How to Use Officer Field Training Software

There are several programs available for police training, and the S&S Software Officer Field Training Program is a great example. The program is similar to those offered by other companies, but was designed by Sammon to help police departments weed out inexperienced trainees, avoiding liability problems. The software features standardized formatting and reporting, including a 31-question daily observation report and seven-point numerical rating scale based on the San Jose FTO Model. It is available in a Web-based version.

This software can cover a variety of evaluation processes and content. The software allows training officers to complete forms and reports in a systematic way. It also allows police departments to load the software onto a mobile data terminal. Officers can also use it on their laptops. Many of these software applications can be loaded on a mobile data terminal. They also share common components, such as daily journaling, neighborhood portfolio exercises, training reports, and mid-term evaluation reports.

ADORE provides a bi-weekly supervisor’s report, an end-of-phase report, and unlimited narrative reports. Additional features allow police departments to customize evaluation categories and keep track of training time. The software comes in both a PC and web version, and was created by former Rockland, Mass. police department trainer Steve Sammon. This training software is ideal for law enforcement departments who want to automate the process.

LEAPS is a fully-automated computer training program that incorporates the training structure and forms used by law enforcement agencies. LEAPS is paperless and accessible from any internet-enabled device, making it easy to document training and track officer performance. In addition to saving time, LEAPS also allows administrators and command staff to keep track of training progress and ensure all training requirements are completed on time. This way, no one else has to make the same mistakes that you did.

S&S has created an FTO software program that eases the transition from academy to post-academy training. New recruits can enter a program directly from the academy, and it is broken up into three five-week phases. Each phase includes daily observation reports that can be exported to the director of the FTO program. The software also makes document creation and exchange much easier. Further, it eliminates the need for paper-based reports that are difficult to read.

Dom Gamboa, author of the program, spent over 35 years in law enforcement, and is currently a Reserve Police Officer at the Santa Clara Police Department. He is a veteran instructor and author. His company, Police Leadership Resources LLC, offers leadership training to law enforcement agencies. He has also served as a Special Consultant to the California Commission on POST. His experience and command of learner learning styles have earned him a reputation as an expert instructor.

The future of FTO training programs will be based on proficiency-based simulations. To do so, departments will have to create scenarios and creatively use their programs. Perhaps one day, officers will be able to interact with a virtual world such as the Holo-Deck, which was featured on the Star Trek – The Next Generation television series. These technologies are becoming the “Nintend Generation” of police officers.

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