10 Best Auto Dialer Software of October 2023 (Updated)

Auto Dialer Software is one of the most important software you currently need. We know!

Today’s Auto Dialer Softwares are incredibly versatile, and because of strong competition, have remained a relatively low-cost investment for most.

Currently, with dozens of options available for Auto Dialer Software in the market – finding the right Auto Dialer Software of September 2023 can be tricky.

So we spent dozens of hours researching and testing everyone we could get my hands on.

Based on our experience with the apps, here are 10 Best Auto Dialer Software. Click on any app to learn more about why we chose it, or keep reading for more context on Auto Dialer Software.

What is Auto Dialer Software?

Auto dialer software connects callers to a live person or a prepared message by dialing numbers from a list automatically. Auto dialers save up representatives’ time to focus on the content and delivery of their messages rather than the arduous chore of manually dialing specific phone numbers. Auto dialers are utilized in a wide range of businesses and contexts, including sales, health care, education, and hospitality. Although cloud-based options are also available, auto dialer software typically requires a computer, a voice modem, and an active telephone line. Some solutions require organizations to purchase and host their own hardware, while others include hardware hosting as part of their product for free or charge a monthly fee. The required hardware isn’t usually specified, and the program can run on a PC or a smartphone instead. Many auto dialer systems link directly with existing CRM software or are built into contact center infrastructure software or call center telecom services, but there are also lots of stand-alone options. Outbound call tracking software and auto dialer software have a lot in common. Auto dialers call phone numbers from a list automatically, whereas outbound call tracking software must be instructed to call and is focused on saving data from the call itself.

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10 Best Auto Dialer Software


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NICE (formerly NICE inContact) is the cloud contact center software leader with the world’s #1 cloud customer experience platform. NICE CXone™ combines best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence on an Open Cloud Foundation. NICE’s solution empowers organizations to provide exceptional customer experiences by acting smarter and responding faster to consumer expectations. NICE’s DEVone developer program is an extensive partner ecosystem, providing applications from partner companies on the CXexchange marketplace that are designed to integrate with NICE CXone. NICE is recognized as a market leader by the leading industry analyst firms. www.niceincontact.com

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Talkdesk® is a global cloud contact center leader for customer-obsessed companies. We believe that better customer experiences start with AI. Our automation-first customer experience solutions optimize our customers’ most critical customer service processes. Our speed of innovation, deep vertical expertise, and global footprint reflect our commitment to ensuring that businesses everywhere can deliver better customer experiences across any industry and through any channel, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and accelerated business outcomes. Over 1,800 innovative companies around the world, including Acxiom, Fujitsu, Hunter Douglas, IBM, Trivago, Tuft & Needle, YMCA, and 2U partner with Talkdesk to deliver a better way to great customer experience. Talkdesk offers Talkdesk CX Cloud, Talkdesk Industry Experience Clouds, and Talkdesk Phone all on one platform for an integrated holistic customer experience journey that is unified and seamless. Talkdesk CX Cloud™ combines enterprise scale with consumer simplicity, delivering unprecedented advantages of speed, agility, reliability, and security. Along with our flagship CX Cloud, we offer Talkdesk industry Experience CloudsTM which are purpose-built to meet the needs of vertical sectors to improve CX and generate industry-specific business outcomes. We offer the first and only business phone system natively built on a leading cloud contact center platform, which reduces costs and provides a better way for hybrid workforces to deliver great customer experiences. .

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Genesys Cloud CX

Customer relationships can be complex, but that doesn’t mean they have to be difficult. Genesys Cloud CX™ makes customer relationships simple. Built to handle any channel, the Genesys Cloud CX™ solution follows the conversation everywhere—turning calls, email, chats and social comments into a seamless conversation. Connect with Customers Genesys Cloud CX™ simplifies the way you connect with customers across channels, providing all the context you need to deliver more personalized experiences and build stronger relationships. Empower Your Teams Give your employees the information they need in a tool they’ll love using. Get an all-in-one application built to engage your employees and boost your team’s performance. Understand Your Business With real-time dashboards and up-to-the-second analytics, Genesys Cloud CX™ provides the insights you need to run your business—no matter where your agents are located or which channels they handle. Our award-winning software deploys in days, is intuitive to use and continually innovates with upgrades each week. Use it as an all-in-one application, easily add hundreds of packaged integrations, or customize the platform and make it your own. Genesys Cloud CX™ is built for people and built for change. .

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PhoneBurner is a Power Dialer and Sales Acceleration platform for sales teams of all sizes. Our cloud-based software helps sales agents increase calls, callbacks and live conversations up to 400% – by streamlining time-consuming processes and automating post-call workflows. Dialing. Emailing. SMS. Contact Management. Lead Distribution. Local Caller IDs and number monitoring. Reporting. It’s all here. Powering millions of calls for thousands of clients every month. Available to try for free, without a credit card. – Power dial up to 80 contacts per hour – No connection delays. Period. – Nothing to install. Start dialing in minutes. – Drop voicemails in one click (no waiting for the beep) – Send one click emails and SMS based on call result – Track email opens, link clicks, & attachment views – Manage, tag, categorize, sort leads with ease – Custom disposition sets automate pipeline management – Record calls – Transfer calls – Get advanced reporting and agent analytics – Dial from local area codes with Local ID – Get real-time number monitoring for spam flags – Retarget leads with ads around the web, Facebook, and Twitter – Automatically and intelligently distribute leads to your team Use our included CRM or integrate with Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Zapier, and more, or custom integrations through our API. .

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CloudTalk is user-friendly cloud-based phone software for sales and support teams. It is used by startups, scale-ups, SMEs or eCommerce to improve customer experiences and team performance. To achieve this, CloudTalk provides more than 50 advanced calling features. Thanks to seamless integration with the favourite tools (such a CRM, Helpdesk, or e-commerce platforms, etc.), CloudTalk helps companies deliver first-class customer experiences, resulting in the growth of their profitably. Cloudtalk is used by 1000+ happy customers from companies as DHL, Electronic Star or Kärcher. Get started with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), and see CloudTalk in action. .

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CallFire provides easy-to-use, self-service voice marketing solutions to thousands of businesses across the US & Canada. We specialize in helping local businesses grow and retain their revenue with outreach and engagement services such as IVR, Voice Broadcast and Call Tracking. In addition to serving local businesses, CallFire empowers non-profits, religious groups and other organizations to connect more effectively with their audiences. CallFire is headquartered in Santa Monica, California with affiliated offices in Austin, Texas and Kiev, Ukraine. .

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JustCall is a cloud phone system for sales, support, and report teams. It allows you to create a call center for your sales teams and contact center for your support teams. Along with business phone system features, JustCall also comes with a number of workflow automation features around SMS and Phone Calls. JustCall currently integrates natively with 40+ Business Tools (CRM, Helpdesk, etc). JustCall automatically logs following activities in your business tools to save your reps from manually logging the following: -Outgoing calls -Incoming calls -Missed Calls with call back link -Voicemail recordings with call back link – SMS JustCall also works great as a call center solution for support teams. Using different call distribution settings, you will never miss a customer support call ever. Give easy way to your customers to reach to relevant departments, allow them to remain in queue while waiting for an agent to come on the call or even given them an option to leave voicemails. Apart from basic contact center software solution, JustCall also provides other useful tools like Bulk SMS Campaigns, SMS Bots, Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer, Dynamic Number Insertion, etc. .

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RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center is an omnichannel solution that lets customers choose their preferred method of communicating with your company, including voice, chat, social media, SMS, email, and more. Intelligent IVR and self-service options—tightly integrated with smart routing functionality—help customers connect more quickly to the agent who can best handle their needs. Industry-leading tools help you optimize staff scheduling, improve call-center efficiencies, survey customers, and more. Plus, RingCentral Contact Center works seamlessly with Salesforce® and other popular CRM platforms. .

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Ozonetel CloudAgent

Ozonetel offers a highly adaptable cloud contact center solution for customer-first companies of all sizes. Ozonetel’s all-in-one enterprise-grade call center software combines cutting-edge power dialers, dialer APIs, a user-friendly IVR system, and integrated AI for smarter operations. Alongside an extensive suite of native capabilities that typically helps reduce call center operating costs by 50%, Ozonetel’s cloud telephony solution enables omnichannel routing across voice, chat, text messages, email, WhatsApp & more. You can run the entire call center from one platform with total end-to-end visibility, advanced call management, and control over the entire customer journey. Ozonetel’s open API architecture allows deep CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) integrations with ample scope for out-of-the-box innovation. Ozonetel owns the full technology stack and offers: 1- Inbound call center software, outbound call center software, blended call center software. 2- Award-winning auto-dialers, power dialers, predictive dialers to boost outbound sales & callbacks. 3- Deploy self-service IVR systems with a no coding, drag & drop interface. 4- Readymade call pops within Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Freshdesk, Freshsales, Zoho, and more. 5- 70+ call center reports & actionable analytics to make informed strategic decisions. 6- Open APIs to build custom logic as per your business needs. Trusted by Uber, Zomato, Enterprise Capital, HDFC Bank, PizzaNova, Sugar Plum, RPA energy, Trilogy, Greene County Ohio, and 2500+ companies worldwide, Ozonetel has points of presence in 160 countries and ensures 99.99% uptime, 24×7 white glove support, and dedicated account manager for every customer account. .

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Vonage Contact Center

Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce is #1 for Salesforce AppExchange user reviews, with a 4.9/5 Salesforce AppExchange rating. The solution delivers unmatched Salesforce integration into routing, reporting, and the user experience for Service Cloud and Sales Cloud users. Voice and Salesforce digital channels are seamlessly blended to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels while reducing administrative complexity. Service excellence is delivered through all stages of pre-sales, onboarding, adoption and value realization. Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow enables businesses with contact centers that rely on customized agent, employee, and customer workflows to deliver great customer experiences and enhanced productivity. Vonage Contact Center integrates with ServiceNow’s enterprise-level Customer Service Management solution to deliver a powerful all-in-one unified platform. Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow provides agents with contextual and relevant data and workflows, allowing agents to better collaborate across their organizations and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Drive sales and provide world class customer service with the combined power of Vonage Contact Center and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Leverage your investments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to personalize the customer experience and provide a 360 degree view of the customer journey. The integrated cloud contact center solution enables organizations to drive external and internal customer satisfaction while providing agents exactly what they need to be productive all without leaving the app. With Vonage Contact Center for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can transform customer experiences into true customer loyalty. .

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What is the Best Auto Dialer Software?

Here are our top picks for the Best Auto Dialer Software to try this year.

How to Choose Best Auto Dialer Software?

The best auto dialer software for your business should have the features you need. Make a list of the features you need in your auto dialer and then choose a system based on those. For instance, if you have a phone line with just one person who handles calls, you probably don’t need a predictive or power dialer. It will waste both time and money. Instead, you should consider the number of employees you need to train and the number of calls you want to make in each campaign.

The cost of auto dialer software varies greatly, and you should always consider how much your business will grow before purchasing. For example, you may be able to buy the cheapest packages if you haven’t grown very much. However, if your business is expected to grow soon, you should go for the most advanced features. Otherwise, it will be more expensive. If your sales team will be working for a small business, you can opt for a package with the least features.

The cost of auto dialer software depends on the features and price. The cheaper packages are good if you don’t intend to grow your business very quickly. But if you plan to grow your business, you should go for a more expensive package with advanced features. Ultimately, it is your business’s success that will decide which auto dialer software is right for you. So, how do you choose the best auto dialer for your needs?

The price of auto dialer software varies. You need to decide how much you want to invest to scale your business. While you may be able to afford the lower-priced packages if your business does not grow rapidly, you might not need the more advanced features. The best auto dialer for your business will offer an affordable price and great features. The best auto dialer software can help you grow your business quickly and efficiently.

The best auto dialer software is compatible with your CRM. Ideally, your auto dialer should be compatible with your CRM. This will help you to use the program efficiently and save time. While a free trial plan may be enough for your business, premium versions will have more features and cost more. The cost of a premium plan will depend on how many agents you will need the product. If you are planning to use the auto dialer for your company, you should consider the features offered by the software.

First, choose the best auto dialer software for your business. Try the features of the auto dialer. Most of them will integrate with your CRM. It is important to look for an auto dialer that is compatible with your CRM. You should make sure that it can sync with your CRM. Secondly, choose an auto dialer that can integrate with your CRM. If you don’t have CRM, you should use a cloud-based option.

You can find the best auto dialer software for your business based on its features. Nextiva is the best option for most businesses. PhoneBurner is a popular choice for remote teams. RingCentral is an excellent choice for larger organizations. This auto dialer software is easy to use and provides you with the necessary data to grow your business. You can choose the best one that is compatible with your requirements. So, make sure to look for software that is easy to use.

Choosing the best auto dialer software for your business depends on your company’s needs. Some companies are just getting started and don’t need advanced features. While some companies will only require a basic auto dialer, others will need more sophisticated features. For example, some companies may need to contact more leads and keep in touch with their prospects over several months or even years. In these cases, the best auto dialer is one that can help you with both tasks.

While the quality of the auto dialer software is essential for your business, you should also consider the price. It is not only important for your business’s bottom line. The price should be affordable as well. You need to consider whether you need advanced features in your auto dialer. There are some other factors that should be taken into consideration. A good auto dialer is more flexible than a basic one. The best option will meet all your business needs.

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What Is Auto Dialer Software?

Auto dialer software is a computer program that automatically dials phone numbers. It is often used by telemarketers and others to contact large groups of people.

Are There Any Free Auto Dialer Software?

I am looking for a free auto dialer software that can be used with a landline. I need to call a lot of people and I don’t have a cell phone. I have a landline and I would like to use a free auto dialer software to make the calls.

Is Auto Dialer Software Easy To Learn?

Auto dialer software is easy to learn. It’s a program that you can use to make outgoing phone calls to your list of contacts. You can set up the software to call your contacts at the same time, or for it to call them one at a time.

Is Auto Dialer Software Worth It?

Auto Dialer Software is a great way to increase your sales and revenue. You can use the software to automatically call people and have a pre-recorded message played to them. You can then go into the software and see who has called in and what they have said.

What Can Auto Dialer Software Do?

Auto dialer software can be used to make phone calls automatically to your customers, prospects, and other people who you would like to speak with. This software can be a very helpful tool for a business to use. It can be used for a variety of purposes including for marketing, customer service, and sales.

How To Use Auto Dialer Software Effectively?

The auto dialer software is a great tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, the auto dialer software can be used to call a company to request a service. It can also be used to call a company to inquire about a product.

I know you want to use Auto Dialer Software, thus we made this list of best Auto Dialer Software. We also wrote about how to learn Auto Dialer Software and how to install Auto Dialer Software. Recently we wrote how to uninstall Auto Dialer Software for newbie users. Don’t forgot to check latest Auto Dialer statistics of 2023.

Why Auto Dialer Software Are So Important

Auto dialer software, in its simplest form, is an electronic apparatus that dials a programmed list of telephone numbers automatically. It eliminates the manual process of dialing phone numbers and waiting for the connection, significantly reducing the time and effort required to make numerous calls in a day. With just a few simple clicks, businesses can initiate personalized conversations, launch marketing campaigns, and even conduct surveys or customer service calls on a large scale.

There are a myriad of reasons why auto dialer software has become an indispensable component for businesses across the globe. First and foremost, it enhances productivity and efficiency. The automated nature of this tool allows sales and marketing teams to make significantly more calls in less time, consequently expanding their outreach exponentially. This increased productivity lets businesses carry out highly targeted campaigns and reach a larger audience in a more refined and precise manner.

Additionally, auto dialer software often comes equipped with various features that further bolsters its usefulness. For example, it can incorporate smart algorithms to determine the best times to call potential clients based on tracked data, consequently optimizing call success rates. This means that sales representatives do not waste valuable hours only to reach voice recordings or unanswered calls, but rather connect with potential customers at the most opportune moments. Consequently, businesses reduce operating costs by conserving both time and energy.

Moreover, this innovative software aids companies in improving their bottom line. As organizations continuously strive to level up their sales strategies, seamlessly integrating auto dialer software with their customer relationship management (CRM) systems allows for greater lead management. Detailed call logs, recordings, and customer data are all automatically captured and logged, providing businesses with valuable insights into clients’ preferences, behaviors, and needs. Armed with such information, sales teams can undoubtedly tailor their pitches and offerings, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, increased conversions, and ultimately, higher revenue.

Apart from its direct advantages in sales and marketing, auto dialer software indirectly contributes to creating a positive business environment. By saving ample time on manual dialing and waiting for connections, sales teams can focus on other crucial tasks – nurturing client relationships, refining sales methodologies, and engaging in ongoing training. This not only boosts employee morale but also enhances the organization’s reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider.

In conclusion, auto dialer software has proven to be an invaluable tool for modern businesses looking to enhance their communication and outreach efforts. With its time-saving features and seamless integration with other sales and CRM systems, it empowers companies to reach more potential clients, personalize interactions, and make informed decisions. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is imperative for businesses to harness every available advantage. Those embracing auto dialer software are undoubtedly ahead of the game, poised to thrive in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best Auto Dialer Software is not a difficult task when you have all the details and requirements. Most of the above-mentioned Auto Dialer Software have impressive and user-friendly features.

Now, it is up to you which software you’d pick up that meets your requirements.

Consider the effectiveness and efficiency of each Auto Dialer Software, including the features and capabilities. You must also evaluate your objectives, required functions, and budget before choosing the right Auto Dialer Software of September 2023. See which will give a great deal.

If you still have questions about choosing the best Auto Dialer Software, leave a comment below. I’d love to assist you.

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