How to Host Your First Webinar in 2020 – Step by Step Guide


How to host a Webinar? This is one of the questions of anyone who is interested to have it. Webinar as Digital Marketing is here to stay. What is happening now in this world, there is no denying that all activities are done through online events. Individuals easily can connect viewers across the world with just one click.

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In Webinar platform, worrying about time zone, this global pandemic, and logistical inconvenience is no more than just a dream. The webinar shows the power of living in a digital world.

Hosting a Webinar

Hosting means communicating. From the farthest part of the world, down to the deepest, just sit in front of Computer and Voila! Watch, listen, learn, and communicate with each other through chat or forums.

Live Conversation at webinars is: talk to the audience while comfortably sitting in front of the computers, tablet, or even cellphones. An essential tool for you is your desktop, which shows digital graphs, keynotes, and pictures. 

In ending your program, the suggestion is for you to send a recording in case someone missed the online meeting. For assessment, a quick survey will significantly help you to know and find your strengths and weaknesses for further improvements.

You must not miss to discover how to cite a webinar in APA so you can choose the best webinar software for you. However, if you want, you may try using free webinars to experience it first before choosing which you will use for your business or any discussions online.

The Why in Hosting 

Conducting a meeting or gathering people in this time of pandemic is quite impossible. But thanks to the digital technology converging people is easy as 1-2-3. Through hosting a webinar, the impossible becomes possible. Here are several reasons why Webinar has become an effective way of communication:

  1. Remarkable Value Delivered – face to face meeting is quite an expensive one, whether a corporate or business conference, assemblies, or even seminar the costing considered first. 
  2. Allows you to be an Expert in your field – Webinar will enable you to share informative Value with a captive audience. Engagingly delivering information and proper way makes you be an expert in your area.
  3. Higher Sales Less Work – Meetings with webinars make sales to skyrocket with less effort. Soft selling for participants in this platform, all are taking part from a location most convenient to them. 
  4. Breaks Geographical Barriers – permits you to communicate with many people around the globe. Partakers can sit down in the comfort of the home while watching and listening to the program. 

 Breaking the Why in Hosting a Webinar

  1. Make Audience More Engaged – the engaging audience is an essential factor in any gathering. Why? A webinar is a live event seen virtually by many, for it allows content delivered for audiences effectively.
  2. Set Out New Leads– This means that the program allows converting people to new customers. It is also built-in marketing for requesting information to offer tailored to the customer. Registration also leads to email addresses from the audience, which may serve as a tool to follow up.
  3. Guest and Presenters are Easy to Invite – Guest Presenters adds to your credibility, and the product you are promoting. Having a co-host allows you to reach more audience.
  4. More Return to Investments – Online meetings is much cheaper than a face to face meeting. Giving you the freedom to spend less makes you in a better position to make a positive return on investment.

How to Host a Webinar

Think and Choose

  1. Choose a Webinar platform

    Choosing the right Webinar will let you find one that works best for you.

  2. Find a Presenter and a Topic to Discuss

    Finding good presenter matters just like the topic—the expertise of the presenter’s gauge the authority in the field or help topic.

  3. Set Date and Time for Your Webinar

    Time matters and you have to consider the time zones and time difference.

  4. Create your Webinar Content

    Things needed to done in Webinar content are Script, Presentation, Registration Page, Emails, Social Media posts, Blog, Website Promotions. Make sure that content is always branded and matches your websites.

  5. Invite and Promote Possible Attendees

    For further reference.

Before running and hosting a Webinar :

  • Practice Run – Find 5 minutes before you run your Webinar for little details that need to attention
  • Studio Space Preparation – It is time to consider the background for the added personality of your Webinar. No Noise distraction.
  • Time to host your Webinar – You start your Webinar early for the final details. While you are on hosting, encourage the audience to participate. Find a way to catch their attention, and do not forget to record.
  • Analyze Results – Metrics such as the number of people who registered but did not attend as against the number who attended etc.
  • Make a Follow – Up after the hosting you have to attend to new email addresses and contacts to follow. 
group of people

Remember the following in doing so :

  •  Thank you for emails sent by you, especially to those who attended with the link attached to the recorded Webinar. Do not forget interesting related content like blog posts and e-books. One may find it helpful to them.
  • Measure their interest – Run a quick survey. Find out what they like and didn’t like about the Webinar. Asks for suggestions for topics they will be interested in the future.
  • Take note of the people who did not attend – put some attention to those who did not participate in it. Send them a link of the recorded hosting with a friendly message such as “sorry we missed you.”

And finally, think of the objective and goals of your hosting. Find useful and trusted people to help you engage with your job!!


How much does it cost to host a Webinar?

Costings to host a Webinar :
Laptop – $800, Webcam – $25, Microphone – $45, and a Presentation Creation Tool which you could get for free, for example, Canva.

What are the three pillars for successful Webinar hosting?

1. Create accurate and interesting content for webinars
2. Get ready to host the webinar at a perfect time – pick a user-friendly webinar
3. Start public speaking and upgrade it every day.

Can you participate with the speaker in a Webinar?

By default, the speaker won’t see you. But he/she can welcome you to get along with him/her on camera side by side and let you pose a question or say something.


While you host the Webinar, it’s an advantage that you could see the participants, but they won’t be able to see you. You need to engage in a deeper understanding on the presented material with the audience. While hosting, do not open any personal information screen. When you start sharing your screen for the presentation make sure you use it properly. Always give chances to the participants to allow questioning and listen to their responses.

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