How to Cite a Webinar APA: Every Important Detail for Easy Referencing

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As everyone knows, Webinar plays a considerable role in this ‘new normal’ gen set. Webinar as a platform is a form of Literature presented through the Internet for a particular event. A presentation can be considered original material, so citing or recognizing it is a must. Today, you are about to discover how to cite a Webinar APA format.

cite a webinar apa

Why is there a need for a citation? A form of recognition and information about your work called a citation, utilized in another Literature, presentation, or research. It is merely telling readers the information and location details of the content as a source. 

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APA Referencing Basics


APA (American Psychological Association), a complete guide enables referencing of any source easily. A clear, consistent, and correct referencing is important in citing the list of the original sources you have gathered. It ensures that you avoid plagiarism in your content and leaves you nothing to worry about.

Referencing also indicates the sources used and how your ideas expressed based on the research of others. In doing so, it should include two main parts: citation within the text and the lists of references at the end of the assigned tasks.

Creating References

References and in-text citations created for webpages and websites you want to gather specific information. In mentioning the webpage or website, provide the URL of the site. In-text citation and reference, entry is no longer needed for general mentions.

Referencing and How to Cite a Webinar APA

Referencing is vital in creating your webinar for the American Psychological Association style. To be able to do that, your work needs useful references to produce an effective tool. For one to create a reference entry, you need to use the following:

  • Last name of the author and the initial of the organization
  • The producer inside the parenthesis, the producer, and the author is the same.
  • The year of the publication
  •  Program name in italics
  • Description of the type of media (in bracket)
  • Retrieval of the information

More Specific Description on How to Cite a Webinar APA – In-text Citation

Specifically, the reference list entry is used for the webinars that are recorded and can be watched later. If you are not going to record it and present your content live, then in-text citation is the option for you.

Types of In-Text Citation:

  1. Narrative

In a narrative citation, you can quote any narration from the author. To do so, you have to name the author, date followed by the quote. The date refers here to the time/year when the author wrote the narrative. The source of the quote should also be mentioned.

  1. Parenthetical Citation

In parenthetical citation, date and source are needed to be mentioned while adding the quote. Unlike narrative, here the date must be inside the brackets after the name of the author. The bracket must be at the end of the quote.

Other Guidelines for Citation and Reference

did you know
  • Format of Author – in the cite, the author, should be an individual or individuals who delivered the Webinar. Almost always, a Webinar software offered by a government agency or organization in a slide with the presenters’ names.

If it is a group, write the name of the group in full as shown on the website, followed by a period or space.

  • Date – the date should follow specific guides such as:
    • Write the date as shown on the webpage or website (in parenthesis), followed by period and space. 
    • Use the last updated date in referencing, but 
    • The date of the last review should not use, for the reason that a report does not indicate the changed content.
    • Never use copyright year from a website footer in reference for the year to be used to a specific page on the site
    • If there is no date indicated, place “n.d.” (meaning “no date”) 
  • Title of Webinar – Should be written in Italics, sentence case immediately followed by a period and space.
  • Source – begin with the site name and end with the URL for the page. Pages with individual authors, site name should be written in title case and not in italics. Then followed by the URL co. (Do not write “Retrieved from”) before the URL.

When you are looking for information on how to cite a webinar, you will find plenty of options. The basic format of a citation is the author’s last name, followed by a comma. Then you’ll need to add a parenthetical citation, which should appear at the end of the sentence. You must include the last name of the author, a comma, and the year of publication.

Finally, when the elements are combined with reference and cite a Webinar in APA form will be an easy job for all. While a webinar recording will be easier for the presenters if the content is ready.


What is the basic format of references American Psychological Association in-page citation?

Author. (Date). Webinar Title. Organization name. https://URL

How to cite an online video in APA format?

[Username]. (Year, Month of posting the video). Title of video [Video File]. Retrieved from URL

Are titles of Webinars italicized?

The titles of Webinar series or episodes should be italicized and put in quotation marks.

How to cite a live chat in APA?

If you write about a discussion in the paper’s body, you should use the term “personal communication” and the date to either includes the name of the writer or put the whole quotation in brackets at the end of the expression.

How to cite an Author’s name in APA Format?

In APA citation style, you start with the name of the author. You list their name by writing their last name at first, followed by their first and middle name.


Accurate Citations issue appears when writers use very fewer or using a lot of citations. Sometimes using too much raw data rather to mix the data sources with their own informed analysis and comments can also be an issue. Besides citations and reference list entries, APA consist of other rules, like placing commas, numbers, capitalization, paper formatting, passive voice, and abbreviations. Ask us about types of sources,  References page citation, citation format, Citation Frequency, Citation Nuances or anything from the article. Ask us about types of sources,  References page citation, citation format, Citation Frequency, Citation Nuances or anything from the article. Ask us about Additional resources,  Process of writing,  Citation Frequency, Citation Nuances, citation reference Entries, Formal citation, Webinar layout, webinar marketing, Reference type/ common reference list or anything from the article.

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