West Virginia?
West Virginia general requirements are applied, and insurance coverage generally meets nationally dispersed obligations like salary/injury for worker or other policy requirements.
What is project-green in relation to business Startups in West Virginia?
Project green is a state-funded project aimed at helping the economy of West Virginia, specifically funding startups in their ability to create early employment opportunities, resulting in further expansion.

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West Virginia is home to a diverse array of thriving industries, each contributing to the state’s economic growth and success. Starting a business in West Virginia requires careful research, planning, and execution. By understanding the local economy, resources, and market demands, you can identify potential gaps in the market or areas with high demand for a particular product or service. Consider your passions, skills, and experience to choose a business that aligns with your strengths and interests. With a solid business plan and the right support, you can launch a successful business and contribute to the growth and prosperity of your state’s economy. Whether you’re interested in Energy Business, Tourism Business, or Information Technology, there is always an opportunity to create something of your own and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

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