How to Register a Trademark in Oklahoma (2024 Guide)

Register a Trademark in Oklahoma

If you want to start an LLC in Oklahoma, trademarks are necessary when it comes to forming it. A trademark is a symbol, word, phrase, logo, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services of one party from those of others. Registering a trademark is essential in protecting your brand and ensuring that your LLC stands out in the marketplace. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on Registering a Trademark in Oklahoma and discuss the importance of trademark protection for your business.

Webinarcare Editorial Team will help you register your trademark. You must be guided by all the factors gathered in this article.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a distinctive symbol, logo, word, phrase, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services of one business entity, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), from those of others. This vital business asset represents the reputation, quality, and brand value of a company in the competitive marketplace. Registering a trademark at the state level grants the owner exclusive rights to use the mark within the state’s jurisdiction and offers legal protection against infringement.

An example of a trademark is the iconic “Nike Swoosh” logo, which is a recognizable symbol representing the Nike Inc. brand. The swoosh, created in 1971 by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson, has since become synonymous with athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment sold by the company globally. Over time, the logo has acquired significant brand recognition and value. As a trademark, the Nike Swoosh legally protects the company from competitors attempting to use similar designs, ensuring the uniqueness and authenticity of Nike products in the market.

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It is better to understand how trademark works. However, it is still suggested that you speak with a legal professional before you begin registering your trademark after starting an LLC in Oklahoma.


Steps on How to Register a Trademark in Oklahoma

Registering a trademark is important in protecting your brand identity and preventing others from using it without your permission. Here are the steps to follow when registering a trademark:

Step 1: Conduct a Trademark Search

Before you invest time and resources in registering a trademark, ensuring that your desired mark is unique and does not infringe on existing trademarks is essential when starting a business in Oklahoma.

Your trademark should be distinctive and distinct from other trademarks in the market. It should not be generic or merely descriptive of the goods or services it represents—the more unique your trademark, the stronger its protection will offer. The USPTO maintains a database of registered trademarks and pending trademark applications called the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). Conduct a thorough search of TESS to determine if any existing trademarks could conflict with your desired mark.

In addition to the USPTO database, checking your state’s trademark database is essential. Visit the Oklahoma Trademark Search to access Oklahoma trademark database and search for potential conflicts.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Trademark Class

Trademarks are categorized into different classes based on the type of goods or services they represent. The United States and most other countries use the Nice Classification system, which divides trademarks into 45 classes.

nice classification

Registering your trademark requires identifying the class or classes that best represent your product or service. Remember that if your business, offers multiple goods or services spanning different classes, you may need to register your trademark in each relevant class.

Step 3: Prepare and File a Trademark Application

Once you have conducted a thorough trademark search and identified the appropriate class or classes for your trademark, you can proceed with the trademark application process in Oklahoma.

Gather Required Information and Documentation

Prepare the necessary information and documentation for your Oklahoma trademark application, including:

  • A clear representation of your trademark (e.g., a drawing, logo, or stylized text)
  • A detailed description of the goods or services your trademark represents
  • The date of first use of the trademark in commerce (if applicable)
  • Poof of use of the trademark in commerce (if applicable), such as product packaging, labels, or marketing materials

File a Trademark Application with the USPTO

To register your trademark at the federal level in Oklahoma, you must submit a trademark application to the USPTO. The application can be filed online using the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), which offers three different application forms with varying requirements.


Choose the form that best suits your needs and complete the required information, including:

  • A description of your trademark and the goods or services it represents
  • A clear image or drawing of your trademark, if applicable
  • The appropriate filing fee

For federal registration with the USPTO, the fees depend on the application form and the number of classes you are registering your trademark. Once your application is submitted, the USPTO will review it and may request additional information or clarification. Respond promptly to any requests to avoid delays in the registration process.

File Oklahoma Trademark Application

To register your trademark at the state level, you must file a separate application with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. In Oklahoma, the state trademark application fee costs around $50. 

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Step 4: Respond to Office Actions and Opposition

During the trademark registration process, you may encounter challenges in the form of office actions or opposition.

Office Actions

An office action is a formal communication from the USPTO or Oklahoma trademark examiner requesting additional information, clarification, or changes to your trademark application. If you receive an office action, you must respond within the specified time frame (usually six months for USPTO office actions) to avoid abandoning your application. Consider consulting a trademark attorney or agent to help you respond effectively to office actions.


After your trademark application is approved by the USPTO or Oklahoma trademark examiner, it will be published in the Official Gazette or a similar publication for a period of public opposition. During this time, third parties may file an opposition against your trademark application if they believe it conflicts with their existing trademark rights. If an opposition is filed, you may need to defend your trademark before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) or a similar state-level body. It’s advisable to seek legal representation if you face trademark opposition.

Step 5: Finalize the Trademark Registration

Suppose your trademark application passes the opposition period without any challenges. In that case, you will receive a Notice of Allowance (for intent-to-use applications) or a registration certificate (for use-based applications) from the USPTO or Oklahoma trademark office.

Statement of Use or Declaration of Use

If you filed an intent-to-use trademark application, you must submit a Statement of Use to the USPTO within six months of receiving the Notice of Allowance. This demonstrates that you are now using your trademark in commerce. You can request extensions of up to five additional six-month periods if you need more time to commence use.

Use the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) SOU form to file an SOU.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may be associated with finalizing your trademark registration, such as submitting a Statement of Use or requesting extensions of time. Review the USPTO or Oklahoma trademark office fee schedule and submit any required payments.

Step 6: Maintain and Renew Your Trademark

Once you have successfully registered your trademark, it’s crucial to maintain and renew your registration to ensure ongoing protection. Trademark registrations must be maintained by submitting periodic maintenance documents and fees to the USPTO or Oklahoma trademark office. For federal registrations, the first maintenance filing is due between the fifth and sixth year after registration, followed by a second filing between the ninth and tenth year. Subsequent renewals are required every ten years.

Consider seeking professional assistance from Oklahoma Business Attorney if you have queries. Be mindful of the deadlines for maintaining and renewing your trademark registration. Please submit the required documents and fees on time to avoid the cancellation of your registration.

The Importance of Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark in Oklahoma offers several benefits for your business:

  • Legal Protection: A registered trademark grants exclusive rights to use the mark for the goods or services specified in the registration. This can help prevent others from using a similar mark that might confuse consumers.
  • Brand Recognition: Registering a trademark can help establish your brand identity and make it easier for customers to recognize and associate with your goods or services.
  • Deterrence: Registering your trademark can deter potential infringers, signaling your intent to protect intellectual property rights.
  • Right to Sue: Registering a trademark gives you the legal standing to bring a lawsuit against infringers in federal or state court.
  • Nationwide Protection: In the United States, registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides nationwide protection. Depending on your business needs, you may also register your trademark at the state level.

How Long Does It Take to Register a Trademark?

Depending on the potential issues that may arise, the trademark registration process typically takes between 6 and 12 months. Although some applications are approved in much less time, it is best to expect a longer wait; the USPTO receives hundreds of thousands of trademark applications each year, which increases processing time. In addition, the trademark office may request additional documentation or communication. As a result, applicants should be prepared to provide all requested information as soon as possible to expedite the registration process.


How do I register a trademark in Oklahoma?
You can register a trademark in Oklahoma by filling out an application with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.
What is the cost to register a trademark in Oklahoma?
The cost to register a trademark in Oklahoma is $125, as of 2021.
How long does it take to register a trademark in Oklahoma?
It takes approximately 6-8 months for a trademark to be registered in Oklahoma.
What is the website for registering a trademark in Oklahoma?
The website for registering a trademark in Oklahoma is
How long is a trademark valid in Oklahoma?
A trademark in Oklahoma is valid for 10 years and could be renewed.
What is a trademark?
A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies goods or services.
What if my trademark is already in use in Oklahoma?
If the trademark is already in use in Oklahoma, you should consider switching names to prevent a legal battle but if it is truly essential not doing it then you need a competent role.
How do I know if my trademark is available in Oklahoma?
You can check the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s online database to see if a trademark is available in Oklahoma.
How do I renew my trademark in Oklahoma?
You can renew your trademark in Oklahoma by filing for a renewal on the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website.
Can I register a trademark with just a name?
An unregistered trademark owner cannot sue for trademark infringement because the registration of a trademark provide nationwide benefits only upon the registration completion.
When do I need to renew my Oklahoma trademark?
You should start thinking about renewing your Oklahoma trademark as soon as possible as soon as its 5th year is close.
How do I file an objection or appeal if my trademark application is refused in Oklahoma?
You can file an appeal or objection through the Oklahoma Secretary of State, or through the federal court system.
Can I trademark a phrase in Oklahoma?
Yes, but it cannot be something that is already trademarked in another state.
How much does it cost to hire a trademark attorney in Oklahoma?
The cost for a trademark attorney in Oklahoma varies based on the attorney and needs.
Is it necessary to hire a trademark attorney to register a trademark in Oklahoma?
It is not essential to hire a trademark attorney in Oklahoma, however, they can help navigate problems and make sure you comprehend everything in a better manner.
How long does my trademark protection last in Oklahoma?
Your trademark protection lasts for 10 years in Oklahoma.
Can multiple businesses have the same trademark in Oklahoma?
No, two businesses cannot use the same trademark in Oklahoma while selling similar products.
Do I need to have a business in Oklahoma to register a trademark in the state?
No, you can register a trademark in Oklahoma even if you do not have a business in the state.
How do I check the status of my trademark application in Oklahoma?
You can check the status of your trademark application in Oklahoma through the website of Oklahoma Secretary of State.
What types of marks can be registered in Oklahoma?
The term ‘mark’ implies any trademark, service mark, collective mark, certification mark, or other glyph, symbol, footprint, signature, imprint or term used to identify and differentiate the goods or services of a mark holder from those of the competitors.
Can I register a trademark for my logo in Oklahoma?
Yes, you can register a trademark for your logo in Oklahoma.
How can I use a trademark symbol in Oklahoma?
You have the liberty to use a Trademark Symbol in Oklahoma by adding a ™ if the trademark isn’t yet registered.
When can I begin using a trademark symbol in Oklahoma?
You can begin using the trademark symbol right after you’ve filed for a trademark application.
Why should a small business need a Trademark?
Small businesses should need a trademark because a company’s name and motto establish a reputation and recognition in the market/industry that takes years to mess with lots of investor time and effort.
What documentation do I require when getting a trademark Oklahoma?
You will require a specimen of the mark attached to the goods or organized show of the mark, specimen of the mark attached to the goods or organized series of the mark, and a comprehensive list of the categories/resources in which the mark will be used, the location and date of their initial use, and any prior trademarks applied for and with which a similarities with your they doubt create confusion within the market segments.
Can I register a sound recording as a trademark in Oklahoma?
Yes, sound recordings can be trademarked if they are used by an association for business reasons.
If two businesses have the same trademark in Oklahoma, does the first business always win the legal battle?
The business having the trademark registration form earlier than the other entity wins the legal battle naturally but several exceptions are present just because of prior registered trademark does not give every eligibility to dance without faults at every stance many circumstances flows besides the tradition.
When will a trademark be refused registration in Oklahoma?
A trademark may be rejected in Oklahoma for various reasons but mainly when it already matches a trademark which may reveal the risk of confusion among both similar attributes.
What government agency handles trademarks in Oklahoma?
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) handles trademarks for Oklahoma.
Do I need to hire a lawyer to register a trademark in Oklahoma?
You are not required to hire a lawyer to register a trademark in Oklahoma, but it may be helpful to ensure everything is done correctly.
Can I challenge an existing trademark registration in Oklahoma?
Yes, if you believe a trademark registration is invalid, you may challenge it through legal proceedings in Oklahoma.
What types of trademarks can be registered in Oklahoma?
Any distinctive word, phrase, symbol, or design that distinguishes your product or service from others in the marketplace can be registered as a trademark in Oklahoma.
How often do I need to renew my Oklahoma trademark registration?
Your trademark registration in Oklahoma is valid for 10 years, but you will need to file renewal applications every 10 years to keep it.
Are there any restrictions on what can be trademarked in Oklahoma?
Yes, some things cannot be trademarked in Oklahoma, such as generic names or texts, anonymous or governmental designation, etc.
Can I trademark my name in Oklahoma?
You can trademark your own name in Oklahoma for commercial purposes if your name is used in a way that it could be so perceived.
What happens if someone infringes on my trademark in Oklahoma?
If someone uses your trademarked material without your permission you can pursue in legalities every n Province in the united states.
How much does it cost to register for a trademark in Oklahoma?
The cost of registering for a trademark in Oklahoma ranges from $225 to $425 per classification depending on the application.
How do I address a trademark infringement from Oklahoma state?
You may want to contact a trademark lawyer to review what infringement has occured and what legal actions you may have to secure your trademark.
If I change my company’s logo, do I need to apply for a new trademark in Oklahoma?
You will need to file a new trademark application if you alter your trademark or goods and services substantially to maintain the protection.
What is a class of goods and services?
A class of goods and services is a group maintained by the USPTO for similar products and services of various categories for ease of management withy trademark application.
How many classes of goods and services are there in Oklahoma?
There are 45 classes of goods and services according to the USPTO in Oklahoma.
Can I trademark a hashtag in Oklahoma?
Yes, hashtags that are applied trademark in commerce can be gained in Oklahoma as well as at the federal level through registration.
What is a service mark, and how is it different from a trademark in Oklahoma?
A service mark is similar to ai trademark, but it refers more specifically to recognizing investment of a service aspect of a business, such as slogans or place of origin marking.
Can I file a trademark application with the USPTO online in Oklahoma?
Yes, Oklahoma residents can online register a new trademark through TEAS+.
Can I conduct a trademark search online for Oklahoma state?
Yes, you can conduct an online trademark search specific to Oklahoma through the USPTO’s TESS platform.
How long does it take to receive a response from the USPTO once I submit a trademark application for Oklahoma?
It usually takes between 6-10 months and may stretch extending under a year for any missed queries, objections, or refusals by the examining lawyer in the USPTO who checks the application.
Can I apply for a state-level trademark registration in addition to my federal government registration in Oklahoma?
Yes, Oklahoma enables its applicants to obtain state-level registrations also, potential cost savings advantages can be incurred by trademark drawing, enforcements and the possible restriction of access.
Are there any benefits to having a trademark registration in Oklahoma or nationally .versus unregistered?
Registering your trademark in Oklahoma or nationally protects companies from and failing off many cost higher adversary, enforcement, and goodwill management hurdles.
Can I transfer my Oklahoma trademark registration to someone else if I decide to sell the company?
Oklahoma permits transfers of trademarkers generally as business ownership does.
Can you describe the different sections of the trademark application form required in Oklahoma?
The trademark application form can be submitted online We would decline to share further specifications to refine/ maintain accuracy or diminish misinterpretation.
How do I protect my company’s trademark from someone filing a false opposition in Oklahoma?
Hire a trademark lawyer who is proficient at providing you a robust, defend-able claim and can deal with oppositions as and when they occur.
Can I modify my trademark registration in Oklahoma once it has been granted?
Some changes can be made, but material changes often result in a failed amendment and the requirement of a substitute application.
What are supplemental register trademarks in Oklahoma?
A type of weaker secondary protection in comparison to a principal registered trademark as secondary factors subject to violation came up later than more strongly founded principles.
Can I register a sound associated with my company as a trademark in Oklahoma?
Yes, in some states including Oklahoma unusual types of manifestations conveyed by sound or jingles utilized within commerce that links overall conceptualization can be trademarkable.
Once my Oklahoma trademark is registered, do I have to display the ® symbol?
Yes, after federal registration, the latter significant ® registration must be portrayed approximately when all of the trademark is subjected.

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Registering a trademark in Oklahoma is critical in protecting your brand and establishing a strong market presence. Even a Registered Agent should be familiar with the guidelines for making a trademark for your Oklahoma business. Following this guide and staying informed about trademark laws and regulations, you can successfully navigate the registration process and secure your intellectual property rights. With your trademark registration, you can focus on growing your business and building a reputable brand.

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