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Are you looking to add Document Scanning to your arsenal of tools? Maybe for your business or personal use only, whatever it is – it’s always a good idea to know more about the most important Document Scanning statistics of 2024.

My team and I scanned the entire web and collected all the most useful Document Scanning stats on this page. You don’t need to check any other resource on the web for any Document Scanning statistics. All are here only 🙂

How much of an impact will Document Scanning have on your day-to-day? or the day-to-day of your business? Should you invest in Document Scanning? We will answer all your Document Scanning related questions here.

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Best Document Scanning Statistics

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Document Scanning Usage Statistics

  • Around 29% of large enterprises and 37% of SMBs slightly used higher cloud usage services than planned because of COVID. [0]

Document Scanning Market Statistics

  • From 2019 to 2025, the global market for document management software systems is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13%. [0]
  • The global file sharing software market size is projected to grow at 24.8% CAGR from 2017 to 2024. [0]
  • The global document scanning services market was valued at US$ 2,852.8 Mn in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% between 2021 and 2028. [1]

Document Scanning Software Statistics

  • From 2019 to 2025, the global market for document management software systems is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13%. [0]
  • The global file sharing software market size is projected to grow at 24.8% CAGR from 2017 to 2024. [0]
  • 82% of employees welcome the idea of having an automated software solution to name and tag office documents. [0]
  • About 43% are moving from on premise software to SaaS and 61% are migrating more workloads to the cloud. [0]
  • Document management software can result in a 40% document. [0]
  • In 2020, around 54% of organizations have mostly on premise software deployment with some cloud services on the side. [0]
  • In 2020, only 9% of businesses have their software and computing needs all on the cloud. [0]
  • This software can process difficultto recognize, handwritten Chinese names at an accuracy exceeding an amazing 99.4%. [2]

Document Scanning Adoption Statistics

  • 88% of IT executives agree that compliance is the biggest obstacle to increasing cloud adoption in their firms. [0]

Document Scanning Latest Statistics

  • From 2015 to 2019, the world has seen more than 45% growth of online users worldwide from 2 billion people to more than 4.4 billion. [0]
  • This is 75% of the projected world population. [0]
  • 81% of employees raised the need for mobile access to company documents. [0]
  • 92% of employees review and collaborate on documents via email. [0]
  • 88% of office workers cited the need for a dependable, unified search platform that would help them do their jobs better. [0]
  • 95% of business information documentation is still paper. [0]
  • Workers spend an average of 50% of their time creating and preparing documents. [0]
  • 83% of employees must recreate existing documents since they can’t find them in their company network. [0]
  • Document Management Challenges Document issues account for more than 21% of daily productivity loss. [0]
  • 65% of staff experience challenges when checking and approving office documents. [0]
  • 86% of employees say that they usually experience difficulty searching for office files when they need to. [0]
  • 74% of employees can’t electronically sign documents using a mobile device. [0]
  • 46% of employees say it’s time consuming and challenging to find the documents they need. [0]
  • 64% of employees experience difficulty and consume considerable time finding office documents using a mobile device. [0]
  • As much as 83% of workers struggle with version issues daily. [0]
  • E signatures provide up to 83% productivity enhancement in obtaining approvals and 86% savings in documentation expenses. [0]
  • The use of e signatures can cut turnaround time by around 80%. [0]
  • 45% of companies say that it takes over a week to get a contract signed. [0]
  • In the finance industry, using electronic signatures will allow companies to hamper file mishandling by 66% and lessen scanning mistakes by 92%. [0]
  • As much as 75% of large organizations do not have PDF editors. [0]
  • 72% of leading businesses say that the use of e signatures boosted their customer renewal rates. [0]
  • After adopting esignature and other digital technologies, companies can gain 70%. [0]
  • 41% of sales organizations that use e signatures say they can minimize proposal error rates. [0]
  • Among electronic signature business users, 81% of businesses that use esignatures achieve ROI in one 12. [0]
  • Users of esignature report closing 17% more deals than non. [0]
  • Businesses that adopt esignature say that they gain 41% stronger yearonyear revenue growth than non. [0]
  • 92% of knowledge workers still use traditional document collaboration practices. [0]
  • As much as 7.5% of all paper documents get lost. [0]
  • 83% of today’s workforce waste time due to document versioning issues daily. [0]
  • 77% of business owners want to access files remotely. [0]
  • 47% of enterprises migrate to cloud to mainly due to achieve cost optimization. [0]
  • By 2021, cloud data centers will process 94% of overall global business workloads–most of which relate to document processing. [0]
  • 75% of all cloud computing and workloads will be using SaaS apps by 2021. [0]
  • The current organizational spending on public cloud is, on average, 23% over budget. [0]
  • In the next 12 months, experts predict a 47% growth over current spending. [0]
  • Almost 80% of business owners would like the ability to access documents on the go. [0]
  • Around 48% percent of businesses are progressing into a cloud. [0]
  • Over five years, investment in document management results in a 404% ROI. [0]
  • Administrative costs in healthcare in the US can reach up to 25% to 33% of total healthcare spending. [0]
  • Using document management solutions allow companies to reduce errors by up to 30%. [0]
  • File management systems enable a total of 10% decrease in overall document processing expenses. [0]
  • About 80% of enterprise and mission critical workloads will be done on the cloud in 2025. [0]
  • 69% of IT executives think cloud security regulations will change by 2020. [0]
  • Around 60% of organizations consider security as their biggest cloud migration challenge. [0]
  • In 2021, only 36% of businesses are expected to stay this way. [0]
  • Around 43% will likely have a mostlycloud deployment while 16% of businesses will have an all. [0]
  • 33% of IT decision makers predict that these changes will make compliance more expensive. [0]
  • Around the world, 70% of organizations hosting their data/workloads in the public cloud experienced a security incident; 66% of them leave back doors that are open to attackers. [0]
  • In the US, 68% of organizations were hit by a public cloud security incident; 75% of attacks exploited misconfigurations; 23% used stolen credentials. [0]
  • Around 44% of organizations stated that data loss and/or leakage is one of their top three security concerns. [0]
  • The top four public cloud security threats are misconfiguration of the cloud platform (68%), unauthorized cloud access (58%), insecure interfaces (52%), and the hijacking of accounts (50%). [0]
  • For the Average SMB, a Cost Savings of 36% Makes Cloud Migration. [0]
  • According to an American survey, a typical teacher uses anywhere from 25 75 pieces of paper every day. [3]
  • The SOI control unit releases the workgroup to the SOI edit unit either in boxes or on batch carts according to local procedures. Documents in the SOI. [4]
  • ReturnsCritical case returns are certain large corporation returns SOI samples at the 100 percent rate in which their absence from the Corporation Study would affect the final statistics. [4]
  • Attachments include the followingSchedule B1, Information on Partners Owning 50% or More of the PartnershipSchedule C , Additional Information for Schedule M. [4]
  • All returns selected through 201752February 16, 2018The total volume completely processed must be at least 99.7 percent of the volume selected through Cycle 201752. [4]
  • All returns selected through 201852February 8, 2019The total volume completely processed must be at least 99.7 percent of the volume selected through Cycle 201852. [4]
  • The projected percent change in employment from 2020 to 2030. [5]
  • The average growth rate for all occupations is 8 percent. [5]
  • The percent change of employment for each occupation from 2020 to 2030. [5]
  • Document Capture and Scanning Solutions More than 80% of business information is locked away in unstructured content paper documents, office files, forms, faxes, PDFs, emails, pictures, videos, and much more. [6]
  • Enter your email address and receive 15% off your first order and a promo code will be sent to your inbox. [7]

I know you want to use Document Scanning Software, thus we made this list of best Document Scanning Software. We also wrote about how to learn Document Scanning Software and how to install Document Scanning Software. Recently we wrote how to uninstall Document Scanning Software for newbie users. Don’t forgot to check latest Document Scanning statistics of 2024.


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How Useful is Document Scanning

One key advantage of document scanning lies in its ability to streamline and simplify administrative processes. By eliminating the need for physical document handling, individuals and organizations alike are able to save substantial amounts of time and effort. Critical information is readily accessible in digital format, enabling quick retrieval, effortless sharing, and easy collaboration. This newfound efficiency eliminates the hassles of searching through reams of paper or physical storage systems, enhancing productivity and enabling a smoother workflow.

Moreover, document scanning plays an instrumental role in ensuring the durability and preservation of important records. Traditional paper documents can be prone to degradation over time due to various factors such as exposure to environmental conditions, accidental damages, or loss. By capturing digital replicas of these documents, they can be safeguarded from potential risks and retained in their pristine state indefinitely. Furthermore, through the implementation of proper backup and data recovery solutions, the risk of irretrievable loss is significantly minimized.

The environmental benefits provided by document scanning are noteworthy as well. As the global emphasis on sustainability continues to grow, digitizing documents offers a means to reduce paper waste, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve natural resources. By opting for electronic storage and retrieval systems, organizations actively contribute to the preservation of forests, reduce energy consumption required in paper production, and limit office waste. The far-reaching environmental impact of document scanning thus aligns perfectly with the collective pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

Additionally, the accessibility and versatility of digital documents are integral in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. With information now easily transferrable and distributable, organizations can transcend physical barriers, enabling effective communication and coordination across geographical locations. Moreover, digital copies of documents can be encrypted and protected, ensuring their safety during transfer systems while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Lastly, document scanning lends itself to personalized document management. Digital tools and software facilitate the organization, categorization, and customization of electronic files, empowering individuals and businesses to efficiently process information according to their specific needs. From implementing OCR (optical character recognition) technology for extracting crucial data from scanned documents to utilizing search functions for smarter information retrieval, the digital realm offers enhanced control, precision, and flexibility.

In conclusion, the usefulness of document scanning cannot be understated. From increased efficiency and productivity to improved accessibility and security, the benefits it brings are vast and far-reaching. Moreover, its positive environmental impacts align with our collective goals of sustainability. As our society continues to advance digitally, document scanning emerges as an invaluable tool that empowers us to revolutionize our approach to information management and archiving.

In Conclusion

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