How to Record a Webinar – Step by Step Guide

An alternative and cost-effective way of hosting in-person events are Webinars. They can also build an audience, generate leads, and your brand especially. In that way, it creates you and your company as a leading industry. Do you want to know webinar much better?

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A step by step guide on how to record a webinar is a great help. Your audience is very well informed and given a chance to analyze and decide on whatever product you are offering. Chances are your recorded webinar  gives you a chance to hear and review audience reaction, leads also is included

Hosting a webinar means knowing everything about it. From choosing what is best webinar software to use. However, you may get a free webinar software if you are just getting started. It is also vital to learn how to cite a webinar APA.

Why Record a Webinar?

For a business to flourish a businessman should reach millions of potential customers. The most accessible means by far is through the web, wherein you can reach people around the globe including social media sites.

Why record a Webinar? For the simple reason that it leaves a lasting impact while watching videos/webinars on the internet. So, a webinar presentation is the right platform for you. Professionals such as entrepreneurs, bloggers, teachers, software developers among others benefit from webinar presentations. 

Step by Step Guide to Record a Webinar

Surely, by now you know already the value of a webinar as your strategy in mobilizing your product. Here are some essential tips in recording a webinar:

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  1. A good platform with the features you need – attention should be given to features such as the ability to record your webinar, and that includes the ability to record.
  2. Plan, prepare, and practice – the topic, the content, the presentation deck needs proper planning. A good deal of time is also needed in preparing the script and practice.
  3. A good quality video – Audio is a very important element in any recording. A bad audio performance leaves a bad mouth on the audience of your presentation
  4. Takedown and entertain questions throughout the webinar – the questions make a presentation more engaging. It give real-time feedback for you and the audience feel it as a conversation and less of a boring lecture
  5. Consider choosing an engaging and capable Moderator or Host – the end result of a presentation lies mainly in the host/moderator. He plays roles in a webinar – as a participant, the panelist, and the host having the highest control over the webinar.
  6. Get to know the control panel and practice -familiarization with the basic in advance is the key.
  7. Practice using the record and options like live streaming – use the options given like opening on a live stream and various channels in addition to recording.

Pros of conducting a live stream :

Your live stream reaches more people than Facebook or YouTube. Viewers can comment on live and interact using an interface. This encourages more participation even the stream is over.

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Cons of conducting a live stream : 

Once you are on live streaming you have very little control. So it is not a very good idea to record and embed it on your website after the webinar.

  • Use a Video – to get to the times use a Video. It is an accepted trend nowadays. This strategy will enable you to connect in an authentic way to your audience.
  • Edit video- editing a video is not much necessary. All you need to do is to follow post-production work.
  • Sharing and hosting the recorded webinar – Sharing is more effective when you upload your Webinar on various platforms, but if you want to embed it in one spot depending on the goals of the webinar. Recording webinars is one advantageous way to effective content from your screens.


How can I record a Webinar without attending it?

By using a Screen Recorder you could easily record a Webinar without attending it. just schedule the recording task and on your absence, the recorder will start recording. The best screen recorder for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android is ApowerREC.

How can I record a GoToWebinar as an attendee?

As an attendee, you cannot record the Webinar on GoToWebinar. You can use an open-source screen recording tool.

What are the essential tips to share a recorded Webinar?

1. Choose a good Webinar platform, which consists of all the features you need.
2. Plan, Prepare, and Practice.
3. Make sure you have good audio quality.
4. Note down important points throughout the session.
5. Make sure your host is engaging with you.
6. Practice the control panel, so that you don’t disturb others if you come up with an audio problem.
7. Practice with the Live Streaming, incase the hosts wants to face you.
8. If you’re the Host, do not use the webcam whole time. Present your content by sharing your screen and focusing on the slides.
9. Edit your video properly. Trim out the long silences and create a thumbnail to grab attention.
10. Choose a proper channel and upload your video. If you want maximum reach, upload it on multiple channels. If you want to earn money, upload it to Wistia.


Recording a webinar is vital for a long-lasting effect which is useful for all professionals. You just have to compile a good presentation that many people will need in the near future.

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