App Store Optimization Statistics 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking to add App Store Optimization to your arsenal of tools? Maybe for your business or personal use only, whatever it is – it’s always a good idea to know more about the most important App Store Optimization statistics of 2023.

My team and I scanned the entire web and collected all the most useful App Store Optimization stats on this page. You don’t need to check any other resource on the web for any App Store Optimization statistics. All are here only 🙂

How much of an impact will App Store Optimization have on your day-to-day? or the day-to-day of your business? Should you invest in App Store Optimization? We will answer all your App Store Optimization related questions here.

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Best App Store Optimization Statistics

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App Store Optimization Market Statistics

  • According to the AppTweak data for the entire 2020, the average Page View to Install conversion rate for the US App Store was 33.7% and 26.4% for the Google Play market. [0]
  • no “one size fits all” approach to app store marketing, and we’ve seen instances in which using the same creatives on both platforms led to a 20% 30% decrease in installs on iOS.Different app store layouts. [1]
  • no “one size fits all” approach to app store marketing, and we’ve seen instances in which using the same creatives on both platforms led to a 20% 30% decrease in installs on iOS. [1]

App Store Optimization Software Statistics

  • As of Mid 2018, there were 81% of the iOS users who had the latest software – iOS 11 – updated in their devices, 14% were on iOS 10 and less than 5% were operating on iOS 9 and below. [2]

App Store Optimization Latest Statistics

  • App Store Page View to Install Conversion rate – 33.7%. [0]
  • Google Play Page View to Install Conversion rate – 26.4%. [0]
  • App Store Impression to Install Conversion rate – 3.6%. [0]
  • Page Scroll Depth – 10% for 90% of iOS app users. [0]
  • Page Scroll Depth – 10% for 80% of Android app users. [0]
  • Among the categories, the highest rate is for Travel category where 41.4% of people who saw ads for travel apps actually visited their respective pages on the app store. [0]
  • The lowest Impression to Page View rate among categories provided by AppTweak is Weather – only 6.1%. [0]
  • The Business category brings up the highest conversion rate – 5.9%. [0]
  • Perhaps even more telling difference comes from the Travel category that was directly hit by COVID 19 last year when traveling was essentially shut down completely and hence the conversion rate was only 2.9%. [0]
  • This time the Travel category conversion rate is actually the highest among other categories in the data set – 55%. [0]
  • On the other end of the conversion rate spectrum was News category, it seems like people were avoiding checking new News apps and stuck to apps they were using before, hence the lowest value for the conversion rate – 4.2%. [0]
  • Looking at several categories analyzed by AppTweak, we see that apps from the Business category had the highest Page View to Install conversion rate – 32.7% and Food & Drink had the lowest rate – just 13.1%, that is to say – every man to his own taste. [0]
  • Page View / Install conversion rate hovers around 10 12%, with Board and Casino games being outliers – 18.6% and 7.6% respectively. [0]
  • 2020 AppTweak ASO company data for this rate across all categories of the US App Store was 3.6% on average. [0]
  • The Finance app category has the highest Impression to Install conversion rate – 5.3%, while Education is on the other extreme with only 0.6%. [0]
  • In 2019 Apple released iPhone 11 which featured sophisticated Night Mode to take high quality pictures in low light conditions, most likely that was the reason people we were more kin to try various apps from this category. [0]
  • But if you look at the SplitMetrics’ App Page Scroll Depth benchmark, you see that 90% of the App Store and 80% of the Google Play store visitors view, and most likely read, only 10% of the page’s content. [0]
  • Only around 20% of Android and about 15% of iOS app. [0]
  • Get help designing a gallery on Google PlayAn app video can increase install rates by more than 25%Adding a video increases Exploring behavior and reduces Decisive behavior. [1]
  • Visitors who watch the video are 3x more likely to install. [1]
  • Because 98% of App Store users watch videos on mute. [1]
  • Every 5 seconds, 10% of your video watchers will drop. [1]
  • US Users often have higher explore rates than other regions and are almost 2x more likely to explore than UK users. [1]
  • In more than 50% of tests, the winner in the UK was different than the winner in the US.Brazil iPhone owners often prefer English over local Portuguese. [1]
  • Well crafted tests can increase conversions by 80%.Japan. [1]
  • They are accustomed to heavy text images and reading descriptions (200% increase from US benchmark). [1]
  • An app video can increase install rates by more than 25%. [1]
  • In more than 50% of tests, the winner in the UK was different than the winner in the US. [1]
  • Well crafted tests can increase conversions by 80%. [1]
  • They are accustomed to heavy text images and reading descriptions (200% increase from US benchmark). [1]
  • A whopping 70% of mobile users utilize search to find new apps. [3]
  • Furthermore, 65% of all downloads occur directly after a search. [3]
  • In fact, around 50% of people base their download decision on a first impression. [3]
  • In addition, 80% of mobile users read at least one review before downloading an app. [3]
  • In fact, according to App Radar A whopping 70% of mobile users utilize search to find new apps and 65% of all downloads occur directly after a search, making app store search the most popular way of finding new apps. [4]
  • According to an app conversion rate study by AppTweak The average Install Rate in the Apple App Store in the US is 3.42%. [4]
  • However, this does differ by category, with finance apps enjoying an install rate of up to 8.5%. [4]
  • Meanwhile, board games receive just 0.7% of installs once they’ve been seen on the search results. [4]
  • Apple claims that 65% of downloads are the result of a search in the App Store. [5]
  • Improvement of screenshots increases conversion rate by 18% on the average. [5]
  • However, only 11% of users looked through all screenshots even with 5 images limit. [5]
  • The optimization of an icon usually results in the average CR increase of 13%. [5]
  • Innogames shares their Apple Search Ads journey – from becoming an early adopter to optimizing long running campaigns with SearchAdsHQ and improving the generated profit by 22.5% compared to the year before. [5]
  • According to a study from Tune , your ranking can increase up to 10.3% simply by using keywords in your title. [6]
  • Forbes , up to 90% of customers say that product videos are helpful. [6]
  • when making purchasing decisions, and up to 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. [6]
  • 70% of mobile users use App Store Search, the most common method for finding new apps. [7]
  • If there’s a text that your users are most likely to read , it’s the app’s description, so if you’ve got anything good to say about your app, say it in the description box. [7]
  • Sensor Tower revealed that player spending dedicated to simulation games increased by 61.8% yearover. [7]
  • On the graph you can see that for the top 2% of simulation games, day 1 retention was between 47.81% in July and 51.06% in March. [7]
  • For the top 25% of simulation games, day 1 retention was even in November (27.66%) and in March (28.79%). [7]
  • Day 1 retention for the simulation games that were in the median 50% category ranged from 18.25% in October to 19.76% in March. [7]
  • Bottom 25% of simulation games retained players at day 1 retention from 11.25% in October to 12.93% in March. [7]
  • And total view rate on variation without video is higher (45% vs 32% in one of the experiments). [7]
  • 26% of all mobile searches When we discuss mobile app development, we typically focus on the Apple/iOS App Store. [8]
  • Optimizing with a keyword in the title for that title by 10.3%!. [8]
  • You may have rated an app one star, but it was likely rated 3 or more stars when you downloaded it. [8]
  • This means even if your app is downloaded, it’s unlikely it’ll ever be used beyond the first 72 hours. [8]
  • In fact, our friends at TUNE recently conducted a study of the top 25 ranking positions and found that apps with a relevant keyword in their title ranked, on average, 10.3% higher than apps without a title keyword. [9]
  • Today, only 31% of app revenue is generated by North American consumers. [9]
  • And of those consumers outside the English speaking world, 72% prefer to use their native language when shopping, even if they’re fluent in English. [9]
  • Together, these two effects can add up to as much as a 767% increase in downloads. [9]
  • App indexing has quickly shaken up the world of search, with 40% of searches now returning app indexed results. [9]
  • With intelligent rating prompts, you can boost your rating — and ultimately, your rank — by prompting only those customers most likely to give you a 5. [9]
  • Installs and conversions should be celebrated, but 21% of users abandon apps after one use and the average 30day post install retention rate is only 5.7%. [10]
  • And, 65% of downloads happen post. [10]
  • Paid ads can supplement organic reach, but should not drive your ASO strategy.90%of worldwide. [10]
  • Approximately 70% of users churn by day 30 because UX doesn’t prioritize or speak to QOL inflection points. [10]
  • A good first impression can increase conversions by 35%, according to a report by Storemaven. [10]
  • Since 50% of users disable push notifications, you can also target app users on Google, Facebook, or Instagram to ask for an app review at a certain point after install. [10]
  • As App Store and Google Play visitors engage with video, an average of 10% of them drop every 5 seconds. [11]
  • 50% of all installers make a decision only based on your first impression. [11]
  • On iOS the most popular action is scrolling through your image gallery (33% scroll rate). [11]
  • We recently worked with Kabam to test and optimize their poster frame for Marvel Contest of Champions by testing 3 different approaches for a poster frame, which ultimately improved install conversion rates by 66%!. [11]
  • Sensor Tower data reveals time spent in rival apps such as Snapchat grew up to 23 percent during Facebook platforms outage. [12]
  • We already see this trend, with more than 60% of theTop 1,000 apps and games in the USusing keyword optimization, which is up from ~50% earlier this year. [13]
  • According to Fiksu, having critical keywords in the title can increase your app ranking by 80. [14]
  • Use the Localize your app keyword, as localizing it can increase its downloads by767%. [14]
  • This point is more effective on Google Play than the App Store, as it can increase your app’s ranking 10 to 20 spots, according to Fiksu. [14]
  • And since we’re discussing reviews, it’s worth mentioning that we have discovered the secret weapon to eliminate up to 80% of negative reviews. [14]
  • The amount Apple paid the iOS app developers was more than 30% of last year 9. [2]
  • 81% of iOS Users Have the Latest Software Update 10. [2]
  • Number of Downloads in the App Storein H1 2018 is 10.6% greater than 2017’s download count 11. [2]
  • There has been an increase in the mobile app download stats by 75 percent since the launching of Apple Watch 12. [2]
  • Apple Pay Backs 90% of NFC Transactions 17. [2]
  • App Store Browsing Has Grown to Drive 15% of App Store Download Count Since iOS 11’s Launch 22. [2]
  • iOS 11 App Store has Increased the iPhone app Download Statistics of Feature Apps to more than 800% 25. [2]
  • If that’s 30% of Apple’s take – an estimation, given new payout rates for subscriptions – the App Store grossed about $88 billion in sales. [2]
  • The amount of revenue that iOS app developers have been able to generate in terms of revenue in 2018 is over 30% more than what they earned in 2017. [2]
  • While App Store continues to fall behind Play Store when it comes to the mobile app download statistics, within the platform itself, the number of downloads between 2017 and 2018 has shown a rise of 10.6%. [2]
  • Even though Apple Pay is not available around the globe, the payment mode counts for 90% of the NFC transactions happening in the areas it is operational in. [2]
  • At last, I managed to increase the amount of the app downloads by 1478% in a month!. [15]
  • According to MobileDevHQ , using keywords in your title can result in up to 10.3% increase of rankings. [15]
  • Text StoreMaven , only an average of 5% users will click the “read more” button below the short description on Google Play. [15]
  • This number is even lower on the iOS App Store, clocking in at only 2%. [15]
  • A better icon can increase your downloads up to 560% To design a good icon, keep your design simple and eye. [15]
  • , 60% of users won’t swipe past your first two screenshot images. [15]
  • Using your two best screenshots can increase your conversions by 25%!. [15]
  • Making a video may be difficult but it can increase install rates by more than 23%, according to StoreMaven. [15]
  • Include a callto action Remember, 80% of users don’t watch past first 12 seconds of the video. [15]
  • It has an astounding 90% 5 star ratings for every major version. [15]
  • And they are likely to give you 4 to 5 star ratings when you later ask them for app ratings at the right time. [15]
  • This post from appfigures shows that ~98% of the top 100 free and ~62% of paid iOS and Android games can be downloaded are under 100 MB. [15]
  • After this simple localization, his app received a massive 767% increase in downloads Before localization, the downloads were mainly from within the US. [15]
  • After localization, his downloads looked like this Image courtesy of MAKE APP Magazine OneSky , only 31% of the world’s total app revenue came from the U.S., while 41% came from Asia, and 23% came from Europe. [15]
  • For example, are there more than 90% users who didn’t make it to the app page after seeing the app preview?. [15]
  • Are there more than 50% users who didn’t install your app after seeing the app page?. [15]
  • In fact, 35% of top 20,000 apps on the iOS App Store have Spotlight search enabled. [15]
  • Apple has stated in the past that 50 63 percent of all downloads come from searches, but that amount increased to a solid 65 percent. [16]
  • Now, however, Apple states that the percentage has grown even further, with 70 percent of app downloads coming as a result of search. [16]
  • This is big growth – as there are tens of millions of apps downloaded each day, an increase of 5 percent could constitute hundreds of thousands of apps being discovered and downloaded because of searches daily. [16]
  • next important statistic that Apple revealed is the Search Ads conversion rate, sitting at a solid 50 percent. [16]
  • Apple reports that an average of 56 percent of users are reinstalling apps, which means Search Ads can successfully target former users to bring them back and continue to gain value from them. [16]
  • Given that now 70% of downloads come from searches, it’s more important than ever to have a fully optimized app that will appeal to users as soon as they see it, whether in Search Ads or organically. [16]

I know you want to use App Store Optimization Software, thus we made this list of best App Store Optimization Software. We also wrote about how to learn App Store Optimization Software and how to install App Store Optimization Software. Recently we wrote how to uninstall App Store Optimization Software for newbie users. Don’t forgot to check latest App Store Optimization statistics of 2023.


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