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What Is a Webinar? How to Create Effective Webinars


Webinars are popular today especially in this time of pandemic where people are asked to stay home. In order to keep jobs and businesses running, they resort to work-from-home platforms. Conducting a Webinar can be really tiring and worrisome.

However, you can actually plan ahead to make sure that everything else goes smoothly. In this article, we will discuss the effective steps on how to hold a webinar without too much trouble.

What is a Webinar?

Taken from the words “web” which means a series of internet networks plus “seminar” which pertains to a discussion or conference, a Webinar is an act of conducting a seminar through the internet. There are a speaker and an audience.

The speaker, or lecturer, provides audiovisuals to better explain the topic of the Webinar. Sometimes the sessions are paid, most of the time it’s free. And one good thing about it is that you can record a Webinar.

Importance of Webinar

So, why do we need a Webinar? Listed below are some of the importance and advantages of the Webinar:


You can establish a connection with your audience.

This is the real purpose of conducting Webinars. Many learners prefer real-time answers to their questions. That is something different than just watching a video. If you know how to deliver a good lecture, or if you can keep your listeners engaged, then you are sure to achieve good feedback. You can also ask questions and encourage your audience to share their suggestions and/or opinions. With a webinar, you are sure to get a big market. Thus, you will create good value.

The audience gets involved.

Webinar is live. This means unlike videos, the participants cannot afford to be late, or else they would miss some important parts of the lecture. They cannot replay it. Since it’s live, there is live interaction. They can chat, ask questions, and give recommendations on the spot and the response is also immediate.

Sell without sweating.

Many businesses educate first and then follow it with selling.  This is not at all that effective. An effective Webinar is something that is already selling while the lecture is being delivered. The audience would instantly feel they want your product even before you start offering. So there is no need to push. 

You will gain a reputation.

Being a Webinar speaker will make people see you as an expert.
Upon learning of your Webinar, paid or free, participants will put it on their schedule, register, and spend hours with you. They would not do that if they think you do not know what your Webinar is all about. To them, you are the expert!

Get new leads.

Without leads, you have no market. Without a market, you have no business. When participants sign up for a webinar, they fill out forms. Most of the information they provide are their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. That’s instant lead without any effort!

Get to meet people from different parts of the world.

There is no limit to the number of people you can meet when you have Webinars. Webinars do not look at age, gender, race, color, or religion. It is suitable for everybody. Another reason is you do not need to travel to faraway places just to close a deal. You can sell your business at the comfort of your own home, and yeah, in your pajamas!

Get your ROI real quick.

Businesses are, of course, run by money. Without it, there is no way you would be able to start a business regardless of how big or how small your business is.

You can have more connections.

So when you conduct a Webinar, you get a live interaction. You can become friends with the participants. So, you not only generate new leads but also establish connections. Remember that every participant is a master of one business or service. If your guest speaker is credible, you can ride with that credibility. Something that is highly essential in business. 

Everything You Need to Know About Webinar

With a Webinar, you can speed up your sales. How? It can help you build trust, give you more good leads, and market your business. If your webinar is a paid Webinar, then that is an addition to the cash flow. However, there are still free Webinar software that you can use as a platform.

Did you also know?

did you know

You can also have more than one speaker. Yes, this is true. In fact, you can host a Webinar and be responsible for gathering audiences and speakers. Having another person who is an expert helps you establish stronger credibility. 

How to join Webinars?

Joining a conference is easy. Click on the link provided by the organizer. Register. Join and then watch. That is very simple.

Number of hours it takes on Webinar

Normally, it’s 45 minutes per session. Sometimes it reaches 60 minutes. The initial part is the lecture part, then the host gives time for the question and answer portion. 

Making money by hosting a Webinar? 

Yes. Some Webinars, especially those that offer training on skills, charge the audience and it is vital to cite a Webinar APA. There are some Webinars that are free but at the end of the session, the host offers products so the audience can buy on the spot.


Cost of Webinar

If you have no market yet, then it is suggested that you give it for free. It is important to build a good reputation so your audience would have a good experience and you know how word spreads around quickly. As you become popular, then you can start charging and the audience would even look forward to your next events and pay. 

How to have a successful Webinar software?

There are things that you should maintain to achieve a successful Webinar. Below are the 10 significant points to remember:


A reputable Webinar platform

A reputable platform is something that can help you with attracting participants. It should be available to many devices, such as phones and tablets, and not only on computers.

Many people also find advertisements to be annoying. Most Webinar softwares that are free contain advertisements with a limited number of allowed attendees.

A good Webinar schedule

It is important to know when is the right time to conduct a Webinar. Choose the time and day when you can hit a number of attendees.

You need to consider the location of your prospective participants. So if Wednesdays are not a busy day for them, then you can pick this day. If you were in Asia but your target audience is in America then you need to adjust to their time zone.

Webinars right equipment

Is your computer working perfectly fine? How about your headset? Do a test on your microphone at least three days before the webinar so you can buy a new one just in case it won’t work.

Do you have a stable internet connection? You need to have a back-up.

So the device should be something that you can rely upon. It is suggested that you have extra devices. It is always best to anticipate things rather than cram in the middle of your speech.

Early promotion

To get the best result in terms of the number of attendees, you need to do an early promotion. Two months before the target date is good since it is not too early yet not too late to reach your target audience.

Make noise

You need to catch the attention of your target audience. Also, you can start with creating a page that features the date and time, the topic, the speakers, then end it by encouraging them to sign up. 

You don’t really need to spend a lot of money on promotion. Use your social media accounts. Get the people involved by creating an interesting hashtag. Some Webinar speakers also produce a short video for a  peek of what to expect in the lecture. Others write blogs or contents to add credibility to the Webinar. 

Lastly, you can send invitations via email or through a chain message. Make sure you include the direct link to the registration of the said event.

Be responsive

Expect that there would be a lot of inquiries. You will find them in the comment section of your post, through your chat platform, your email, or through a text message or a phone call should you decide to provide your contact information.

A good follow up

A few days before the event, you can post some reminders. You can also send emails to confirm attendance. 

An interesting Webinar topic

The first thing your audience will consider is the topic. It has to be something that would interest them. Something they would want to know and learn, which they can relate with, and which they think is worth attending to.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to talk about a service, a product, or an important event. You need to make them feel that your Webinar is not something that would only waste their time. 

You can use photos and short videos that look very inviting. This will help you catch the attention of your target individuals. To make an interesting webinar topic, you have to make sure to do the things below:

Lots of practice for your content

Don’t be too confident. You need to be fully prepared before you host your Webinar. In this way, you can anticipate any unexpected questions. You can also make sure your equipment is all in good working order. Before making the decision whether to use a webinar or not, seek first a self-evaluation.


You’re all set! Now it’s time to get some feedback and check what you have done perfectly. You should also consider your areas for improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Webinar?

Taken from the words “web” which means a series of internet networks plus “seminar” which pertains to a discussion or conference, a Webinar is the act of conducting a seminar through the internet. There are a speaker and an audience.

Do I need a webcam when hosting a Webinar?

Not necessarily but it is advised. If your audience can see you then you will build trust. They would not think that they are listening to a robot or a recording.

Is Webinar a video-conferencing?  

No. Most of the time it is a voice conference. The host only shows his camera when necessary. As for the audience, a webcam is not a requirement.

Call to action for your new marketing platform

Now, you are all set! In this ever-changing world of technology, it is immensely important to keep up with the latest trend. Webinars, when done the right way can open many doors of opportunity for you and for your business. 


In this article, we have discussed what a Webinar is. We have talked about its benefits and we have given tips on how to make your event successful.

Want to pitch in some ideas? Please feel free to leave a comment on the boxes provided below. 

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