Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Statistics 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking to add Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to your arsenal of tools? Maybe for your business or personal use only, whatever it is – it’s always a good idea to know more about the most important Electronic Data Capture (EDC) statistics of 2023.

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Best Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Statistics

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Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Market Statistics

  • Over the last decade the use of EDC in clinical trials has become more prominent, with the global EDC systems market estimated to reach a value of almost €935 million by 2025[1]. [0]
  • According to this Electronic Data Capture Systems Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report β€œThe global Electronic Data Capture systems market size was valued at USD 349.8 million in 2016. [1]

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Adoption Statistics

  • A systematic review of EDC adoption surveys conducted up to 2007 concluded that only 20% of trials are using EDC systems, but previous surveys had weaknesses. [2]

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Latest Statistics

  • Due to regulatory requirements EDC systems for interventional trials must undergo a validation process according to regulations for electronic data capture in clinical trials [12] like Good Clinical Practice. [3]
  • We had a 78.2% response rate for the survey. [2]
  • It is estimated that 41% (95% CI 37.5% 44%). [2]
  • On average it has been proven that EDC cuts 41% of pre. [0]
  • It has been reported that switching to EDC saves on average 30% of the time it takes to conduct a clinical trial[2]. [0]
  • “Industry Research Shows 97% of Companies to Increase Use of Realworld Patient Data for More Accurate Decision. [4]
  • The statistics published by the Center for Study of Drug Development states that more than 80% of clinical trials failed as they are unable to meet regulatory requirements, which resulted in delayed drug commercialization. [1]
  • More than 75 percent of clinical trials are held with the EDC system. [5]
  • Roughly half of the responses indicated a favorable view of Medidata, while more than 30% of feedbacks favored Inform. [6]
  • Among 93 responses, there were 44 positive responses for Inform, which is nearly 50%. [6]
  • our typical database build by 50%… [7]
  • Such audits do not assess the percentage of correct data; rather, they identify additional errors introduced during data processing [14]. [8]
  • The first sourceto database audit at each site occurred at a point when 20%–30% of the expected subjects were enrolled. [8]
  • The second audit was performed at 70%–80% of expected enrollment. [8]
  • Assuming a 95% CI, where npi>5, the CI can be calculated from the following equations [. [8]
  • ZΞ± is 1.645 (the one sided alpha level associated with 95% of the normal Z). [8]
  • Further, in Formula 2, pj is the error at site or time j of size nj to be compared to some other error rate pj with sample size nj, and ZΞ±/2 is 1.96 (the two sided alpha level associated with 95% of the normal Z). [8]
  • As shown in Figure 2, for a set of baseline error rates and assumed differences, the sample size required to distinguish groups quickly becomes large at 80% power. [8]
  • For example, if the error rate is 30/10,000 in one site, and the error rate in the second site is triple , then at 80% power , we would require 2900 fields per group. [8]
  • An additional 3500 fields were audited when approximately 70%–80% of expected enrollment was achieved, providing a statistically representative sample at each site across two time points. [8]
  • The first sourceto database audit was performed when 20%–30% of expected subject enrollment was reached; the second database audit was performed when 70%–80% of expected enrollment was reached. [8]
  • We identified 139 errors, yielding an estimated error rate of 428 errors per 10,000 fields, comparable to the published literature for sourceto. [8]
  • Under the revised plan, an initial sourceto database audit would be performed for each site upon reaching 20%–30% of expected enrollment. [8]
  • If the error rate of sourceto database audits for a given site was outside the bounds of the 95% CI calculated over all audits on the trial, that site’s data quality was deemed to differ sufficiently to warrant further investigation and intervention. [8]
  • Setting an acceptance criterion is unnecessary from a statistical point of view, given that 95% CIs could be used. [8]
  • Operationally, the initial 3500 field sample size allowed for a half day on site, but the requirement to complete the audit at 20%–30% of enrollment at each site did not permit trips to be combined. [8]
  • The benchmark of 20% enrollment was selected to ensure that sufficient data were available for sourceto database audits, but that the amount would be too large for sites to β€œscrub” the first few cases. [8]

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How Useful is Electronic Data Capture

One of the most significant advantages of EDC is that it eliminates the use of paper-based forms, streamlining the data collection process and minimizing the risk of human error. This shift from manual data entry to digital platforms not only saves time but also enhances data quality by reducing transcription mistakes. Researchers, healthcare professionals, and businesses can now focus more on analyzing data rather than dealing with the arduous task of data entry, enabling faster decision-making and improving overall productivity.

Furthermore, electronic data capture offers real-time data accessibility, making it easier for multiple stakeholders to have timely access to vital information. This improved data flow leads to enhanced collaboration and communication. Researchers conducting clinical trials can now share data seamlessly across different sites, ensuring studies remain on track and facilitating early identification and resolution of any issues. In the healthcare sector, electronic data capture enables healthcare providers to access patient records instantly, aiding in accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

The flexibility of EDC systems is another notable advantage. These systems can be tailored to various research objectives or organizational needs, allowing for customization to specific requirements. They can incorporate complex data validation rules, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. Real-time data verification and dynamic monitoring can assist in identifying outliers and inconsistencies, mitigating potential biases and errors.

Cost-effectiveness is also a significant benefit of electronic data capture. While the initial investment may seem high, subsequent savings in terms of reduced paper usage, elimination of manual transcription, and improved efficiency quickly offset the initial expenses. Additionally, the ability to manage and store data digitally not only saves physical space but also cuts down on costs associated with storage and retrieval of paper-based records.

Despite these considerable advantages, some concerns surround the adoption of electronic data capture. Security stands out as a major issue. Transmitting, storing, and managing sensitive data electronically requires robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, or identity theft. Safeguarding data integrity and maintaining patient or participant privacy is of utmost importance, necessitating stringent technological solutions and strict compliance with data protection regulations.

It is also important to acknowledge that implementing and mastering an electronic data capture system requires staff training and adequate technical support. The transition from a paper-based to a digital data collection process may pose unexpected challenges if not managed carefully. Technical issues, such as system malfunctions or connectivity problems, can hinder the smooth execution of EDC, affecting data collection and accuracy.

In conclusion, electronic data capture offers substantial benefits in terms of eliminating paper-based processes, enhancing data quality, promoting collaboration, and driving cost savings. However, maximizing its utility calls for robust security protocols, ongoing technological support, and careful management of the transition process. Only through a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and limitations can electronic data capture pave the way for efficient, insightful, and informed decision-making in a wide range of industries.

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