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Best Real Estate Virtual Tour Statistics

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Real Estate Virtual Tour Market Statistics

  • According to a Redfin survey of more than 1,900 home buyers across 32 major real estate markets, 63% made an offer on a property that they hadn’t seen in person. [0]
  • Video Marketing Statistics showed that 86% of all businesses used video marketing as a growth tool — an 85% increase over the past year. [1]
  • 73% of homeowners would be more likely to list with a realtor who uses video to market their home. [2]
  • Realtor Century 21 saw a 20% increase in sales after they implemented a video marketing campaign. [2]
  • Century 21% saw an increase in home sales of 20% after running a video marketing campaign on social media sites including Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. [2]
  • This is why houses with professional images get 61% more views and sell faster even with only a few days on the market. [3]
  • Selling properties faster requires you to provide accurate depictions of a home or space, which is why 69.8% who use professional photography believe that doing so decreases days on the market. [3]

Real Estate Virtual Tour Latest Statistics

  • A record high 97 percent of buyers searched for a new home online last year, an increase from 93 percent the year before. [0]
  • According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2020, virtual tours soared up 750% in the month after COVID stay home orders went into effect across the U.S. and continued to remain twice as high as the previous year through late November. [0]
  • statistics report that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than home listings without tours and that 54% of buyers skip over listings of properties that don’t include virtual tours. [0]
  • The percentage of buyers who bought a home without seeing it in person has almost doubled, up to 5 percent in 2020 from 3 percent before the pandemic. [0]
  • Today’s industry experts agree that virtual tours help reduce both agent and home buyer time spent in wasted viewings by about 40%. [0]
  • And a Planet Home study found that 75% of home buyers consider a virtual tour to be a significant factor in their decision. [0]
  • professor Pant said Pant’s team found that homes with virtual tours sold about 6% faster and sold for 3% more compared to similar listings without virtual tours. [0]
  • Customers aged18 to 34are130%more likely to book a place if there is a virtual tour. [4]
  • 50%of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours in their research and decision. [4]
  • 67%of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours. [4]
  • Businesses that offer virtual tours enjoy increased bookings and lookto book conversion ratios by 16% to 67%. [4]
  • Among survey participants, 67% would like to see more virtual tour opportunities. [4]
  • 26% are indifferent, and only 7% feel that virtual tours were not necessary. [4]
  • Additionally, stats about Google reveal that businesses with Google virtual tours have a 16% higher chance of appearing in Google Search or Google Maps. [4]
  • What’s more 83% of these companies claim to have a more competitive edge, and 74% claim to win more listings after employing Matterport. [4]
  • In fact, map listings that have a Google virtual tour see a 12% increase in engagement. [4]
  • In fact, 54% of these buyers will not even look at a property unless it offers virtual images. [4]
  • Good quality real estate pictures are everything when it comes to real estate listings, as 89% of people find them very useful together, with 85% who prefer detailed property information. [4]
  • Real estate photography statistics show that 80.2% of participants say a listing’s front picture is more influential. [4]
  • Real estate 360 virtual tour statistics reveal that 75% of customer decision making is affected by a virtual tour. [4]
  • After travel companies, the automotive industry also publishes a lot of 360 posts, as there were 54% of company pages with 360 tours. [4]
  • On the other hand The fashion and beauty industry only had 10% of posts consisting of 360 posts. [4]
  • At the forefront of this are Millennials, as 99% of them use the internet for their research. [4]
  • Among them, 89% of customers found photos very useful, whereas 50% preferred virtual tours. [4]
  • Accordingly to Google, majority of people want virtual tours today, with 67% of surveyed participants saying they want a virtual tour when looking at a listing. [5]
  • It’s no surprise that more than 80% of online shoppers want to see visuals of a property they are considering before they make a purchase. [6]
  • Having a ”above and beyond” mentality will definitly help your convert rate According to a study, listings with a virtual tour get a significant 87% more views than those without 3D virtual tours. [6]
  • According to Freddie Mac, the 30 year fixed mortgage rate fell slightly to 5.10% from 5.11%. [7]
  • The economy contracted 1.4% in the first quarter of 2024 as consumers cut back on essential spending. [7]
  • Pending Home Sales Decline 1.2% in March 2024 March 2024’s pending home sales pace decreased 1.2% last month and dropped 8.2% from a year ago. [7]
  • In March 2024, pending home sales were down 1.2% monthover. [7]
  • Monthover month, contract signings increased in the Northeast and fell in the other three regions of the U.S. Commercial Cap Rates Likely to Keep Compressing in 2024. [7]
  • Rising interest rates are likely to put some upward pressure on cap rates in 2024. [7]
  • Home Price Index Accelerates to 19.8% in 2024. [7]
  • Home prices rose at a surprising, accelerated pace of 19.8% yearover year in the past three months as of 2024. [7]
  • 5.64 millionexisting homeswere sold in 2020, according to data from the National Association of REALTORS®. [8]
  • 822,000newly constructedhomes were sold in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. [8]
  • There are approximately 119.7 million occupied housing units in the United States, according to the2018 American Community Survey. [8]
  • According to the2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the typical home seller has been in their home for 8 years. [8]
  • In 2019, 64.9% of families owned their primary residence, according to the Federal Reserve’sSurvey of Consumer Finances. [8]
  • Monthly Membership Report and NAR Membership Statistics, 1908 present 68% percent of REALTORS® are licensed as sales agents, 20% hold broker licenses, and 13% hold broker associate licenses. [8]
  • 65% of all REALTORS® are female, and the median age of all REALTORS® is 52. [8]
  • 29%Bachelor’s degree 32%Graduate degree and above. [8]
  • 13%Associate degree 13%Some graduate school 6%High. [8]
  • ® affiliation with firmsIndependent contractor 88%Employee. [8]
  • ® most often prefer to communicate with their clients through text messaging, at 93%. [8]
  • Ninety percent preferred to communicate via telephone, and 89% through e. [8]
  • 70% of broker/broker associates and 69% of sales agents have a website. [8]
  • 81% of members have their own listings on their website, 69% have information about buying and selling, and 66% have a link to their firm’s website. [8]
  • 74% of REALTORS® use Facebook and 56% use LinkedIn for professional purposes. [8]
  • 20% of all members get 15% of their business from social media, and 10% get 6. [8]
  • Of the members that use drones in their real estate business of office, 36% hire a professional, 14% have someone in their office that uses drones, and 6% personally use drones. [8]
  • 34%Median age of firsttime buyers 33Median age of repeat buyers 56Median household income of first time buyers $86,500Median household income of repeat buyers $112,500. [8]
  • Among those who financed their home purchase, buyers typically financed 87% of the home price. [8]
  • 87% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker—a share that has steadily increased from 69% in 2001. [8]
  • Buyers who would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others 75%. [8]
  • Internet 51%Real estate agent 28%Yard sign/open house sign 4%Friend, relative, or neighbor 6%Home builder or their agent. [8]
  • from sellers/Knew the sellers 3%Print newspaper advertisement 1% Source 2021 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. [8]
  • 90% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their home. [8]
  • Recent sellers typically sold their homes for 100% of the listing price, and 35% reported reducing the asking price at least once. [8]
  • 68% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family, and 53% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home. [8]
  • Sellers who definitely would use same agent again 90% Source 2021 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. [8]
  • FSBOs accounted for 7% of home sales in 2020. [8]
  • 34%Yard sign 26%Friends, relatives, or neighbors. [8]
  • 18%Social networking websites. [8]
  • Tours 3%Forsaleby owner websites 2%Print newspaper advertisement. [8]
  • 2021 home prices will end a stunning19.5%higher than those of 2020, once the numbers for 2021 are finalized, according to Zillow. [9]
  • This amazing rise is confirmed by the most recent House Price Index19%in July 2021 compared to the year before. [9]
  • And in one month alone, between June and July, prices rose 1.4%. [9]
  • Values in these states increased by a shocking25.6%. [9]
  • In 2024, home affordability likely will continue to be an issue for many potential owners. [9]
  • And since June 2021, the inventory of houses for sale has continued decreasing an average of20%per month. [9]
  • At least70%of buyers faced a bidding war in May 2021 – a significant increase from the 52% rate seen a year prior. [9]
  • According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage credit availability is increasing with a3.9%increase between July and August of 2021. [9]
  • For instance, did you know that28%of home seller. [9]
  • According to the National Association of Realtors 2021 Profile of. [9]
  • Home Staging,82%of buyer’s agents say staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home. [9]
  • 97%of home buyers used the internet to search for homes and expect to see quality photos. [9]
  • And85%of staged homes sold for 5% to 23% percent over list price when being staged. [9]
  • Virtual staging can reduce the cost of staging by up to97%. [9]
  • 2024 forecast calls for11%growth in home values. [9]
  • That’s less than the 19.5% rate projected for 2021. [9]
  • Although an expected 11% growth may be less than the pace of 2021, it would still be among the strongest yearly growth Zillow has tracked. [9]
  • Price growth is expected to slow, yet sales of existing homes in 2024 are still predicted to total 6.35 million. [9]
  • When compared to an estimated 6.12 million for 2021, not only is it an increase, but it would be the highest number of home sales in any year since 2006. [9]
  • Low inventories and the current supply chain obstacles in home construction will likely still be the case through 2024. [9]
  • According to our real estate photography survey, 74% of agents hire a professional real estate photographer on every listing. [1]
  • HomeJab’s nationwide survey found that 39% of real estate agents preferred video over 3D/360 tours, which is double the number of agents who preferred 3D/360 over video. [1]
  • In our survey, 74% of real estate agents said that they were interested in or already use photography depicting homes in a sunset/twilight setting. [1]
  • 40% of prospective buyers find virtual video tours to be very useful. [2]
  • Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not include video. [2]
  • Real estate listings with video receive 403% than those do not include a video. [2]
  • 51% of home shoppers rated YouTube as their top video research site. [2]
  • Brokerage websites with 41% and video from the organic Google results with 37% were the next most popular options. [2]
  • 24% of visitors are interested in the property>. [10]
  • Providing the characteristics along with photos and videos 37% of visitors are interested in the property>. [10]
  • Providing the characteristics along with photos and videos, completed by a 360 virtual tour Interest for the property climbs to 48%. [10]
  • Yet, this only represents 22% of actors involved in the sector!. [10]
  • Virtual tours increase online interactions by 600% and per agent calls by 200%> [10]
  • 50% of visitors spend over two minutes exploring virtual tours>. [10]
  • > 85% of people use the web to prepare their travel>. [10]
  • Hotels providing virtual tours are seen 87% more online than those without>. [10]
  • Tourism websites using virtual tours generate 50% more interaction than those only using photos> 75% of clients state that using virtual tours had a critical impact on their travel booking decisions. [10]
  • For starters, 68.9% of real estate agents believe professional photography helps them brand their business. [3]
  • Even with information easily accessible on the internet, an astonishing 90% of consumers hire a realtor to buy and sell their properties. [3]
  • 72.2% of realtors agree that high quality photography helps them win more listings. [3]
  • Houses with aerial footage and photographs sell 68% faster than those without visuals. [3]
  • However, only 35% of agents employ professional photographers. [3]
  • About 32% of homes with high quality photographs sell faster than those without visuals. [3]
  • According to IMOTO, 88.0% of realtors agree that professional photos help increase showings and online listing views. [3]
  • About 61.3% of brokers believe high quality photography is ‘crucial’, whereas 31.0% think it is ‘important’ in selling homes. [3]
  • only 15% of homes use highquality photography , and half of over $1 million properties use poor. [3]
  • Google searches about the process of buying a home soared 950%. [3]
  • Coincidentally, a report by the National Association of Real Estate Agents shows that 87% of homebuyers on the internet found images to be among the most useful features of listing websites when looking for new homes they might like. [3]
  • This is why viewers spend 60% of the time checking images and only 20% on the description. [3]
  • Moreover, 80.2% believe the front photo is the most important picture in the shoot. [3]
  • The homes we’ve listed with digital showings are selling significantly faster than those with out Engagement via social media with tours prior to listing has increased over 700%. [11]
  • While it may not be 100% practical yet, it sure is a great way to get people to remember you. [11]
  • For each home sale 60% of the sales process is completed online and 90% of the home search is conducted online making it the predominate way that people are interacting with real estate listings. [11]
  • 43% of all buyers found the home they bought online. [11]
  • According to a 2012 study by Google and NAR new home buyers place emphasis on virtual tours. [11]
  • An additional 2014 study by Properties Online Inc. states the four most useful tools, according to buyers, when searching for properties are as follows. [11]

I know you want to use Real Estate Virtual Tour Software, thus we made this list of best Real Estate Virtual Tour Software. We also wrote about how to learn Real Estate Virtual Tour Software and how to install Real Estate Virtual Tour Software. Recently we wrote how to uninstall Real Estate Virtual Tour Software for newbie users. Don’t forgot to check latest Real Estate Virtual Tour statistics of 2024.


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How Useful is Real Estate Virtual Tour

One of the most significant benefits of a virtual tour is the convenience it offers both buyers and sellers. In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence, and the ability to view a property online can save valuable time for all parties involved. For buyers, virtual tours provide a more accurate representation of the property compared to static images, allowing them to get a better sense of the layout and flow of the space. This can help potential buyers narrow down their choices and streamline the viewing process.

Sellers also benefit from virtual tours, as they can showcase their property in the best possible light without the hassle of multiple in-person showings. This can be especially advantageous for sellers who are looking to attract out-of-town buyers or those who may have limited availability for in-person showings.

Another advantage of virtual tours is the ability to reach a broader audience. In today’s digital world, the majority of buyers begin their property search online, making it imperative for sellers to have a strong online presence. Virtual tours can help a property stand out among the competition and attract more interest from potential buyers who may not have otherwise considered the property.

Furthermore, virtual tours can help reduce the number of wasted showings. By providing a comprehensive online experience, virtual tours can help weed out less interested buyers, saving both sellers and agents valuable time and resources. This can lead to a more efficient and effective homebuying process for all parties involved.

In addition to saving time and reaching a broader audience, virtual tours can also provide a more immersive and engaging experience for potential buyers. By allowing buyers to virtually walk through a property, they can get a better sense of the scale and layout of the space, helping them to envision themselves living in the property. This can create a stronger emotional connection with the property, making it more likely for buyers to make an offer.

Overall, real estate virtual tours have proven to be a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers in today’s competitive market. The convenience, efficiency, and engaging nature of virtual tours make them a useful tool for showcasing properties and attracting potential buyers. As technology continues to advance, virtual tours are likely to become an essential component of the real estate industry, revolutionizing the way properties are marketed and sold.

In Conclusion

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